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Movie Review-Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

By Richard Urban

Gosnell is a must see movie about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a sociopathic Philadelphia doctor who performed thousands of abortions at a sub-standard clinic in inner city Philadelphia.  Gosnell stars Dean Cain as detective James Wood, Sarah Jane Morris as DA Alexis ‘Lexy’ McGuire and Earl Billings as Kermit Gosnell.

Because the local and statewide government considered a woman’s “right” to an abortion to be sacrosanct, the abominable conditions at the clinic were never revealed.  The clinic was not inspected for 17 years, in spite of numerous complaints. 

Finally, an investigation into illegal prescriptions written by Dr. Gosnell let to a raid on the clinic at which time police and detectives found unbelievable conditions, like babies and baby parts in trash bags and babies’ feet in jars.  Gosnell routinely delivered babies alive and then cut their necks with scissors to kill them.

The movie is riveting and very moving.  It is not an anti-abortion movie, although that is the ultimate effect.  It is telling the truth about what abortion really is and what goes on during abortions, both legal and illegal.

In Gosnell’s clinic, untrained 15 year olds gave pre-abortion women anesthesia!  Cats ran around the clinic.  There were turtles, which Gosnell fed during the raid on the clinic.

Yet, there are stories of hope and redemption, such as that seen in the last scene of the movie.

I also really liked the character named Molly Mullaney.  She is a blogger who is only interested in the truth and who perseveres in her quest to find the truth.  She is a stand in in real life for Calkins Media columnist J. D. Mullane.

This movie is a must see for everyone, whether for or against abortion.  Apparently, some don’t want people to see this movie, as only Fandango Now carries the movie on Roku.  Why not Vudu or others?  The movie is listed on Vudu, but you can’t rent or purchase it. 

For more ways to see the movie, released in October 2018, go to  I purchased the movie for $10.00 on Fandango Now, and suggest you do the same.

Also, see this revealing interview at The Daily Signal:  The True Story of Kermit Gosnell and His Victims (