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#152-Interview with Joe Earley-Republican Candidate for the US House of Representatives-WV 2nd Congressional District

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Joe Earley’s Platform
Richard introduced Joe Earley, a US House of Representatives candidate from West Virginia’s second congressional district. Early, a 20-year US Army veteran, outlined his platform which included designating cartels as terrorist organizations, holding China accountable for precursor chemicals, building a border wall, and a five-year moratorium on immigration. He highlighted opioid poisoning, American energy constraints caused by excessive government regulations, and advocated for the first and second amendment. Early also expressed support for pro-life policies.
EPA Ruling, Congress Bills, and Conflict
Joe discussed the recent EPA ruling impacting West Virginia coal production and the current state of American energy. Richard and Joie also touched on recent bills passed by Congress, with Joe expressing opposition to the $60 billion of funding for Ukraine. The conversation included discussions on the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the US’s inability to fight a multi-front war, and the damaging effects of Marxist professors in the US.
Protecting Families and Opposing Warrantless Searches
Richard and Joe discussed the importance of strong families and the role of government in protecting them. Joe stated that he does not support warrantless searches on American citizens as enabled by the recent FISA extension and that he is against the recent extension of the FISA 702 law, which he views as a violation of the 4th amendment. Joe also emphasized the importance of adhering to Biblical principles and the US constitution and the Bill of Rights to govern our nation. The decline of two-parent, husband-wife families was identified as a core cause of societal problems, and Richard and Joe agreed on the need to strengthen these families.
Balancing Budget, Reducing Taxes, and Revitalizing Industries
Richard and the Joe discussed the issues of government spending and the sustainability of the current levels. Joe emphasized the need for a balanced budget, reduced tax load, and decreased size of the IRS. He also highlighted the importance of revitalizing the energy industry and creating more jobs. Joe also mentioned reducing subsidies to unproven technologies, such as solar, wind and iron batteries. 
Vaccine Liability and Parental Rights Discussion
Richard and the Joe discussed the issue of vaccine liability and parental rights. Richard questioned whether people should have more freedom in choosing vaccinations, citing instances of injury from COVID-19 jabs. Joe said that vaccinations are considered as a preventative measure and that parents should have the right to decide whether to vaccinate their children or not. They further pointed out that the 1986 vaccine injury compensation program provides a shield of liability against pharmaceutical companies. The discussion also touched on the recent veto of the Religious Exemption Act for vaccinations in West Virginia by Governor Jim Justice. Joe indicated that he opposed Governor Justice’s veto and that Justice should have signed the bill.
Pharmaceutical Advertising and Election Integrity
Joe and Richard discussed concerns about direct advertising by pharmaceutical companies to consumers, arguing it should be unethical and against the law, affecting the patient-doctor relationship. They also raised concerns about election integrity, particularly regarding the 2020 election cycle, with allegations of fraud and ballot stuffing, leading to an illegitimate presidency. Joe indicated that corporations should not interfere in government proceedings, such as the Zuckerberg funding for ballot boxes, and should be held accountable for any negative actions.
Addressing Bureaucratic Overreach and Waste
Joe highlighted a problem in the government, specifically the conflated bureaucracy in agencies such as the Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, CDC, and National Institute of Health. Joe argued that these agencies, non-elected officials, have usurped Congress’s authority to legislate and create law, and are currently funded on an annual basis. The campaign proposed to decrease and eliminate wasteful spending across these bureaucracies, starting with the Department of Education. Joe suggested that, rather, each state could be given a billion dollars if the Department of Education was eliminated, and that the state could be held to the standard of creating a good education system without federal intervention.

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