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#167-Interview with Mike Allers Jr.-Candidate for the House of Delegates-WV 99th Delegate District

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Improving West Virginia’s Education System
Richard and Michael discussed the key issues facing West Virginia, with Michael highlighting the importance of education in addressing these problems. Michael, an educator and conservative commentator, expressed his commitment to overhauling the state’s education system, particularly in Jefferson County. He criticized the current curriculum, which he said was often based on far-left agendas, and called for an end to the use of the Common Core curriculum. Michael also emphasized the need to attract and retain talented teachers by paying them fairly.
Improving Society Through Family Culture in West Virginia
Michael discussed the potential of West Virginia leading the way in improving society by establishing a culture of family and life. He highlighted the importance of incentivizing marriage, including investing in childcare and providing support to young mothers if they do become pregnant.  Michael discussed the need to teach youth about what is involved in actually being a parent.
Solar Farms and Alternative Energy Sources
Richard and Michael discussed the issue of solar farms in their county. Michael expressed his concerns about the environmental impact of solar farms, stating that they not only ruin the landscape but also cease to function effectively after a few years. He suggested investing in other forms of energy, such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. He also pointed out that the incumbent had been promoting policies that are friendly to solar farms for a long time.
Discussing Vaccine Exemptions and Monitoring
Richard and Michael discussed the recent veto of a bill by Governor Jim Justice that would have granted partial vaccination exemptions for private schools and some virtual schools. Michael expressed his support for a nuanced approach to vaccination, emphasizing the importance of respecting medical freedom while also acknowledging the risks posed by unvaccinated individuals, particularly in the context of COVID-19. He also endorsed the need for religious exemptions but argued that proven vaccines like polio, mumps, and measles should not be removed. He further suggested that students claiming religious exemptions should be closely monitored, especially if they are coming from areas with high disease prevalence. Michael stated that Governor Justice made the right decision by vetoing the religious exemption bill for private schools.
Endless Mandates and Constitutional Amendments
Richard and Michael discussed the issue of endless mandates, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Richard explained that Governor Justice had put in place numerous mandates during the pandemic, which were not limited in time by the West Virginia Constitution. Michael agreed that this situation should be revised, stating that no mandate should be endless and that emergency mandates should have a clear end.
Hope Scholarship Program and Amendments
Richard and Michael discussed the Hope Scholarship program in West Virginia. Michael expressed his opinion that Hope Scholarship money should not be spent out of state. Mike feels that the Hope Scholarship is setting up a second Department of Education.  He proposed the idea of electing school superintendents publicly to provide a check on the Board of Education. Michael teaches in Maryland due to the higher salary, but would actually prefer to stay local if he could.
Improving Election Integrity and Voter Registration
Richard and Michael discussed election integrity and potential improvements to the voting system. Michael proposed that voters should be able to seal their vote with a thumbprint to prevent voter fraud, a measure he believed would be particularly effective when combined with voter ID checks. They also discussed the issue of automatic voter registration at the DMV, with Michael suggesting that non-citizens should not be registered to vote. However, Richard pointed out that many jurisdictions do not verify citizenship, only having a check box on the registration form, and that the Biden Administration has been enticing non-citizens to vote.
Discussing Tax Reform in West Virginia
Michael and Richard discussed the issue of high property and personal property taxes in West Virginia, particularly in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. Michael suggested that alleviating the tax burden could have a significant positive impact on the state’s economy, and proposed the complete repeal of the income tax, following the example of New Hampshire.
Michael’s Legislative Platform and Strategy
Michael mentioned that he would be the only one in his race that would be an effective legislator.  He mentioned that he will prioritize education and think outside the box.  He mentioned that West Virginia is last in health care and education.   He criticized the incumbent’s strategy of co-signing bills as a mere endorsement of other’s ideas, and instead advocated for a more active and independent legislator.

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