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#165-Interview with Doug Skaff-Republican Candidate for Secretary of State-West Virginia

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Secretary of State Candidate Doug Skaff Addresses Voting Issues and Solutions
Doug, a lifelong West Virginian and candidate for Secretary of State, discussed the recent issues with mail-in voting in some states and the potential for fraud. He shared his experience as a legislator and small business owner, and his enthusiasm for the role of Secretary of State. Richard raised concerns about the use of electronic voting machines and tabulators, including a question about whether ballots in West Virginia are ever adjudicated. Doug confirmed that he is running for the position to strengthen the office’s role as the chief elections officer and to prevent any potential issues.
Improving Election Security and Transparency
Doug and Richard discussed the challenges and potential improvements for election security, with Doug emphasizing the importance of partnership and surrounding oneself with experts in cyber security. They discussed issues with the current electronic voting system in West Virginia, including concerns about the security of the machines and the need for transparency in their operation. Doug proposed partnering with Marshall University’s Cyber Security School to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices. Richard agreed on the need for more education about the voting process and how it’s tabulated.
Improving Business Verification and Voter Registration
Doug voiced his concerns about the need for a more up to date and fast business verification system as well as a similar system for voters to use to check their registration.  The proposed system would ensure the legitimacy of registered businesses, as well as provide confidence in up to date voter registration information. He advocated for a more user-friendly system, including apps for mobile devices. Richard and Doug also discussed the need to improve West Virginia’s voter registration process, with Doug emphasizing the importance of making it more user-friendly and accessible, and Richard highlighting the need for cross-referencing with property records to ensure the integrity of the voter database. Doug indicated that voter rolls should be cleaned up every two years.
Voter Database Management and Integrity
Richard and Doug discussed the shortcomings of the current voter database management system, with Doug emphasizing the need for regular review and cleanup to ensure accuracy and prevent manipulation. They also expressed concerns about the increasing demand for absentee ballots during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of verifying their use to maintain the integrity of the election process. Lastly, they discussed the need for greater transparency and simplicity in business registration and the potential use of measures such as signature tracking and photo ID match to prevent fraudulent voting. Richard mentioned that some jurisdictions use thumbprints to verify voter identity and prevent fraud.
Improving West Virginia’s Economy and Workforce
Doug and Richard discussed ways to improve West Virginia’s economy and workforce. Doug proposed creating a fund for people who lose their jobs or get displaced, to help them acquire the tools and training they need to stay employed in the state. He suggested that the state’s surplus money, not previously given back to taxpayers, should instead be used to help small businesses, which are seen as the backbone of the state. Doug’s emphasized the need to focus on West Virginia’s citizens, particularly its small business owners. They agreed on the importance of being proactive in securing the state’s voting process and preventing fraud.

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