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#155-Interview with Janet McNulty-Republican Candidate for US Senator-West Virginia

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Janet McNulty Addresses Election Fraud and Jailings
Janet Mcnulty, a candidate for the United States Senate in West Virginia, discussed the issue of election fraud and the ongoing imprisonment of individuals accused of participating in the January 6 insurrection. She argued that the alleged election fraud should be investigated and that the individuals currently in jail, some of whom have not even been charged, are being unjustly held and deny their constitutional right to a trial by a jury of their peers. Janet also shared that she is a writer, publishing a variety of genres including paranormal, humorous mysteries, and dystopian series.
Addressing Vaccine Mandates and Civic Engagement
Richard and Janet discussed various issues facing the United States, focusing on vaccine mandates and the need for greater civic engagement. Janet emphasized the importance of individual choice in vaccination and criticized the 1986 legislation that exempted pharmaceutical companies from liability for faulty vaccines. She also highlighted the growing problem of tribalism and echo chambers in American society, leading to a lack of attention to current events and political issues. Richard agreed on the need for greater civic engagement and highlighted recent cases of weaponization within the Department of Justice.
Discussing Government Agencies, Funding, and Immigration
Richard and Janet discussed concerns about the growing power of government agencies, specifically the FBI, and their impact on individual rights. Janet opposed recent legislation providing substantial funds for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel, citing increasing national debt as a reason for concern. She also criticized the FBI’s actions, including warrantless searches, as violations of the 4th Amendment. They also discussed issues related to funding, border security, and immigration, with Janet proposing an itemized list of government expenditures to identify potential cuts, a temporary halt to all visa issuance and entry to assess legal status, and a focus on legal immigration.   Janet believers the policy of earmarks, where politicians’ pet projects are funded, should be eliminated.
Social Security System and Future Plans
Richard and Janet discussed the future of the Social Security system. Janet advocated for returning the system to its original founding purpose of providing retirement for senior citizens.and emphasized the need to make Social Secirity a true trust fund, where funds deposited are actually held in trust. She also expressed concern about the increasing divide in society and pledged to fight for term limits and the preservation of the Constitution if elected..
Strengthening Families and Reducing Societal Problems
Richard and Janet discussed the decline of two-parent families and its impact on society. They agreed that strengthening families, particularly through education and encouraging abstinence until marriage, could significantly reduce societal problems. They also discussed the issue of teenage pregnancies and abortions, suggesting that local communities should take a proactive approach to help youth make wise decisions. Janet indicated that she would have voted to investigate election fraud if she were in office on January 6th, 2021.

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