Searching for the Root of the Universe-Hak Ja Han Moon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Speech, In Search of the Origin of the Universe

Note: This speech is featured to contrast it to the speech with a similar title above given by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The speech above by Rev. Moon is about absolute sexual ethics. The speech below is not.

Searching for the Root of the Universe
Hak Ja Han

It is good to see you. Ladies and gentlemen, with what mind have you come here? Did you come excited to meet True Parents? The udambara, which you saw in the video, that miraculous flower, was discovered on October 4 blooming on a tomato in the vegetable garden next to the Bonhyangwon, True Father’ grave. Even now, they are still thriving. Don’t you feel Heavenly Parent’s love as he gives his grace to you and to all humankind? 
The title of my message today is “Searching for the Root of the Universe.” Would you like to live in the original homeland with True Parents? I cannot find any hope in this world, given what is happening here, externally. Many people are dying right at this moment in every part of the world due to starvation, natural disasters, religious conflict and ideology-based warfare. When you think about these things, every single person, every single family, is valuable. You must not be the only ones who enjoy these blessings.
God, who created the universe, had a purpose for creation. He had a hope. Yet what happened when human beings did not fulfill their responsibilities? This became a world in the realm of Satan’s dominion, as it is today. You would not find such pain and anguish in a world under God’s dominion. It would only be happy. However, the world today is not like that. The providential history of restoration through indemnity, covering six thousand years, as the Bible has it, is a sad providential history where a weary and sorrowful Heavenly Parent searched for lost human beings.
Human beings, as originally created, would fulfill their responsibilities. If you had grown in the way God hoped you would, you would be in the same position as God. The original human beings should have become the true parents of humankind. Those who leave God can only wander in Satan’s realm. Nevertheless, because Heaven has a purpose for creation he cannot abandon human beings. Hence, he began the history of restoration through indemnity search for them. We can know he is doing this through the many religions we know of. God, who has endeavored to instill good in an evil world and has hoped for human beings to live truthfully, established a religion that fit each region.
However, human beings need to come in through the gate of the providential history that the creator, God, has planned. What this means is, only Christianity spoke of the relationship of God and human beings as the relationship of a father and his children. They say “God the Father.” The lineage of a parent and child needs to be one, but the Fall means that the lineage changed. Therefore, to come to God’s side people need to pay indemnity.

God’s preparations
During a long period, four thousand years, God established the Israelites as the chosen people. God’s hard work for the past four thousand years, since the Israelites emerged, is indescribable. God said that when the Israelites had formed a nation he would send the Messiah. 
Therefore, the Messiah came. God said that the Messiah was his only begotten son. He said that though there are many fallen people in the world, this is the only son, his only begotten son, with whom God could have a relationship. The fallen people should have attended God’s only begotten son. Yet, what happened? Did the Israelites, the Jews, those close to Jesus; or Mary, whom God had prepared for Jesus, fulfill their responsibilities? They did not.
Jesus had no alternative but to die on the cross. What did he say as he died? “I will come again!” What did he say he would do when he came again? He said he would hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. That meant he would marry. God’s hope and humankind’s hope is to meet True Parents. Only then can human beings, who have fallen into Satan’s realm, be reborn, be resurrected, return to God’s side. Yet they lost that opportunity.
Through history, we know how many hardships the Israelites had to go through. At the time, the Roman Empire was so powerful that it was a gateway to the world. The Israelites were also under Roman rule. If they had united and attended Jesus, they would have absorbed the Roman Empire and gone out to the world. If that had happened, the good sovereignty, the good territory, centered on God, would have been secure. Yet they lost that opportunity.
The all-knowing and all-powerful God cannot simply wait. Therefore, with resurrection over the two-thousand-year history… That is the history of the Holy Spirit. What you need to be aware of is that this was the foundation to search for the only begotten daughter of God. Do you understand?
Christians today do not know this. They do not understand that God’s providential history unfolded clearly and scientifically. Thus, I am going to explain to you briefly, based on humankind’s historic civilizations after Jesus, what responsibility those living on the Korean Peninsula must fulfill.
The history of civilizations, speaking broadly has spread from a continent to an island nation through the peninsular culture. Therefore, it will return to a peninsula. Christianity began on the Italian Peninsula. Isn’t that right? Didn’t it move across the European continent and arrive in England? What did the English used to say? They confidently said, “The sun never sets on our empire!”
Beginning around the seventeenth century, many believers were able to read the Bible in English in the King James’s translation. The Christian church became corrupt at that time. In the name of their institution, they tied up God and human beings. Hence, Puritan movements broke out among Christians who wanted to attend God genuinely. They moved to the continent in search of freedom of faith where they could attend God freely. They were the Pilgrim Fathers, the Puritans that went to the American continent. Therefore, the United States was in a position to lead the world as a Christian and a democratic nation.
God had prepared that foundation for the Messiah to come again. God launched the democratic sphere so that God’s painful history, such as at the time of Jesus Christ, would not be repeated due to human ignorance. Freedom of faith was the foundation on which the people could be prepared to welcome the advent of the returning Lord. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, that Christian foundation was the means to search for the only begotten daughter of God. 
Why does our nation have the name, Korea? If you study our history, a brilliant part of it was the Goguryeo kingdom. The next kingdom to be established was Goryeo, the name of which is based on Goguryeo. The Joseon Dynasty, under the Lee tribe, took its name from Gojoseon. Accordingly, this shows that Korean history had times of brilliant civilizations. Isn’t that right? You have much to study. However, sadly, Korean history as it is taught today has been distorted and omitted because of worries over whether China or Japan would complain.
God’s providence includes a search for the only begotten daughter of God. Would God, who brought forth his only begotten son through the Israelites’ four-thousand-year history, not prepare his only begotten daughter? Before Jesus was born, the Dongye race (800–400 BC) … Do you know the Dongye race? The Dongye race is a bit different from the Chinese. The Korean kingdom of the Han tribe came from them. It was a brilliant kingdom. The Book of Odes mentions that that dynasty fell to the Wiman, and then crossed the sea. This means that it spread to the Korean Peninsula and Japan.
But this is not what is important. Could Heaven give birth to the True Parents, who would be the last Messiah, the Second Coming of the Lord, in any sloppy nation? Wouldn’t God have searched for such a people or nation that would have pride as a confident cultural people inside of Satan’s realm? In conclusion, Korea produced the Second Coming of Christ, the only begotten daughter of God….

Only we know
All religions should go to the place where they attend our Heavenly Parent, who is the root as their own parents. Out of all the religions in the world only the Family Federation for World Peace, the Unification Church does this. I spoke about the history of humankind’s civilizations, but even England did not fulfill its responsibility. Therefore, the Christian cultural sphere had to cross over to the American continent and find Asia. Christians would have to come to Asia, cross Japan and come to the Korean Peninsula and settle in Korea. Thus, I often tell you that you need to know how important our responsibility is.
True Parents have completed God’s amazing providential history, the six-thousand-year work of restoration through indemnity. True Parents have opened a new era. That is Cheon Il Guk. Right? However, while True Parents are alive, the center that humankind and Heavenly Parent have yearned for has been revealed. Seven billion people do not know True Parents. Isn’t this your responsibility? Do you agree or not?
The world’s population was three billion in the 1960s. Just fifty years later, it has reached seven billion. Because they have a conscience, those people have also put a lot of effort into searching for God and trying to be good and kind. Yet, the situation is not resolved because the environment is unable to improve within Satan’s realm. Only through True Parents can everyone unite. Our people have experienced this through the Korean War. However, they do not even understand. Even now, they do not know that God’s providence is unfolding or what our future will be like. This is very sad. Neither politicians nor people of the religious world know. Only we know.
What should we do? You must shout to let them know. You must let the world know of True Parents’ manifestation. You need to save the lives of those pitiable people who are dying forlornly. Don’t you agree? If they live and die without knowing True Parents, they will have difficulties even in the next world, and they will leave the indemnity to their descendants. Hence, what should those who know do? All of you need to invest everything you have.

Live with True Parents
It is quite interesting. Korea is a nation that God had to choose; he had no alternative. There are many difficulties externally and politically. Yet you need to help these people become aware of the center. If you look at the location of Cheongpyeong on a map and compare it to a human body, its position is that of the womb. Isn’t that interesting? The womb is where the conception of new life takes place. Cheongpyeong is a place that can make fallen human beings, wild olive trees, into true olive trees. All the people of the world should rush to come here. Therefore, we need to save lives, renew them. People need to know that True Parents will accomplish the providence, not some other individuals.
Therefore, where is our eternal homeland? Isn’t it our dream to be where True Parents are and to live with them? That is why God and True Father have shown us a substantial, genuine udambara flower, which they say only blooms after three thousand years. Only we know the truth. Only we are aware of God’s providence.
Thus, we need to bring it to light. We need to proclaim it. By any means possible, we need to make it so that there is no one that can say they did not know True Parents. If you do that, you no one will complain about you later. You should not be criticized through questions like, “If you knew, why didn’t you teach me?” Hence, what do you need to work hard at? You need to complete your responsibilities as tribal messiahs and restore your nations.
The president and other politicians are not the owners of this nation. Who is? True Parents! You must understand that only when this nation becomes God’s fatherland, a nation that attends our Heavenly Parent, will it avoid the enormous indemnity like that which the Israelites in olden times had to pay. Do you understand the title of this message now? Are you going to do it? If you are, please all rise. Let us sing “Song of Unity” together.