Intentional Community

Note:  The location for this vision has changed to West Virginia, but the ideas are the same.


To create a sustainable model community where multiple generations can strive together to create God-centered families that live in harmony with each other, nature and the surrounding community while upholding the ideals of True Parents, sexual purity and blessed family life.


We will create a model community where families live in harmony beyond racial and national barriers, centered on a God-centered principled viewpoint that upholds the ideals of True Parents, sexual purity and Blessed Family life.  We will love God and humanity.  We will have a positive influence on nearby communities by being an example of Principled living.  This community will be named Ocean Gateway.

Activities that will engage the surrounding community may include, among others, ocean related activities, organic gardening, grocery delivery, relationship intelligence education  and spiritual education.  We anticipate a “home church” type of relationship with the surrounding community. 

We envision a community where about four families share housing with some common area for dining and living.  This community will be in Maryland or Delaware within about 12 miles or 20 kilometers of the ocean.


Richard & Stacey Urban