Absolute Sexual Ethics

The ultimate goal of God’s Kingdom is the perfection of true families. Within true families, there must be the ideal of a true nation and world. The term absolute sex emerges here as the tradition of true love that can influence a true world and nation. Absolute sex refers to that which is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. Everything that has to do with being harmonized in love with a reciprocal partner to whom you are linked through love – an attribute of God – is bound together in sexual relations. (281-282, 1997.3.9)
Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2268

President of the International Federation for World Peace and Unification gave a revolutionary explanation about “Absolutely Good Sex”.  If you want to know what is at the core of the Unification movement, this is a good video to watch.  You can watch the video here: 

Here you can find a series of eight videos from Hyung Jin and Yeon Ah Moon examining the parables in Matthew Chapter 13 and explaining about having absolutely good sexual relations between husband and wife: 

View a presentation on the meaning of the Blessing of Marriage Ceremony below:

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