WV Elections 2024-Jefferson County WV Board of Education & Statewide Primary-Candidate Interviews

Other candidates for the races below were contacted multiple times, but did not respond or declined to be interviewed.

Board of EducationWV House of DelegatesCounty CommissionerUS House of Representatives-WV 2nd Congressional Distr
Donna Joy

James Southern
District 98
Barbara Fuller-Republican

District 99
Daphne Andrews-Republican

Mike Allers Jr.-Republican
Charles Town District
Jack Hefstay-Repbulican

Middle Way District
Michael Mood-Republican
Dennis “Nate” Cain-Republican

Joseph (Joe) Earley-Republican
US SenatorGovernorSecretary of StateAuditor
Bryan McKinney-Republican

Janet McNulty-Republican

Zachary Shrewsbury-Democrat
Kevin Christian-Republican

Mac Warner-Republican
Doug Skaff Jr.-RepublicanTricia Jackson-Republican
Attorney General
Conversation District Supervisor-Eastern Panhandle Conservation District
Richie Robb-DemocratDaniel P. “Danny” Lutz Jr