Message to the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop-01-08-76

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House

At your age you are full of hope for your success. On the other hand you are serious about a career and meditating about your future. The success or failure of your whole life is determined while you are in your teens, more specifically, between the ages of 18-27. Between the ages of 18-24 it is crucially important for young people to decide where they will go in life. That age period is the most important in a person’s whole life. In that age most people graduate from college. Even if misled by parents in what to specialize in university one must shift right away in the right direction.

 Those in the Unification movement are serious thinkers. They think about what is life, what is their country’s mission, and is physical life on earth final or does it extend to life in spiritual world? One may have to wonder if religion is necessary for men. Those who believe in an eternal life in spiritual world have more zeal in physical life. A clear concept of spirit makes for a stronger life on earth.

In general people think and live by animal instinct. I have gone through agony and much prayer to solve problems of life from this point of view. I ask if there is a God at all how evil lives flourish while good people are trodden upon.  Some say there is no God. But deeply look at the wonder of life. One cannot deny God. Think about nature, God and man and how God leads man with humanity. One must live a religious life which includes denial asceticism.  Why?   Because evil and righteousness are going in opposing directions. How much difference? In religious life one must turn about to go the other way so one has to go 360 degrees different from the way one used to travel.  Starting from the individual base one needs to make a full circle the other way. This is done from the individual to the nation and world levels. Evil and righteous sides make circles for each. You learn two kinds of circular motion – righteous side and evil side. The conclusion is a righteous and evil entity.

World-2 blocks 1 block-Satan

Other Block- good, or God

Roughly- 2 blocks of ideology

One is democratic and the other is communist.  There are two large forces, one under God and one under Satan. In the atheistic communist world there is no religion. In the democratic world we have religion. Religion is mind. Democratic world plays a role of body, promoting sound minds and bodies. Mind and body must have right relations to make a healthy world with the strongest and most valuable religion which can influence the whole Democratic world to lead people back to God’s bosom.

On the individual level if the right mind is built or one has a good personal body which can obey the mind, the whole entity is sound. Likewise if a strong religion is playing the mind role in a Democracy, it will not collapse. Now the democratic world is on the verge of collapse. No strong religion is why. If in the democratic world the religious role is weak it can collapse and all will be nullified. If we find no such dynamic religion the democratic world will remain on the verge of collapse.

The United States, the leading nation in the world, is on the verge of corruption and decline. This is not a decline of political, economic or military force, which can undermine a nation. If a nation is not armed with a strong ideology it will decline. This applies to any level of things, from individual families to the nation, to the world. If a world does not have that mind, individuals are doomed to decline.

On the other hand in the communist world the people have spirit and an ideology. They are very strong on that. Their ideology is based on materialism and animal instinct. They want to get a hold of the hegemony of all humanity. They will fight until they win with all communist blocks. In the communist block they fight against the democratic world as one. The democratic world is very weak. Countries want to go on our own against the outside world. They stand weaker and weaker. It is hoped that individual families would not waiver.

Many things are wrong with communism. Young people are preoccupied. Communism is overwhelming, wanting to make the world into oneness. This is better than the democratic world on a certain level. The most important thing is that communism denies the existence of God. If you meditate on your own being and where you come from you can conclude that even animals have an original source.

If you define life as an animal it ends with the death of the animal.  You don’t know for sure what happens. In the communist world if one does not obey a command they can be annihilated or killed. Communism is a man-fabricated ideal.

Man has sacred source for God. If one obeys sacred life, one is a possession [of God]. If one obeys [as an]animal, one has no way to belong. In that way one belongs to a small man-made category and shuts self up. In a democracy humanity is valued above ideology. Jesus teaches us that your life is more than the whole world. In communism your life is for the world, nothing more.

Our ideology under democracy must excel communist ideology. It cannot be trodden down by communism.  Our thought must be on a higher dimension and transcend national bounds. This is a war not between nations but between good-loving and evil-loving ideals. If God is at all on the side of Democracy, He is anxious to have His party win. He will do that. God is in need of a dynamic religion as a core of the Democratic world. This core should influence and nurture the thought of the Democratic world to win the battle over communism. Can the existing churches do this? No. Where is that religion? Here?  What about others? Not sure? Do you want to have such a religion? Even if there is such a religion if the democratic people do not accept they will be faced with much difficulty.

 Religion must be very strong. Follow? In what way strong? It must have a strong ideology and a strong external base. If the mind is strong and the body is strong the external power will come. Those in the Unification movement must be made into leaders. Do you want to be? Raise others? Yes. Are you exhausted because you are on a fundraising team? Hold up your hand. (Laughter). How can I rely on you when you are so weak?

To come back to the mainstream, we must have a core religion in the democratic world. So we need a strong mind and a strong body. If the democratic world obeys mind then the whole thing is strong. On the individual level if one’s mind and body are strong, then one won’t be frustrated.  

Is America on the side of God now? It is going in the opposite direction.   Have you seen the negative parents on NBC? Are you confident or will you be overwhelmed? No. If I face an opposing power I feel challenged. We should test ourselves. In a way our movement is propagated. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know our movement now.  As you read articles, more will be negative and dark or bright. Unless something is negative no one pays attention. We may use a large sum of money. No! It wouldn’t propagate so quickly. So in a way it’s good. Articles are so negative it seems that Father is a one-eyed monster with a crooked nose. If people finally find He is a sane man what will happen if they are sure the negative articles are wrong?  Take comfort. Sooner or later people will find the truth. The articles tell of a one-eyed man but people will meet a normal man. People will take all the rest contrarily.

Before joining the movement you hear that Father exploits and drives members as slaves. After you join you find that there is no such thing but that we are encouraged to work harder. Many people think Rev. Moon is more fierce than a lion. Don’t worry about negative articles. Unless it is true, just welcome negative news. A day will come day when people take it contrarily.

From now on anything I do is up. Father is so famous in that way. Many ups compete to follow us. People have to look into our movement and find nothing but good. An example is the Unified Science Conference. They thought about negative articles and declined invitations.  But if they came – many bright minds did, including 30 Nobel laureates – they cannot attack.

Negative power is working so hard it is better to contact people by letter. There will be weak declines but it allows for sorting out the strongest responses. The strongest will be so impressed with clean cut young people and deeply touched. They will then say that they have seen Rev. Moon and his young followers and tell other people they are not qualified to talk and that they should move on over to our side. It is funny and interesting. People fist look with skeptical eyes and find the controversy of negative articles

We will make a duplicate of the movie of the conference and send it out to the nation. Participants will show it to famous scholars and next time more famous people will participate.

Now we are being beaten by writings. There are many negative voices. If it turns and people believe the opposite of the negativity in the articles, however many negative writings appear no one will believe. By that time if we really get people and brainwash them nobody would believe it.

God’s strategy is to use Satan to do all evil possible then propagate righteous people and win the whole world at an instance. Evil world will exaggerate to make it sound like the Godly world has done 2 things and is humble when it has done 8-10 things. Called names and reviled and in the face of such opposition, people are silent. Yet they are almost angry.

Make telephone calls and write letters voicing anger at silence and give your money to fight. I am lawyer. I will live a little longer. The whole population is divided in two. What percentage is on our side and on the other? Which is more?  People are voicing on the negative side. Host the weaker people on the negative side. Let some oppose. Some are curious or skeptical.  People can come see at the Yankee Stadium rally (June 1, 1976). My strategy is to keep silent and let them fight. When they come after that I will not keep silent.

  I am not scared of negative voices. I keep hearing of negative articles in all magazines and newspapers but I am not stirred. I will wait until a small child in a village knows of me as evil person. I am not worried about that. Our spring day will come. Like snow, negativity will melt away.

After making Yankee Stadium an explosive success, we can have another speech, visiting every city. While fundraising, you are beaten by evil tongues and called names. Is that true?  To which category do you belong – smashed, appalled and exhausted? One group of people is angry; another is more strong.  In sleep are you angry or frustrated sometimes? ANGRY!  Sometimes you are frustrated to be honest, is that true?  That’s why you are here. If that is true think of my life in Korea. I survived much more difficulty.  I survived and took great interest.

Fishermen catch dead or live fish. When I look at your faces so alive and energetic it feels like live and energetic fish. You are trying to escape. It is more sensational. Fish thrive if they will escape from opposing   power. In a wrestling match if both wrestlers are strong and smashing people will cheer. More sensational. True? Yes! I’m that kind of person. I take great interest and have fun to watch all in America oppose. I think it is more sensational.

The other day I visited Congress. Most of those there were appalled at my appearance. Newspapers are thinking what does this man have in his mind. I say you are scared of me, I am not scared of you.  If one is fearful of their enemy they are likely to not to win the battle. Be strong and courageous.  If there is a tempest we must have the power of wind. Feel like that? Yes. Our groups have more power in persecution than in a wind storm.

Political figures, Congress and the President, are fearful of newspapermen on Capitol Hill. All type of figures are scared when there is talk of Jack Anderson. They can be harmed by the pen. Something in their mind is torturing their conscience. If one’s conscience is stricken by guilt and is exploiting you, you are doomed to perish.

I am confident in using you because I work harder myself. When we get things done for all mankind we flourish. Not a penny of labor is used for yourself, but for the people of the United States.

The people of Tarrytown are scared because I buy more and more land in Tarrytown. 900 acres have been bought. Why do I buy land? My future vision is for the Unification estate to excel others.

On college campuses today the youth are corrupt. Those with three years in our movement will be picked up and educated in our own university.

I don’t just own Tarrytown and Belvedere. I bought many other lands. Call it ours or our church’s. OURS! It is correct to say yours. The outside world says the land belongs to church ministers but every land we own is yours. You worked hard to earn money. If it is not used to buy land is there anything left? No. Do you like this policy? Yes! I have done right then. That’s how you came to be trained here. A few months ago it was 20,000/m. Now 100x more expenditures 100x > work. In several years use 3,000,000/mo. That time influences all. Amen. If we do lectures too late America will be swallowed by communism. Do you feel the seriousness? Yes. There may be casualties but we must fight. I am sacrificing you victims. Fight on. You can become one with me.  Me with God. You and me win the victory. Do you think so? Has any other group of young people become one with the leader to save a nation? Even within Congress and the cabinet and the president are no one like this. We are the only such group in the history of America and mankind. Members become one with me and God to save a nation for mankind. We have nothing to envy. George Washington could fight with him [God]. Our battle is much greater. We fight Satan. Is that greater?

Never think you are miserable while fundraising. It is a bullet to pierce Satan’s heart. However we face many obstacles and dash forward. Before coming here what were you like? Because you are that way you hear what I have to say. You need me as a leader to recharge. I am sympathetic. Understand? At the start of training you found that you found a dynamic religion. Without religion as a cure the mind of the Democratic world will collapse. With your mind as a cure we can save the Democratic world. Apples are either top quality or decaying. Those who dropped out are like rotten apples. Not you? No! If apples had a will almost all of them would say they do not want to become rotten. If a mind is distracted it is apt to come rotten. Be careful. You must separate yourselves from the evil way and belong to the right side.  Don’t be in between.

Who are university graduates? Some of you have dropped out? More have dropped out. It’s the same in Korea. They join the movement. Education is no problem. Did you study at universities to be salesmen on the street? Why not think the other way. I have purpose. I take delight in doing a job. College students sell peanuts. I have right spirit while others do not. You should study humans not any other science. The purpose of fundraising is to study humans not just sell flowers.

On the corner you may meet a well-nourished person. In your mind you can test and find out whether the person is a success or failure. Sometimes you are sarcastic or satiric but you cannot make a joke of a person. Say he is the president of the Chase Manhattan Bank people. Console his heart. Say why not come with me and buy him a dinner or lunch?  You can learn about humanity. Study. You should not just think you are selling flowers. Think that it is a bullet to save America. You may find a clue to saving the nation.

I have experienced everything in the world. I would be a miner in a mining area. I would become a laborer carrying coal to a ship and so many other things. Do this on purpose. So whoever you meet do things with people. Make friends with all kinds of people – hunters, farmers, fishermen and scholars. You’ll have much to talk about.  Think I am planning to be a great world leader and I am putting myself in a position to do that. I can tell what people have gone through. Foremost doctors diagnose patients of every kind. Experts – go through all in their own field. True? Yes.

When you’re fundraising study a person’s face to know whether that person will buy or not. Your sense can be more keen without even looking.  When you pass a house you can know whether someone will buy. At other places, such as a particular apartment you are hesitant; you know people will not buy.  In the morning set out with the sense that 70 % of the people will buy flowers. Make a statistical study – meet, buy, how many, what type?  In that way raise the percentage of selling 70%, 71%, 72%, or 73% higher. In a few months you’ll be a top seller. Study on it. You cannot be frustrated.  Like a philosopher make rounds of village and grade the percentage of righteous people. Grade a village like that. Your record will have all the statistics about this village’s slums and wealthy areas.

If one looks statistically, they will find that people living in poverty have more of a heart to donate. In deep study you will find that a view of history will tell you God is making a great turning point so the poor will go up and the wealthy will fall. The rises and fall of the world scene shows the difference in these two groups.  Wherever you are your study shows how on a conscientious level a nation is situated. Study human behavior at the earliest possible date.  What I contemplate is making you into great leaders of the world. To be good leaders you must be responsible over your own economic field. You must be a capable PR person. Study how to win people’s hearts. Have famous man play the role of a bridge so he can make leaps and bounds by speaking to others. Be a good speaker, too. I trained myself to be a leader. You must be responsible for your own livelihood or economic area. I am different from other religious leaders. I am an activist not just a thinker. No one else can imitate this.

 I am earning money for the whole movement. You move as an instrument. I make you earn money so I earn money. Want money left over too? Yes. Want to restore America in a short time or extended over a lifetime? I am in haste and stingy with money. Is my motive to restore America? We must work harder. We must = 4 people. In our world people who want to work 8 hour days need not apply. True? Which do you want? America restored using 8 hour days in 9 years or using 24 hour days in three 3 years. We have to work 24 hour days. Still prefer? Yes. Easy to answer but when you go along you will be exhausted. You must be deeply determined before marching forward. Why the faster pace? For instance humans live for 100 years. Each 100 years 1 dies. So 1/100 of the world population passes during 1 year of time. The world population is 2.4 billion so 2,400,000 die every year. Without the truth they are bound for hell. Without witnessing that many die destined for hell. If we leave alone for 10 years 24,000,000 die away. Know that. Feel the haste. Yes!

If you are serious and willing to sacrifice for mankind you can save more people. What you are doing is so important. Be grateful to work so hard that you almost collapse. If you don’t work hard you should be conscience-stricken. That is what your attitude must be. We should be serious to find the core religion as a mind for the Democratic world. In this religion each person is so important as to correspond to thousands of members. You and all under you will collapse. Know membership of the church. Find out how many of the world’s population are for you.  You are responsible for the eternal life of so many people. In the vast spirit world many people, especially your ancestors, are waiting to have your standard elevated. You are in the arena of a fight and so many are cheering.  Whether you are frustrated or active, so many people in the spirit world and on the physical plane are with you. Also, your future descendants will take pride. If you fail your descendants will be ashamed. History will long remember you; your record and your deeds. Your descendants will be proud of you as victors. Feel you are the sons and daughters of True Parents, not being proud of yourselves as victors.  Even in the present day I think of the future of the members. See in Father an example of zeal and courage. You cannot be exhausted if you think on this.

I have gone through prison life and persecution and am still grateful to God. Win victory for the world. You as my spiritual children should be ready to tread same way. In later days people will find more opposition because Father is a yellow man. This can motivate us to tear down racial discrimination at an earlier date. People will find persecution wrong. Men will be tearfully united into oneness to oppose evil. I welcome opposition wherever it comes from. By difficulties you can experience just a bit of what Father has gone through. Do you want to feel more challenged? I am Korean. You are American. I am confident to save the world. You must do so much more. Can you say you are frustrated? No!  History will be our judge.  Our way of thinking is different. You must be stingy to use money for yourself. Save money for the sake of the world. Misusing money earned is like drinking poison. Money we earn is for the public not you. If you raise money for an individual purpose it just ends there. If you save one penny for mankind you can save mankind. If you have misconceptions about money it is better if you leave now. You are not needed anywhere.

 The whole world is looking for us – even in the spirit world. Heaven and earth need us. I teach you to be valuable and have the topmost standard. I build that personally. Ignorant people criticize but I am not conscience-stricken. I am making you into dynamic people who can sacrifice to save the rest of mankind. At your age if left alone you can idle away. I’m confident I can educate and discipline you to save the world. If you go like this you will have nothing to fear. Man’s salvation and a career can be accomplished, too.  You have seen an example in myself. In three years I am influential and have money after coming empty-handed. My PR talk is a speech.  The president and congressmen are impressed by me. Training made it all possible. Do you want to be a miniature Rev. Moon?  So wherever you are sent you can be as great a success as I am. Compare yourself after three years. Will there be a vast difference? If you trust me, do it! Be on the mark so when I order you to dash forward you can run at top speed.

If you are frustrated, I am discouraged. If you are a catcher does the pitcher throw the ball hard or easy? Hard! If a catcher is not alert his palm will hurt. If you know how to run you won’t hurt. In that case when the ball comes faster it will be easier to catch. The ball goes straight for your hand so you can aim and catch it. The mind is subject so if you are full of zeal you can do almost anything. If you say no to fundraising your mind and body say your body is in charge. If your mind is dynamic and in charge, it will tell you to go. If father is frustrated for the past 30 years could he make the unification movement? No. Satan will not leave him alone. Was Jesus called to the cross by sin?  No. Satan was against that righteous person. So the American people so hate Rev. Moon that they will do anything against him. They fabricate false stories. I imagine every possible way I can be tortured – prison, being captured by the FBI.  I’m not worried. There will be a breakthrough by God.

Suppose police are at your door. Are you scared? At the point of a gun will you say you believe in Rev. Moon’s doctrine? Yes. That’s easy to say. It’s more difficult than it sounds. I cannot trust you unless you have determination and faith. You must feel responsible. If I collapse heaven and earth will collapse with me. You can’t afford to collapse. You should think even though I’m just an individual if I die the whole nation will collapse. I feel each moment that if I’m not successful the nation will die. I am so confident and so serious. On the street you must feel the whole population is behind you, including spirit world. In selling flowers the whole spirit world is cheering. If you are that kind of person, God prepares people. He prepares them by giving them visions and dreams. Without that experience you cannot feel that this is what God would have you do. You miss your family I’m sure. This means that you are sacrificing the most valuable things on the altar of God. Those people without exception are blessed by God with more success and abundance. I am like that.  I feel confident and I teach you this way of life.   If a man uses his flesh mind he’s pulled down below the average man. If a man opens his spirit eyes he’s lifted up to a lofty level. Your physical body gets exhausted but your spirit will hear voices cheering you to work more for mankind. The flesh wants to relax but the spirit wants to work. What to do? Work more! That is the way. The flesh obeys the mind. If you doze while looking up it is forgivable. In that case you have done best. No one can expect more. Then he will be sympathetic with you.

 You are headed for Heaven if you have your body obey your mind’s command. The other way you are headed for Hell or darkness. That’s why the Bible says to love God with all your might, sincerity and heart and that if you gain your life you will lose your live and if you lose your life you will gain your life. The same applies to everyday life for you. Being young you may be distracted by getting letters from an ex-fiancé. It is better here. Mind over body or flesh over mind. All life is in a battle against that evil power. Every day I repent if I have eaten more than just to satisfy my appetite. If you work hard for all you can eat until you are full. You don’t have to repent. This also goes for sleeping too.

I never forget. When it’s 12 a.m. most people are almost sleeping. In Korea, other people pray for me and work so hard so how can I sleep. At that moment pray to God “I have a physical body so I must rest for the next day”. If you have experience as parents you know my heart. If it’s windy, rainy, slippery, and cold I think of you and pray for you. Because of my parental heart you don’t hate me when you are persecuted.   People are responsible for many other people must be dedicated. I must work harder when I remember you, keeping my energy and zeal. I am in a more difficult position than you. I am in a position of responsibility for you and all mankind. You just obey me. What you do is unilateral. My mission covers the whole world. I must reach God and associate with Him on the whole word level. When you’re exhausted you complain. What type of person are you with such an easy job? When I was young I didn’t complain or get exhausted. I faced persecution to the point I was on the verge of death. Here they can’t kill you no matter what. It is an attitude of mind. Have your mind headed for the spiritual side. An order from your mind is obeyed by the body. That’s all you must do. Fear that if you make a mistake followers will take that example from you. Fear being an ill example. If you are a leader of others it is more difficult to set a good example. Avoid committing mistakes. You are setting up an inherited land of your nation. Up to the moment you have not been thinking like this.

I think of this as Father’s land; there is no difference between America and Korea.  I am older and serious about what to leave behind to set an example. I will pass to spirit world before you. Before long a channel will be open for brothers and sisters and nephews. Make them proud of you rather than ashamed. Are you setting up channels? Yes! Sooner or later, in your coming too, without you knowing, Heavenly Power is at work. Parents come in, ashamed of you for not doing much or making mistakes. Multitudes will come in to belong to the movement. Those who come in late will find you in leading positions and regret not coming long before.

I have already sent out first generation members to 120 countries for three years or more. Don’t you imagine jets fly to visit? In the near future people will regret not belonging to the movement earlier. I have paved the way so you can be world leaders on a small scale. In the future you will find the way paved to all corners of the world. If you are ready you will be welcome in every possible mission. This is possible for those born in this age. Father says this is wonderful. Be prepared now, not when it is too late. Be determined to do anything for your nation, no matter what the obstacles. You can be a great leader if you are determined to restore the world. You can lead the whole world. Which? World? You are greedy. Before you can become world leaders what we do in America is training. Without a doubt you will great world leaders after training here.  If I say it is difficult in Korea I will become a more dynamic leader on a larger scale. Be with a strong mind and influence the mind and spirit of America. Influence all of the Democratic world, then absorb communism. The goal is restoration of not only America but the whole world, including Moscow. People are afraid Rev. Moon will rule over the whole world.  But I will conquer the whole world in the name of God, not for me. Are people scared if just anybody talks about conquering the world? No. They are scared because they know I will do it. I am not American or the president or anything but they know when I say it I will bring it to pass. People are scared because of the many bright young people are under me. They visualize the future of the church and cannot help being scared. It is more natural for them to be scared than us. I want you to be determined to build a strong mind and character. Dash forward with double strength and regret that you had to come back.

How much I have thought about these issues in the past. Have I found anything more wonderful? I’m bright. I can escape. I am more than confident. I have searched the earthly and spiritual worlds and found this most worthwhile. This path is a terminal point, a tollgate for all to go through. If you don’t go through this path in your lifetime you will come back to the earth plane. That’s why when you give your whole life to this mission your will never for a moment be regretful.  I told you this story because I want you to be so determined to carry out your mission.