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#154-Interview with Kevin Christian-Republican Candidate for Governor of West Virginia

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West Virginia’s Economic Struggles and Leadership
Richard and Kevin, a candidate for Governor of West Virginia, discussed the state’s economic troubles. Kevin highlighted that West Virginia has been 70 years behind in transitioning its economy, citing the decline since the automation of its coal fields in the 1950s as a significant factor. He pointed out the failure of leadership in the state as a major contributing factor to the current economic situation.
Conservatism, Government, and COVID-19 Pandemic
Richard and Kevin had a discussion about the definition and application of the term “conservative”. Kevin explained his view that conservatism, in the context of government, should mean being economically responsible with shared resources for future generations. They also discussed the government’s role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, with Kevin stating he did not support the excessive use of emergency powers by the executive branch. Richard raised a concern about government mandates, and Kevin responded that he does not support such mandates on private entities.
Discussing West Virginia Vaccine Mandates
Richard and Kevin discussed the vaccine mandates in West Virginia, particularly the requirement for children to receive 11 vaccinations to attend school. Kevin, a parent, believed that parents should have the final say on what happens to their children, and the decision to vaccinate should be based on the science and reason behind each vaccine. He also expressed skepticism about the efficacy and safety of some vaccines and mentioned that the science community lost credibility by overstating the risks of diseases like measles
Leadership, Communication, and Vaccine Mandates
Kevin and Richard discussed concerns regarding leadership and communication in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in relation to vaccination mandates in various sectors. Kevin argued that private entities should have the freedom to decide their own rules, while also acknowledging that the government’s involvement was necessary, especially in the military. A point of contention arose around the dismissal of soldiers who refused the vaccine, with both expressing doubts about the necessity of dismissing soldiers who refused the COVID jabs.
Resource Ownership and West Virginia’s Revitalization
Kevin and Richard discussed the concept of resource ownership and distribution, with Kevin emphasizing the equal ownership of resources by all individuals. Kevin criticized the current system that allows a small percentage of the population to control a large amount of resources, exacerbating inequalities and poverty. He proposed a plan to address West Virginia’s economic issues by creating a state bank, with all citizens made shareholders, and funding it with the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy. The capital generated would be used to restart the state’s extraction industry, with the revenues invested in future West Virginia. Richard raised concerns about the impact of federal regulations on coal extraction, to which Kevin clarified that the EPA’s power is constitutionally limited.
Addressing Societal Issues and Empowering Families
Richard and Kevin discussed the underlying causes of societal issues such as drug use, teenage pregnancy, and suicide  Richard proposed that societal breakdown is primarily caused by the breakdown of two-parent, husband and wife families, with 47 percent of all births in West Virginia being outside of marriage.   Kevin agreed that this is a core issue that is related to the economic concerns that he is focusing on. Both agreed on the necessity of community involvement, promoting local solutions, and enabling people to pursue their dreams.
Improving Election Integrity and Transparency
Richard and Kevin discussed the issue of election integrity, focusing on concerns about voting machines and the role of corporate money in elections. Richard highlighted problems with machines in Arizona and Michigan, while Kevin stressed the need to address the deeper issue of corporate influence in the election process. Kevin emphasized the need for fully open primaries.
Addressing Fraud and Improving Education
Kevin said that he supports the Hope Scholarship Program and more choices in education. Kevin emphasized the importance of addressing the root cause of the problem, which is the poor performance of public schools, and suggested that the solution lies in making public schools more successful to reduce the demand for alternative education options. Richard agreed with Kevin’s support for the scholarship program as a choice for education.
West Virginia Election and Candidate Focus
Richard and Kevin discussed the upcoming election in West Virginia. Kevin emphasized his focus on improving the lives of West Virginians and differentiated himself from his opponents by stating his sole allegiance is to the people of West Virginia, not corporate interests. He also invited voters to learn more about him through his website.

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