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#160-Interview with Mac Warner-Republican Candidate for Governor-West Virginia

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West Virginia Governor Candidate’s Education Focus
Mack Warner, the Secretary of State of West Virginia and a candidate for Governor, discussed his focus on education, the shortage of teachers in the state, and the importance of parental choice in immunization. The conversation also touched on the challenges of recruiting and retaining teachers and the implementation of electronic marking devices in voting.  Lastly, Warner expressed support for school choice and the two-parent family unit.
Legislative Proposals
Secretary Warner suggested that the legislature should be able to limit and review government mandates. He also emphasized the need for a governor who would not overextend their authority, especially in emergencies, and who would support individual and freedom-oriented policies. The candidate expressed support for vaccination choice and criticized the former Democrat chair’s involvement as a consultant for Moore Capito.
Coal Regulations and Tax Discussion
Richard and Mac Warner discussed the new, more strict regulations to limit coal production that the Biden administration has put forward. Mac Warner, as a proponent of all energy, argued that the market, not the government, should determine which energy sources are used. He asserted that his stance aligns with the Republican party platform and the Constitution. When Richard raised the issue of property tax increases, Mac Warner explained that some taxes are essential to perform duties enumerated in the Constitution. He proposed that the issue should be addressed at a local level to ensure proper representation. Mac also pledged to propose lower taxes whenever possible while fulfilling his duties as governor.
Society Issues and Upcoming Voting Process
Richard and a Secretary Warner discussed a range of issues related to society and voting. Secretary Warner also shared information about the upcoming voting process, which includes early voting from May 1st to May 11th and the actual election on May 14th. They also discussed the possibility of absentee voting and the need for valid reasons to request an absentee ballot.
Viewpoint as a Candidate for Governor

Secretary Warner stated that if you have a question about where Mac Warner stands, open the Bible to begin with, open the Constitution second, and third, open the Republican Party platform.

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