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#161-Interview with Zachary Shrewsbury-Democratic Candidate for US Senator-West Virginia

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Public Awareness, Reproductive Rights, and Vaccination
Zach stated his support for reproductive rights, with emphasis on individual decision-making and government non-interference. They also explored the implications of family breakdown on society, with Zachary not agreeing that the breakdown of two-parent husband and wife families is the core of all societal issues. Zachary expressed his belief that vaccines are important for public health. Zach affirmed his support for vaccines based on scientific evidence, and expressed his disapproval of a recently proposed 100 billion-dollar bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, arguing that each issue should be examined separately.
Warrantless Searches, Federal Spending, and Unions
Richard and Zach discussed two main issues: the extension of warrantless searches and the high level of federal spending. Zach admitted he needed to investigate the specifics of the warrantless searches issue, but expressed his general disapproval of such practices. Regarding federal spending, Zach proposed reallocating funds from certain areas, such as the Department of Defense, to other sectors like social programs. He emphasized the need for auditing government organizations to identify wasteful spending. Furthermore, Zach clarified his stance on the ‘right to work’ issue, explaining that he strongly supports unions as they provide workers with the ability to advocate for themselves and protect against unjust dismissals.
Discussing 2020 Election and Capitol Protest
Zach and Richard discussed the events surrounding the 2020 US presidential election and the subsequent protests. Zach clarified his stance on the election fraud allegations, stating he didn’t believe the election was stolen. The pair also discussed the events of January 6, 2021, where a group of supporters of former President Trump protested election fraud at the US Capitol. Zach believed the leaders of this incident should be punished, but due process should be granted to those arrested. Richard, however, expressed his belief that many of the arrests appeared to be politically motivated.
Discussing Government Spending Bill Transparency
Richard and Zach discussed the recent government spending bill of 1.2 trillion dollars. Richard questioned Zach about his stance on this bill, which was passed to continue government funding for the year. Zach admitted he would need to know the specifics of the bill to give a definitive answer. They both expressed concern about the lack of transparency and the fact that such massive bills are often passed without adequate time for review and knowledge of their contents.
Social Security Fund Depletion and Potential Solutions
Richard and Zach discussed the potential depletion of social security funds within the next decade and possible solutions to address this issue. Zach proposed lowering the retirement age to allow people to live better, increasing taxes for high-wage earners, and reallocating funds from other areas, such as the military, to social security. However, Richard voiced concerns about the funding of these proposed solutions, given that a reduced retirement age would increase the program’s cost.
Discussing Coal Production and Renewable Energy in West Virginia
Richard and Zach discussed the impact of new environmental regulations on coal production and the shift towards renewable energy in West Virginia. Zach emphasized the importance of a just transition towards renewable energy sources, such as solar power, while also addressing concerns about the impact on rural farmland and the environment.
Clarifying Zach’s Second Amendment Stance
Richard sought clarification from Zach on his stance regarding the right to bear arms. Zach affirmed his support for the Second Amendment, emphasizing the importance of mental competence and thorough background checks for gun ownership. He also expressed his belief in closing loopholes and improving mental health care nationwide..
Criminal Justice System and Family Support
Richard and Zach discussed various issues related to the criminal justice system, with a particular focus on trend for prosecutors in some areas to reduce penalties for certain misdemeanors. Zach expressed his concern about the mass incarceration problem in America and his opposition to for-profit prisons. Zach expressed that increasing the number of two parent families to help society could not be legislated.  Richard, on the other hand, argued that the statistics showed that children who grow up with a mother and a father are less likely to get into trouble.

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