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Dangerous New Tide of Tyranny

This Independent Voice column appeared in the Spirit of Jefferson on August 16, 2023. On August 14, a fourth indictment, similar to the third one, was unsealed in Fulton County, GA.

The three indictments of former President Donald Trump represent a new tide of tyranny.  If not stopped, this type of tyranny threatens to destroy our nation.

We see a lawless campaign to stop President Trump from running again using any and all methods.  Virtually everything about this campaign against Trump is exactly the opposite of what reality actually is.

First, we have the so-called January 6, 2021 “riot” at the United States Capitol.  In reality, this was a set up from the beginning.  The FBI still will not answer questions about the federal agents who were in the crowd and what they were doing.  Why were protesters let into the Capitol building?  Why do those on the left and the right, like Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have such a vendetta against the protestors?  The guilty verdict was in before the protestors even arrived at the Capitol.

The third indictment alleges that Trump interfered in the counting of votes on January 6th, 2021, thereby defrauding the rightful choice of the American people.  The indictment says that he was told that the election results were legitimate.  Somehow, questioning the election results, which is protected by the First Amendment has become a crime, according to this indictment.  No court of law or investigation has ever determined the veracity of the 2020 Presidential election.  Yet those accusing Trump are the ones who bent election rules, processed hundreds of thousands of supposedly legit mail in ballots in Pennsylvania with no observers allowed, and stuffed drop boxes with thousands of questionable harvested ballots and have failed to investigate or even acknowledge many other instances of election fraud.
These same Trump antagonists say that if Trump is elected he will never relinquish power, when it is they themselves that have used subversion to gain and keep power.
They accused President Trump of interfering in Ukraine for asking for an investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings at Burisma, and tried to impeach him over that phone call.  But in reality President Biden is actually on video bragging about how he got the Ukrainians to stop investigating corruption that we now know was tied directly to his son Hunter.  And more and more evidence directly points to President Biden as being compromised by these tens of millions of dollars in payments to his family, and very likely, himself.  So, again, we see the strategy of accusing President Trump of the very crimes that the accusers are committing themselves.

This is a dangerous path, indeed.  We have a sitting President directly trying to persecute and prosecute, jail and prevent from running his direct opponent.  It matters not whether your support President Trump or not.  Anyone can be targeted by the Justice Department and be accused of crimes.  Whether you are proven guilty or not, it could well ruin your life.

Let’s also look also at the first two indictments of Trump.  The first one, based on the raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, claims he mishandled classified documents.  In fact, presidents can de-classify documents, and disputes over presidential documents have frequently occurred, including right now with President Biden.  It is not hard to see that this is an effort to intimidate and persecute President Trump.

The second indictment by Prosecutor Alan Bragg in New York has to do with fees paid to different people or companies to not publish negative information, including fees paid to Stormy Daniels.  This fee was later repaid, and not saying what the repayment was for is considered a misdemeanor altering of business records.  However Bragg has elevated this to a felony without saying what the underlying felony charge is.  This seems patently unfair, and a “gothcha” scheme, to boot. It is ironic since President Biden and his family have received tens of millions of dollars and Biden has even bragged about his influence in stopping a corruption investigation in Ukraine. 

Jack Smith, the prosecutor in two of the three Trump cases, previously prosecuted and gained a bribery conviction of the former governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnel. The Supreme Court overturned that conviction in an 8-0 decision. That says a lot about the integrity of Jack Smith’s operation.

Another sinister motive of bringing dubious charges in the January 6th case would be to attempt to have Trump be ineligible to run for office by applying the “insurrection” clause from section 3 of the 14th amendment, which was actually applied to a delegate in Oklahoma to remove him from office.  Again, this is the greatest irony.  Why didn’t Congress, on January 6, 2021 move to investigate the many credible reports of election fraud?  Seeing things from this viewpoint, it is the members of Congress who did not vote to investigate credible allegations of election fraud who committed an insurrection, just the opposite of what Jack Smith is trying to put forward with this dubious case.

Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said “It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its chief political rivals. We need to know what Biden told Garland & what Garland told Jack Smith. We should know whose invisible hand is guiding these indictments”

We all should be alarmed at the brazen political persecution and attempted prosecution of President Trump.  Those who think that the ends justifies the means would be well advised to look at the legacy of Communism, which claims that dialectical conflict will lead to a future peaceful utopia.   Over 100,000,000 have been murdered under Communism and the promised utopia has never arrived.

President Biden should resign immediately over his corruption and the weaponization of law enforcement and the Justice Department against political opponents.

Book Reviews

Serious Adverse Events

by Celia Farber
Book Review by Richard Urban

            Serious Adverse Events is a collection of essays written by investigative journalist Celia Farber about the events and pharmaceutical interventions surrounding the disease AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).  Originally published in 2006, it is now republished in 2023.
            I recommend that everyone read this book.  Here are a few reasons why.
            Did you know that there is no scientific consensus that AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV?  Rather, that notion is a construct of Robert Gallo.  Subsequent to his (questionable) announcement, the National Institutes of Health, then headed by Anthony Fauci, and the entire medical, AIDS activists and Big Pharma conglomerate ran with, and continue to run with that narrative.  This, of course, is self-serving, as all these groups receive hundreds of millions in funding from the unholy alliance of the federal government and Big Pharma.
            The first major AIDS drug treatment, AZT, was approved based on flawed studies.  There was no control group and records were falsified. Later AIDS drugs, like nevirapine were also approved after corrupted studies, or even just one corrupted study, sometimes in a matter of weeks.  One toxic drug was compared to another toxic drug, as seems to have become the standard for the “clinical trials” of drug companies.
            Indigent children in the foster care system were abused as guinea pigs for Big Pharma.  Some were forced to take the drugs by inserting tubes in their stomachs, and when a number of them died, they were disposed of (“buried”) in a mass grave.  This happened in the New York City foster care system.
            PCR tests, made familiar by COVID testing, are also used to test for HIV viral loads.  But if you have to use the most powerful amplification process to supposedly find a disease, does it really exist, especially when many people who supposedly have HIV don’t have any symptoms? The ELISA and Western Blot tests test for HIV antibodies.  Yet about 33 % to 50% of those who test positive don’t have any HIV in their blood.
            One of the most preposterous claims is that the reason that double blind, placebo controlled studies can’t be done is because it would be unethical not to give the “life-saving” drugs to people.  This is exactly the opposite of the truth.  Because the drugs are so toxic and dangerous, if a proper study with a placebo group is done, there is no way the drug will ever be approved.  Or so we thought, until COVID miRNA shots were approved after placebo trials, through data manipulation.  Which brings up another point.  How can Big Pharma companies be in charge of testing their own products?  And how can the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receive significant funding from Big Pharma and still be non-biased?

            What about AIDS in Africa?  It certainly does not look like AIDS in western countries, where the main cohort of those infected is sexually active homosexual men who sometimes have had as many as 3000 sexual partners.  In fact, most of what is called AIDS in African countries has the same symptoms that are caused by extreme poverty and malnutrition.
            Yet, in Africa and elsewhere, toxic drugs like AZT are recommended to prevent mother to child transmission of AIDS.  This disproportionately affects poor women   However, when treated with vitamin A, pregnant women have similar results in preventing transmission as the supposed effects of giving highly toxic drugs like AZT

            As you can see, this book has taken on new relevance in light of the manipulation of COVID 19 to accomplish a similar unholy alliance between Big Pharma and government, which is continuing to this day. 
            Buy a copy and read it.  Then take action to inform others. 

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