Religious Freedom

Video-God In the Public Square-Interview with Philip Sharp

Pastor and podcaster Philip Sharp discusses the current conflicts occurring in our society and what the role of the church and God’s people is.

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Religious Freedom

(Video)-God In the Public Square

What is the proper role of God in the public square? Is there a “wall of separation” between church and state? How did Abraham Lincoln handle this question?

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Civil Liberties Covid-19 Crisis Religious Freedom

Children Should Stay in School to Speed Up Herd Immunity for COVID-19

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Countries that respect God-given rights, and states that respect God-given constitutional rights are not doing any worse than other places that have instituted draconian restrictions.

Civil Liberties Covid-19 Crisis Religious Freedom

COVID-19: Are Politicians Destroying God-Given Civil Rights In the Guise of Promoting Health?

View: The Great Fraud-the COVID-19 Agenda-Part 4-Will We Throw Away Our God-Given Civil Liberties?

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Rev Sun Myung Moon states:

..Your conscience knows and perceives not only every action you have performed but

also every thought you have entertained. Your conscience is aware of these things before your

teachers, parents or even God are. Hence, if you were to live in absolute obedience to the

commands of your conscience, which is your teacher for eternity, you would be absolutely

guaranteed to have eternal life.

The Declaration of Independence states: 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

Covid-19 Crisis Open the Country Now Religious Freedom Vaccine Choice

The Great Fraud: the Covid-19 Agenda- Part 1 Introduction-Article

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We are in a state of spiritual emergency

Will we have the wherewithal to overcome the current onslaught?

Churches have been Shut Down.

A threat to permanently close churches has been made by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Surveillance and enforcement has been used to force people to stay in their homes.

In this series we will look at the following topics:

2. What are the real statistics of deaths and Covid-19 cases; which data can be trusted?

3. What are the real number of deaths?

4. What are the reasons or motivations for mis-reporting fatalities in each country or state?

5. What is the connection to conflicts of interest w big Pharma, Bill Gates and other elites?

6. What are other similar examples of false narratives, such as the measles outbreaks in California and New York State?

7. What is the significance of the timeline of Covid-19 in the United States?

8. What is the role of spiritual revival and Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

Call to Action:

1. Open the Country Now; immediately rescind the stay at home recommendation
2. Use real data on morbidity ad hospital usage vs the data from the last two years
3. Expose conflicts of interest; bring in independent voices like Jon Ioannidis.  Remove Dr. Fauci; he has huge conflicts of interest with donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
4. Include spiritual leaders.  This crisis has not only an external but a spiritual dimension.  Stay at home orders curtail freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

Religious Freedom West Virginia Politics

Tom Takubo Does Not Care about the Health and Well Being of West Virginia Children and Adults

Tom Takubo is a West Virginia State Senator representing District 17, which includes Kanawha County and Charleston, WV.  He was electied in 2014 and is currently Chair of the Health and Human Resources Committee.  Due to his lack of concern for the well-being of West Virginia youth and adults, he needs to be ejected from his position by the voters on November 6th, 2018.

According to committee staff, Senator Takubo thinks that the current vaccine mandate, requring 45 doses of 14 different vaccines for school attendance is a good system and does not need to be changed.   This is in spite of the fact that only West Virginia, Mississippi and California do not allow religious or conscientious exemptions for vaccinations.  This is also in spite of the fact that there have been thousands of serious adverse reactions requiring hospitaliztion and hundreds of deaths from vaccines:  The number of serious injuries and deaths from vaccines is generally many times more than the numbers of serious injuries and deaths before the vaccines were introduced.   West Virginia is a cash cow for big pharmaceutical companies, as there is no need to advertise for vaccines, as the state does all of the dirty work for the pharmaceutical companies by mandating 45 does of 14 different vaccines.  These vaccines are recognized as “inherently unsafe” by the vaccine court set up under the 1986 vaccine safety law.

Although my wife and I were in Charleston for three days during the legislative session, we could not schedule an appointment with Senator Takubo.  In fact, we were not even able to intercept him in the hallways of the State Capitol.  As a doctor and member of the American Medical Association (AMA), Senator Takubo has a severe conflict of interest when it comes to vaccine choice.  The AMA does not support the right of parents to opt out of any vaccination for religious or conscientious reasons.  As such, it is extremely callous and conflicted of Senator Takubo to block vaccine choice legislation as head of the Health Committee, as he has done in both the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions.

Recently, Senator Takubo has claimed that he would allow vaccine choice legislation to come to the Senate floor for a vote.  This is a vacuous and calculated ploy.  If that is the case, why did he assiduously block just exactly that legislation in the 2017 and 2018 sessions?

Furthermore, Takubo claims that West Virginia is healthier than other states due to the vaccine mandates.   That is false.  In overall health, West Virgina ranks 46th.  For instance, in infant mortality, West Virgina ranks 41st (

Clearly, Tom Takubo needs to be shown the exit door by the voters of Kanawha County.  Hopefully, in the future, a more freedom and liberty minded Republican Senator will be elected from Kanawha county in District 17.  In the meantime, I would urge voters to choose the lesser of two evils and vote for his opponent, Terrell Ellis.


Abortion Homosexual Marriage Presidential Politics Religious Freedom Sexual Abstinence Social Issues

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Abstinence Education & Religious Freedom

Here is a summary of Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s views on social issues and religious freedom:

Issue Hillary Clinton Positions Donald Trump Positions Hillary Clinton quotes/voting  Donald Trump Quotes Other Quotes
Abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right  Strongly Agrees  Opposes  Clinton scores 100% by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) on pro-choice voting record “I hate the concept of abortion.”  
Should Planned Parenthood get Federal Funds  Yes, strongly agrees  No, disagrees “I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood, I’ll never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions.” “Planned Parenthood should absolutely be defunded”  
Supports partial-birth abortion  Yes No  Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life    Mike Pence:
“I can’t understand is with Hillary Clinton, and now Senator Kaine by her side, to support a practice like partial birth abortion.,The very idea that a child that is almost born into the world could still have their life taken from them is just anathema to me, and I can’t conscience about a party that supports that.”
Believes in the Sanctity of Life  No Yes  “Mike Pence:
The sanctity of life proceeds out of the belief, that ancient principle, where God says before you were formed in the womb I knew you.”
Supports Same-Sex Marriage  Yes, Strongly Supports Opposes   “I just don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it, and I take a lot of heat because I come from New York. You know, for New York it’s like, how can you be against gay marriage? But I’m opposed to gay marriage.”  “Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right,”
Keep God in the Public Square  Mixed Opinions Strongly Supports  “Far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth,… And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”  What offends me is the way our religious beliefs are being treated in public. There are restrictions on what you can say and what you can’t say, as well as what you can put up in a public area. The belief in the lessons of the Bible has had a lot to do with our growth and success. That’s our tradition, and for more than 200 years it has worked very well. * (See below)  
Supports teaching abstinence from sex before marriage  No ? Speaking on defunding Planned Parenthood: “We’ve seen them in Florida where Jeb Bush funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into abstinence-only programs while gutting funds for crucial family planning programs.”    

*Trump, continued:  “For years you’d have beautiful mangers in public spaces and nobody complained about it.
Now? Mary and the baby Jesus are seldom shown. Even the word “Christmas” has somehow become controversial. Who in the world could be offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas”?! That greeting isn’t critical of any other religion, and it isn’t being disrespectful to those who practice another religion. It’s a wonderful tradition.
The same people who demand respect for their beliefs often don’t show respect for the beliefs of others. It seems like every week there is a negative ruling on some issue having to do with Christianity. I think it’s outrageous.”

Here are two good articles on Hillary Clinton’s dubious claim that she defends religious freedom:

Hillary Clinton Claims She “Defends Religious Freedom.” A Christian Writer’s Response is Priceless


Hillary loves religious freedom … only for Muslim foreign nationals reports that
““I am deeply troubled by the emails within the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign that show senior campaign officials smearing and ridiculing Roman Catholics and evangelicals.  This is anti-Christian bigotry, pure and simple.  It is sad, offensive, and un-American,” he told