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#153-Interview with Daphne Andrews-Republican Candidate for the House of Delegates-WV 99th Delegate District

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Daphne Andrews’ West Virginia House of Delegates Campaign
Richard introduced Daphne Andrews as a West Virginia primary candidate running for the House of Delegates in District 99. Daphne, a constitutional conservative and defender of the First and Second Amendments, highlighted her commitment to fiscal responsibility, opposition to solar farms and the climate change green agenda, and her desire to attract American businesses to the state. She also expressed concern about the state’s direction in green energy and the welfare of children, citing a recent case in Boone County where the skeletal remains of a child were found after the family was reported to child protective services. Daphne also criticized the use of puberty blockers for children with depression or dysphoria.
Legislation, Green Energy, and Kabletown Project
Daphne and Richard talked about Wayne Clark, the founder of the Green Energy caucus for West Virginia, and his efforts to pass bills related to solar energy and zoning. Daphne brought up concerns about the Kabletown project and that environmental damage does not appear to be properly mitigated. Richard expressed his opposition to COVID-19 mandates and recalled a bill that was introduced in the 2021 legislative session that was passed by the House but destroyed by the Senate, with Senator Trump leading the charge in gutting the bill.
Covid-19 Impact and Medical Freedom Discussion
Richard and Daphne discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their lives and the healthcare system. Daphne shared her experience as a frontline worker during the first wave of Covid-19 and her frustration about the lack of preparation and understanding of the disease. She also highlighted the negative impact the pandemic had on children’s education and the health of senior citizens due to isolation. In addition, Daphne expressed her support for medical freedom and religious exemptions in vaccinations, being disappointed by Governor Justice’s veto of the recent bill to provide some religious exemptions.
Election System Integrity and Preferences
Richard and Daphne discussed the integrity of election systems in their state, specifically focused on the use of electronic voting machines and paper ballots. Richard expressed concerns about the potential for inaccuracies with electronic voting machines, referring to issues in other states. Daphne, who has experience working the polls, explained her preference for the Jefferson County’s system that uses a thumb drive inserted into the tabulator and paper ballots printed as a backup, but also emphasized the need for uniformity across the state to avoid confusion and doubt. Richard expressed his preference for hand-counted paper ballots.
Strengthening Families, Reducing Abortions
Richard and Daphne discussed ways to strengthen families and reduce the rates of abortion. They agreed on the need to focus more on the education of youth to avoid the root cause of abortions, which is sex outside of marriage.
Promoting Education and Opportunities Beyond High School
Daphne discussed the importance of promoting education and opportunities beyond high school for students in West Virginia. She emphasized that her husband, formerly a coach at Washington High School, taught all of his student athletes the values of God first, then family, then studies, and finally sports.  Daphne observed that most of his students went on to college or joined the military with success.
Property Tax Assessment and Voter Registration
Richard and Daphne discussed the issue of property tax assessment increases, with Daphne expressing support for capping or eliminating this tax. They also discussed the automatic voter registration at the DMV, with Daphne expressing dislike for this practice, citing a personal experience where her voter status was incorrectly changed. They both agreed that voter registration should be done through a form filled out deliberately, and not through an automatic system that could potentially lead to voter fraud.
Second Exit Road for Shannondale Community
Richard and Daphne discussed the need for a second exit road from the Shannondale community, which they both agreed could be a lifesaving measure in case of emergencies like forest fires. Daphne shared her personal experience of surviving a house fire and her opinion that the community needs a second exit. Richard suggested that the funding for such a project would likely require state support. They both agreed that the potential benefits of the second exit far outweighed any potential costs.
Daphne’s Comparison of Opponents Mike and Wayne
Daphne discussed the differences between her and her opponent, Mike Allers Jr., highlighting his support for unions and the Liberal West Virginia AFL-CIO’s endorsement of both him and Biden. She also criticized Mike’s stance on the Hope Scholarship and his lack of understanding about West Virginia. Furthermore, she revealed that Wayne Clark is involved in the green energy caucus and talked about not giving subsides to unproven technologies, like the company Form Energy company, which is developing an iron air battery. Daphne also mentioned that Wayne, another opponent, had previously been backed by the West Virginia Tea Party but later disappointed them with his actions.
Addressing West Virginia Tourism Concerns
Daphne mentioned that Wayne Clark only talked about tourism in his current campaign cycle, noting that he has not done anything to promote tourism.  Richard joked that the Blake Solar project is the current welcome sign for tourists entering Jefferson County.  Daphne also expressed her concern about the direction of the state, stating that the current government was not listening to its people. She, along with like-minded individuals, planned to take action for the people of West Virginia by going to Charleston to implement an agenda that is not controlled by special interests.

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