Covid-19 Crisis Religious Freedom

The Great Fraud-the Covid-19 Agenda-Part 4-Will We Throw Away Our God-Given Civil Liberties-Article?

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Big Pharma-Conflicts of Interest Covid-19 Crisis Medical Freedom Open the Country Now Vaccine Choice

The Great Fraud-The Covid-19 Agenda-Part 3: Co-conspirators; Bill Gates, Big Pharma & Big Government

Covid-19 Crisis Open the Country Now

The Great Fraud-The Covid-19 Agenda-Part 2: What Are the Real Number of Deaths-Article?

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A Jama Research Paper published March 23 says that in Italy a review paper on co-morbidity factors with a Sub-sample of 355 patients shows a:
                Mean age:  79.5
                2.7 existing conditions
                Only 3 patients had no pre-existing conditions (less than 1%)
If someone died, and tested positive for corona virus, it was counted as corona virus death

In Spain-All deaths outside of hospital counted as Covid-19 deaths.

In Britain-also, without testing- they are counting many (all?) deaths outside of hospital as Covid 19 related.

In the United States-most people are 70 or older and have underlying conditions.

Flu mortality vs Covid-19 mortality

                2017-18 season-79,000 cases

This flu season 23,000 deaths

                139 child deaths

38,000,000 cases

In 2017-18 some hospitals set up clinics in the parking lot:

West Virginia-449 were killed in 2017 from influenza or pneumonia; 69% were 75 years of age or older.

We now have 2 deaths in West Virginia; an 88 year old woman, and another person with several underlying health conditions and our state is locked down-does that make any sense?

No evidence of excess mortality or hospitals being excessively busy at this time

In Tennesse there are about 966 empty hospital beds in Memphis and 338 empty beds in region 1.

In San Miguel County, CO there are 8 positive tests,  most never had any symptoms. Less than 1% infected

Mild illness, no children died-no reports of distress in children

All of these things point to massive fraud by medical authorities and the media

Open the country now!

Report real data morbidity this year vs last year

Report only those dieing of Covid-19, not all  those who happen to have the virus

Report how many hospital beds are empty (or if all are full).

It appears that there is an agenda going on here.

Covid-19 Crisis Open the Country Now Religious Freedom Vaccine Choice

The Great Fraud: the Covid-19 Agenda- Part 1 Introduction-Article

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We are in a state of spiritual emergency

Will we have the wherewithal to overcome the current onslaught?

Churches have been Shut Down.

A threat to permanently close churches has been made by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Surveillance and enforcement has been used to force people to stay in their homes.

In this series we will look at the following topics:

2. What are the real statistics of deaths and Covid-19 cases; which data can be trusted?

3. What are the real number of deaths?

4. What are the reasons or motivations for mis-reporting fatalities in each country or state?

5. What is the connection to conflicts of interest w big Pharma, Bill Gates and other elites?

6. What are other similar examples of false narratives, such as the measles outbreaks in California and New York State?

7. What is the significance of the timeline of Covid-19 in the United States?

8. What is the role of spiritual revival and Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

Call to Action:

1. Open the Country Now; immediately rescind the stay at home recommendation
2. Use real data on morbidity ad hospital usage vs the data from the last two years
3. Expose conflicts of interest; bring in independent voices like Jon Ioannidis.  Remove Dr. Fauci; he has huge conflicts of interest with donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
4. Include spiritual leaders.  This crisis has not only an external but a spiritual dimension.  Stay at home orders curtail freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

Big Pharma-Conflicts of Interest Covid-19 Crisis Medical Freedom

The godless Agenda of Those promoting the Covid-19 Crisis: Article

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Let’s tie all the pieces and dots together about this current, supposed crisis for the Chinese Covid-19 disease. 

So the people who are bringing you, so to speak, the Chinese corona virus, or Covid-19 virus are the very same ones who brought you the brutal suppression of the people of Wuhan China and the very same ones who took away the religious rights of people in California and New York, and are trying to do that in New Jersey, and are working on doing it in other places. These are the same people who are gung ho on this response to the Chinese corona virus.

So there are a lot of strange “coincidences” going on and I’d like to go through them and show you why what is going on is godless.

The last simulation for preparedness was Event 201 a rehearsal of a corona virus pandemic organized on October 18, 2910, in New York by Johns Hopkins University, the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. The article goes on to explain that the Global Health Security Agency was formed in 2014, just after whistleblower William Thompson raised concerns that the CDC Centers for Disease Control was committing fraud in their MMR vaccine safety study.

So, since there was distrust in vaccination US Health and Human Service Department, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Alliance for Vaccination and immunization and health officials from dozens of countries decided to create a healthy security agenda for the world. They agreed on a priority to achieve 90% measles vaccination coverage around the globe, so soon after that we had the big measles scare, so called in Disneyland in 2014, the Vaxxed movie came out, but unfortunately, the Vaccine Safety Commission which was to be led by Robert F. Kennedy never happened.”

And right now there’s attack on vaccine freedom and freedom in all, basically all 50 states and the District of Columbia.