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We Need Abstinence-Centered Health Education to Help Jefferson County Public School Students Succeed

Letter to the Editor submitted to the Spirit of Jefferson and printed on September 15th, 2021 (this original version was slightly edited).

Last week, Edward Belmonte Jr., a health teacher at Jefferson High School was arrested after allegedly having sex multiple times, including inside a school closet, with a 17 year old student.
Notably, Belmonte testified that abstinence-centered education does not work and should not be taught at the January 11th Jefferson County Board of Education Meeting.  He was responding to my comments about the importance of abstinence-centered health education.

What kind of person does not want school age youth to abstain from sex before marriage?  We can see clearly in this case that it is a person who wants to have sex with underage children!

This is not the first time this has happened in Jefferson County and at Jefferson High School.  In 2016, Joel Michael Ziler, a music teacher and choir director was convicted of having sexual relations with two female students.  Other sexually related incidents where teachers where fired and their licenses were revoked occurred in Jefferson County in 2005, 2009, 2018 and 2019.  Belmonte also is a graduate of Jefferson High School.

In my testimony at the January 11th Board of Education meeting, I shared:

“SIECUS promotes so called comprehensive sex education.  That means that school age youth are not encouraged to abstain from sexual activity.  Sexual exploration is seen as being healthy, as long as contraceptives are used.

This contrasts with abstinence-centered sexual health education, which is the real comprehensive sexual health education.  This is because, sexual abstinence is stated as the expected standard for school age youth, in line with Federal Title V standards.  Virtually 100% of parents agree with this approach.”

Urban Life Training, the nonprofit organization that my wife Stacey and I founded in 2003, has helped over 3000 students along the path to success by teaching the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage.  We would like to offer this program to all middle and high schools in Jefferson County that want it, free of charge to the schools. 

But to do this we need your help.  Both curriculum presenters and Teen Choice Service Club leaders are needed, as well as financial support to fund the program. 

If you would like to help, please contact Richard Urban at 202-544-5081 or email  Our website is

Sexual Abstinence

Follow Up on Comments Before the Board of Education

Letter to the Editor printed in the Spirit of Jefferson on June 23rd, 2021

This letter is to follow up on my testimony at the Jefferson County Board of Education meeting on June 14th, 2021.

While sharing two facts on the importance of family structure to the success of children, Board Chair Ms. Skinner interrupted, as noted below:

My comments:  “Let’s not forget that intact family structure and parental support, not race, is the most important factor in student success.  The Jefferson County Board of Education would be well advised to adopt policies that recognize this fact.  Those youth who graduate from high school, get a full time job and don’t have children before marriage and before age 21 are ten times less likely to live in poverty [Ms. Skinner interjects:  “Mr. Urban, please let’s just stick to the topic here and not wander off ”, I reply “That is related, I’m talking about student success.  They‘re 10 times less likely to grow up in poverty.    That’s an important thing for student success and well-being, emotionally”]. Children living with their mother and her boyfriend are six times more likely to be physically, emotionally, or educationally neglected [Ms. Skinner interjects “Mr. Urban you’ve really gone off topic and your time is actually up].  At this point my virtual meeting connection was disconnected while I was still speaking.

Two take-aways from the above give and take with Ms. Skinner.

  1.  The Board of Education should hear citizens’ comments and not censor them.
  2. We need to turn the conversation toward which family structures promote student and youth well-being.  Father Facts, 5th Edition gives the following data:

Using data drawn from the 1990 test results of 18,000 10th graders who took the Louisiana Graduation Exit Examination, it was found that the percentage of students from single-parent families in schools had a strong negative relation to standardized test scores, and the prevalence of students from single-parent families in schools was a better predictor of academic outcomes that the racial composition of schools.

We need to take a long-term, generational view.  Regardless of current family structure, what would you, as a parent, recommend for your children?  The overwhelming majority of parents will want their children to abstain from sex before marriage.  And as just stated, this is directly linked to student well-being.  Therefore, schools should adopt curricula and programs that help youth fulfill the success formula mentioned above; finish high school, get a full time job and don’t have children before marriage and before age 21.

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D-Day Was on January 13th, 2020

In my last blog, Seek First His Kingdom, I outlined the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the evolution of our current world situation. Continuing in the same vein, I will explain how God is working right now to bring a decisive victory.
In Peace Message 10, The Family Rooted In Absolute Sexual Ethics, which Is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom, Rev. Moon states:

Therefore, I am now leading all tribal and national messiahs to unite and bring to a final end the improper relationship between the political sphere, representing the Cain realm, and the religious sphere, representing the Abel realm.
The Mongolian Peoples’ Federation, representing 74 percent of the world’s population, should bear in mind that the providential age is now upon us in which it should fulfill its duties by restoring the world through the Marriage Blessing on the national level. This will bring to a close the conflict between Cain and Abel, which began in humankind’s first family.

The religious sphere, particularly centered on the absolute sexual ethics of abstinence before marriage and fidelity within Blessed families, must take the Abel role. Politics must take the Cain position, following the lead of those who understand about true families and Blessed marriage. President Trump had the right idea, when after the Washington DC riots, on June 1st, 2020, he held up the Bible in front of the partially burned out St. John’s Episcopal Church parish house, across from Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.
Before his death on September 3rd, 2012, Rev. Moon declared that January 13th 2013 (by the Heavenly, lunar-based calendar) would be Foundation Day.
It is my opinion, that due primarily to the disunity of Mrs. Moon with her husband’s words and vision, especially after his death, this date was postponed until January 13th, 2020, seven years later.
What events happened on January 13th, 2020 that would bear out this supposition?

  • The first case of COVID-19 was reported in the United States
  • The delayed articles of Impeachment for President Donald J Trump were transmitted to the Senate by Nancy Pelosi
  • Citizens and mothers in particular were successful in New Jersey in beating back a blatant attempt to strip New Jersey residents of religious vaccination exemptions for school children.

Let’s consider this scripture from the Daily Inspiration of April 27th, 2021:

Revelation 11

9 For three and a half days the people of every nation, tribe, language, and race will stare at the bodies of these two witnesses and refuse to let them be buried. 10 Everyone on earth will celebrate and be happy. They will give gifts to each other, because of what happened to the two prophets who caused them so much trouble. 11 But three and a half days later, God will breathe life into their bodies. They will stand up, and everyone who sees them will be terrified.

How are we to understand these two prophets, who are so reviled, appear dead for three days, and then are revived? They are those who represent the Abel and Cain realms that Rev. Moon speaks about in the previous reading. Abel is the religious realm, so one prophet is Christianity, which has taken a seemingly fatal blow due to moral and family decay and additionally the suppression of Christians by the government during the COVID-19 situation.

The other prophet represents the Cain-type realm, or the political realm. This prophet is none other than the movement of those who support President Donald J. Trump. This does not mean only President Trump himself, but the movement he led that respects the role and value of Christianity in society.

Notice in the scripture from Revelation 11 that “everyone on earth will celebrate and be happy”. I think that this means the euphoria of the fake news media and false, godless technocracy over the fraudulent election where President Trump was seemingly defeated.

Earlier in the same passage in Revelation, the two witnesses are seen preaching for 1260 days, or almost three and a half years, so three and a half days means three and a half years. Additionally, 40 is a number of separation from Satan in the Bible, such as the 40 day flood judgement at the time of Noah. Therefore, I predict that around the time between 40 and 42 months after January 13th, 2020, there will be a resurrection of the proper role of Christianity and also of the political realm that has been represented by Donald J. Trump.

Last time I introduced how the new Kingdom Building movement of Christianity is exemplified by socially and politically engaged Christians of various faiths and denominations, such as the health freedom movement and the seven mountains of culture movement. This is the very movement that is emerging now and will emerge more and more over the next two years.

Furthermore, the Trump movement, whether exemplified by Trump himself or up and coming leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is rising. Look for a substantial rising of both of these movements and a correction of the false Presidential election of 2020 by about July to September, 2023.

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    What is the link between absolute sexual ethics and the current ballot fraud scandal?

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