Registering in the Book of Life

Registering in the Book of Life

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 4, 2011
The Day of Victory of Love

You do not know about the prayers Father offered during the time the headquarters church was built in Yongsan. On this day a new sovereignty was established in the spirit world and the physical world. The separation of the era before the coming of heaven and the era after the coming of heaven began from one day. There was evening and there was morning, reflecting the three stages of growth.

In the past, the solar calendar and the lunar calendar could not come to a meeting point because there was a historical distance between them. What does it mean to say that this day divided the two realms in this world where there was no object partner to relate with? The surprising fact that we are celebrating this memorial day by the heavenly calendar and no longer use the solar calendar is a miracle of miracles.

Certain representative things in history have revealed to us the way in which we have been able to serve the living God. In the era when the fulfillment of sovereignty can begin anew with the Unification Church headquarters and in front of Heaven, the content of the prayers Father offers should not die out. That content should remain with us for all time, dominating the environment. As the sun rises and sets, night changes into day, a year passes, then ten years and a thousand years pass as it rotates on the same axis. It rotates and rotates, maintaining spherical motion, as night comes again and then day. We must similarly maintain our position. We are paving a path in a world where there has not been a path for us to follow, overcoming all the situations in the environment.

In the era before the coming of heaven, and the era after the coming of heaven of today, those in the spirit world can come down to earth. Now those who had been turned upside down and were asleep can wake up and live together with God — from whom they had been separated-365 days of the year and in all seasons. And the day on which we can cheer Eog mansei, the day that is the point in time when we must come to a settlement in unity in time and space is this very day, this very hour.

All these things should be taught from the Principle of Creation, but no one knows it. I know the Principle of Creation, but the world; the nations, and the religions do not know about it. No religion has ever been aware of it. Not even Israel knows about the Principle of Creation. Cain and Abel do not know about it, either. God exists as the God of Night and the God of Day, and the path that leads to the perfected position of the God of Night and the God of Day still remains untrod. Yes, they have been divided, the God of Night and the God of Day.

Men who do not know about women will disappear. Women who do not know about men will also disappear. When they are together, they can learn to do this, learn to do that, and know all kinds of things, creating harmony in all directions.

When I was born my grandfather and great uncles said that a heavenly prodigy had been born to our family. Not only my grandfather, but my great uncles also said this. Why did they think I was a genius? Before they asked me something,

I said to them, “Grandfather, the last time you wanted to ask me something, you wanted to ask me about such and such a thing, didn’t you?”

“What? How did you know that?”

Before they asked me, I said to them, “Why did you want to know about that? If you had asked me, I would’ve told you the answer.”

Then what do you think my grandfather must have felt like? His grandson was standing above him and saying that he was going to surpass his mother and father. They would ask me, “Who are you?” What they wanted to know was, “Where did you come from?”

My grandfather and great uncles then said, “A genius from Heaven has been born in our family”….

[Father asked Dr. Sun-jo Hwang to report. According to his report, Father has explained that with Korea emerging as God’s homeland, all blessed couples should register. Father suddenly began speaking again:]

“Registration!” Say it. [Registration!]

What would it be the opposite way round? It would be “the enemy enters.”‘ Isn’t that saying thieves would enter? Do you think that’s wrong? When you interpret it, to register means bad thieves are coming in. Jeong-ro Yoon! [Yes.] Is this the first time you’ve heard that? [Yes.]… You have heard about registration, but you did not know that thieves could enter. All kinds of thieves can come in….

Now everything has been finished. I am saying that everything is over and done with. Father’s teaching has all been given. What more is there to do? Of the words I have given in my life of ninety years, when everything is turned upside down and you have registered, everything is accomplished. Everything is done now. Isn’t that so? [Yes.] And with registration, everything has been turned upside down. What will you bring with you when you register? Everything you have will be turned upside down, and so you will register just as you are and become the citizens of heaven, and the kingdom of heaven will surely belong to you then!…

Even if you have killed ten million people, your record will be cleared when you register. God will forget what you have done. There will be nothing for Him to do. When He rejoices at the sight of it, the kingdom of heaven will automatically be established. What about you, Hoon-mo, you need to register!

You want Rev. Moon to listen to you and to follow you. People who want such things are thieves. I should catch you and chastise you! You need to follow Rev. Moon’s words. Until now people have all acted like thieves. Haven’t they opposed me? Haven’t they become my enemies? When they register, however, everything will be resolved. Try saying, “I don’t need to listen to these words.” If you do so, you will disappear….

You need to teach this to every household in the world. When they have graduated from grade school, middle school, high school and university, then everything will be finished, for everyone will be registered. Not only thieves but also swindlers, murderers, and even those who are destined to die on the scaffold will all be registered. They will have a clean slate. Do you understand? [Yes.] There will be no distinction based on nationality, whether you are Japanese or. You need to register! Americans should register too! Even presidents should register. When everyone has registered, will everything be fulfilled or not? [It will be fulfilled.]

Problems arise because people are not registered. Can they do as they please? They go around telling people to listen to what they say rather than what Mother and Father say, and they tell people to pay money, and then act as they please. Why are they defrauding people? There are so many thieves in this world. On this final day, I have severed all connection with them and now I feel as light as a feather. Don’t follow me around. Come only after you have registered! When you do that, I will have no choice but to treat you like a son, a disciple, and a slave. Then you will find a way to live and a path to follow.

To become a wonderful father, one needs to stand in the position of a servant. To become a wonderful mother, one needs not only to be a servant but also be willing to run errands and act like a beggar and do all kinds of things. Even if you don’t want to do that, you will still be able to do everything well when you register, so why are you worried? What should you have as your result in order to register? It is the words of the Divine Principle. You need to register based on having absorbed the teachings from Hoon Dok Hae. Isn’t that so? [Yes.]…

I want you to register, but instead you treat me as if I’m some kind of a thief. Why don’t you register? Do it today! You have the textbooks and teaching materials of Rev. Moon, so register with those. Do you understand that or not?

Bo-hi Pak! [Yes.] What will you do? Chang-shik Yang, what… oh it’s not necessary to tell you guys. Bong-tae! [Yes.] Just go ahead and do it. It’s okay even if you are a thief. Even if you are a sinner on the verge of dying on the scaffold, if you register before you breathe your last, you will be allowed to live. What more do you want?…

So, whoever you are, you can register! Then everyone will be treated the same, for they will be the same. When I invite you to a feast and you come, I will start handing out rice cakes to those who are late. I know how to do that. I will help not those who are early, but those who are late to change out of their soiled clothes and into new ones and I will have them feast at my table. What more do you want?

Why do you want Father’s words, I have given everything to you…. Dae-o Son! [You have given everything.]…. Behind you… [I am Shin-ho Jeong] Shin-ho Jeong! (Yes; you have given everything.] Everything’s been accomplished, hasn’t it?

I am telling you all to register! The syllable jeok means “thief.” I too can be registered now. “I have liberated the Parents of Night and Day, our True Parent, so please have me registered! Please register me as Your son and daughter, who can become the owners of your eternal Kingdom of Heaven!” Isn’t that what I’m saying?

Since I have registered, I am telling you to register through my textbooks and teaching materials. I too am following them, for that’s all that I know how to do. Isn’t that so? That’s all you need to do. You do it too, Archbishop Milingo — register! Raise your hands if you think you can’t register! [We will register] Now then, everything is done! You can go and live as you like now! I do not steal, and I do not ask for favors.

Wherever I go, I will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. Borders between nations have been broken down. Are they still there or not? [They are gone.] You need to register. I have made the textbooks by which you can register. I too have registered. I forced you to do something you thought you could not do. I would seem like a bad man for forcing you, but I am a bad man on God’s side of goodness. From Satan’s point of view I would be a thief. So the two are to register. Combine the two and then divide them, and if that’s not enough, do it with four. Whether it is twelve or a hundred, just divide them. They will say, Let’s live together and die together, and if there is no food other than water then that is what we will drink. We won’t need anything else. You’ve all accomplished this, right? [Yes.] Raise your hand if you haven’t accomplished it. Live your lives according to the word and Hoon Dok Hae! Even when you are eating, you should always be thinking about what you heard in Hoon Dok Hae, and you should uphold that and abide by that at all times.

Hyo-yul! [Yes.] What’s so complicated? What, are you thinking about your livelihood? It’s very simple! Rev. Lee, don’t think about other things. Since you’ve registered, don’t worry about anything! There is nothing else to say in conclusion. Even if I departed this world without saying goodbye, would you ask me why I had made that transition? What do you want? I’m telling you to register, so what is it that you want? You’ve all been permitted to do so. Have you been asked to give up your hands, your nose, your eyes, or cut off your sexual parts, whether male or female? There is no need for that. Every part of you still remains intact. Isn’t that true? You haven’t given any part of you up….

Did Gwang-yeol Yu register in the Unification Church or not? Jeong-ro Yoon! Did he register or not? [Gwang-yeol Yu did register.]…

From a young age, in fact from the time I was thirteen years old, until now, those traditions and rules have been observed without making any changes. The women of the Unification Church followed what I taught to the letter but did not listen to what their husbands, mothers or fathers said. That’s why they were driven out of their own homes. All the sons and daughters were driven out.

Regarding finding spouses for your sons and daughters, if parents cannot arrange their spouses for them they must find a match themselves. I approve that matching in order for them to marry. When they go against that, it won’t work. This tradition does not exist in any country or household; it only exists in the Unification Church. What I am telling you is that I will give you my forgiveness when you’re registered….

I prepared my last words before Christmas. Isn’t that true? I have taught you about the three eras of the Principle of Creation. I have taught you that Korea is the homeland of the chosen people. I have taught you everything….

Those who came from Japan were instructed to register at the time, and they all pledged to do so before they all left. I have now proclaimed publicly that everyone should register. The thieves who register will be made into citizens of the kingdom of God. You should read what is given during Hoon Dok Hae to see if I’m right. It is the textbook of the kingdom of God! It is more than the textbook of Eden, the textbook for the sake of the fallen religious world, or the textbook of human ethics. It is the text- book of the Heavenly Way. There is nothing better than that. You need to abide by it. You need to return to the time before the first sin was committed in the Garden of Eden, and stand in the position of husband and wife who have not partaken of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Yes, King Daddy is the pet name my grandson gave me. He calls me King Daddy and Mother Queen Mommy. What else could it mean but grandfather? Before Adam, there was his grandfather and his father, and they can be said to be the King Daddy, the King Owner, or the King Guide. It all fits well.

My grandchildren compete with one another to be the first one to get up in the morning and greet their King Daddy. “Who woke up first? Wasn’t I the first one to get up? I want to bow to King Daddy first! You should do it after me!” It has almost become a tradition to do so….

I too have lived like that. Everyone who follows the text- books and teaching materials will be registered, regardless of who they are. All national borders will be broken down. Is that true or not? [It is true.] National boundaries will be abolished.

If you are a condemned man, sitting before a judge, a prosecutor and a lawyer and awaiting your death, even if it is three seconds before you are scheduled to die, when you accept the announcement that you should register you will be cleared of all charges. When you say you are registered, all those gathered there will have to bow down before you.

Things can change so rapidly in that nation of hope. Yes, it all has to do with registration.

Registration means the thief can come in. Do you see? That’s registration. Because that one word has solved everything, there is no one who doesn’t know about registration, is there? [No.]…

Now then, I can do whatever I want, whether it is to go and kiss Mother, or to dance with her, or to create a ruckus. No matter how noisy we are, don’t even think about coming to watch us. Now that you are registered, all you need to do is live like that with your own wives. You are free to do as you wish and register yourselves as you wish, as long as you follow the words of the textbooks and teaching materials.

[Shin-joon nim comes in and speaks to True Father: Please have lunch!]

All right. We must be on our way now.

[MC: We will conclude with three cheers of Eog Mansei. Rev. Jeong-ok Yu will lead them.]

We should shout out cheers of Registration Mansei, not Eog-mansei! As of this hour, everything for which we have shouted Eog mansei has been completed.

[MC: Today the words True Parents’ have given…]

Oh that’s enough! No one else needs to say anything. We are going to leave now. No need even to offer a greeting! Please greet each other, acknowledge each other, and live your lives!

[Three cheers of Eog Mansei] [Applause]