True Parents

Everything starts from True Parents. The beginning of everything, the starting point, is not you, but True Parents. It is the same for the way we live, our general activities and our family relationships of love. The beginning is always True Parents. By True Parents, I am not referring to my wife and myself; my point is that this is the original concept harbored by God with regard to our first ancestors. You must keep this motto in mind: “How can we make our families like the family of True Parents?” (277-250, 1996.4.18)
Cheon Seong Gyeong (2006) p. 1284

Now the time has come when you can develop a vision for the nation. It is an amazing fact that you can stand in the front line as a fighter for sake of the independence and deliverance of the nation. Those who do this become representatives of human history and the history of the universe. When God sees this, how proud and content He will feel!
It is also an amazing fact that True Parents have appeared on this earth. We have severed that which has come from the false parents. Based on this accomplishment, we want to bring everyone through the gate to the True Parents on the opposite side. Accordingly, we aim to turn the path to hell back toward heaven.
Without passing through the gate of the True Parents, you cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. However, Christianity does not have this gate. Only the Unification Church does. Passing through this gate will enable you to go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. In return, however, you must completely clear up your past. You should not even remember the names of the friends you have known. Married women should not be thinking of the man they first loved. They must reach the point of completely forgetting him. Those who think about how they lived in the past cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom.
This is why we must put together all our devoted effort to focus our thoughts solely on True Parents and God. If something else is mixed in, you will not be able to travel in a straight line. You will not be able to walk the path of love.
Cheon Seong Gyeong (2006) pp. 227-228

The international holy Blessing Ceremony is the very ritual of resurrection which completely liquidates and restores every defiled thing that arose from the first family that was formed from false marriage, and through which were inherited false love, false life, and false lineage from fallen false parents.
Thus, centering on the love of the True God and True Parents, our couple can subjugate the left-wing and right-wing by establishing the head-wing ideology on the external level, while on the internal level subjugating the conscience and spirit world through Godism, that is to say true love, thereby becoming true parents who can bequeath the great Blessing by engrafting to everyone the seed of true love, true life, and true lineage which brings about the oneness of God and humankind. (275-58, 1995.10.31)
Cheon Seong Gyeong (2006) p. 1433