Book Review-Foundation Day and Seongwha

The book authored by the Substantial Word group, Foundation Day and Seongwha: The Kingdom of God Father Left Behind is a worthwhile read to help understand what has happened since True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon ascended in September, 2012.  The book’s title comes from True Father’s last speech, Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Words of God’s Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. There is also a helpful appendix which refers to Father’s hand written notes in the speech text.
The first half of the book helps us to understand how the wife of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, veered off from the teachings of Rev. Moon, especially after his ascension.  Clearly a new ideological framework was set up by Mrs. Hak Ja Han that is at odds with the words of the Eight Great Sacred Books bequeathed to us by Rev. Moon. Interestingly, the book does not talk much about Foundation Day (Jan 13, 2013, lunar, or Feb 22, 2013 solar) itself or Seongwha. Rather, it deals with what judgment is, what Cheon Il Guk will look like and what perfected individuals will look like, from a Unification Principle perspective. The meaning of “seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added unto you” (Mt 6:33) is also dealt with extensively.  Since Foundation Day was/is to bring about the substantial fulfillment of God’s ideal of creation, the book examines what that world will look like.
Some important takeaways, although not directly stated, but rather implied, are that Mrs. Hak Ja Han is still married to Rev. Sun Myung Moon.   Also, since perfection of the individual (and family) is based on a relationship of restoring oneself based on God’s heart, a person cannot be restored by only drinking holy wine.  As such, the Blessing for Returning to True Father’s Authority promoted by the Sanctuary Church or the Blessing promoted by the Family Federation would not in itself return you to a state of fulfilling the purpose of creation.  
Extensive time is spent covering what judgement is, based on the Word, character and heart, as well as what substantial Cheon Il Guk will look like, based on the teachings of the Divine Principle and Father’s words.  Clarification is given that Cheon Il Guk will not be a conventional nation/state. Rather, it will stem from perfected, ideal families.
I find the following quote from the (original) Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 1542 helpful in seeing how to view Cheon Il Guk:    
Christ at his Second Advent is coming to save humanity. Once the heavenly standard has been established, God is ready to strike. He takes the offensive.  That does not mean that He kills His foes by executing them in the style of Stalin; instead, He makes them surrender at once. He must make Satan submit to Him, firstly through His ideology, secondly through His citizenry, thirdly through His sovereignty, and fourthly through His territory. Everyone desires to have ideals, friends, power, and money, and these four items represent the four that have been listed above. (12-169,1963.3.16)
We can see that Cheon Il Guk is not a conventional political state or nation.  This is amply pointed out in the Foundation Day and Seonghwa book.
Significant attention is also paid to the “Change of Ownership (Change of Blood Lineage)”. (p 338 of the book).  An important point is made that Father explained that Seonghwa (formerly spelled Seungwha) is to be performed while the person is alive on earth.  It is (no longer) the funeral ceremony of the Unification Church. (Book, p. 343). I especially like the content on p 343:
Jesus said, “Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” (luke 17:33)  We have been under the control of Satan’s false love, and in order to “live well,” we have prioritized protecting our life of the body and lived centering on the earthly values of position, fame, wealth (money), power, and acknowledgement from others.  This all comes down to a value system that originates from a self-centered, Satanic “love that takes,” which has become the habitual part of our life that is deeply embedded in our way of thinking and actions. It is because of this that we have lost our eternal life.  Therefore, we need to do the opposite and throw all of that away and change our way of life 180-degrees based on a new value system that is centered on God’s love. This is what “living seonghwa” means.
Therefore, are we really seeking and working to build Cheon Il Guk?  For many, the answer will be “No”. The idea of what kind of ownership we should have of “all things” receives extensive coverage.  Although Rev. Moon taught that we should not own anything without receiving it from God, it is explained that, if we are truly united with God, we can own things on His behalf.  However, the typical lifestyle of seeking first food, clothing and shelter, otherwise known as “making a living” does not allow us to have true ownership, but rather Satan’s ownership of all things.  As such, we have to deny ourselves and “seek first the kingdom and his righteousness” (Mt. 6:33) to ultimately to truly be an owner on behalf of God.
Another important concept clarified in Foundation Day and Seongwha is the nature of the Peace Kingdom Corps and Peace KIngdom Police force.  Basically, the Peace KIngdom Police Force is in the role of the red blood cells in the body.  I believe that this is like the role of those who preach and teach the Word, the Eight Sacred Textbooks (  The Peace Kingdom Corps is like the white blood cells.  Father has likened the Peace Kingdom Corps to Unification Theological Seminary graduates.  These are dual missions of education. These missions are not to be accomplished with physical weapons or guns.
To conclude, we should realize that True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon gave his all to bring about the fulfillment of Foundation Day.  The lead up to Foundation Day began with the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God on Jan 1, 2001. Father could not welcome Foundation Day in the flesh.  Nonetheless, just like Moses not being able to go into Canaan but the Israelites centered on Joshua and Caleb (footnote note page 89), we are able to enter Canaan.  The book does not definitively say why Father died before Foundation Day. However, we can understand from the contents of Foundation Day and Seongwha that he gave his life so we could inherit the benefits of Foundation Day.  But will we believe and inherit the benefits? That, I believe is the ultimate question.