Trump and Clinton on the Issues

The Ghost of Janet Reno Would Not Vote For Hillary Clinton
Is it just a coincidence that Janet Reno, who was pushed by Hillary Clinton to massacre at least 80 children, women and men at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas in 1993, died today, the day before the 2016 Presidential Election?

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton; Good vs. Evil; God vs. Satan
The stakes could not be higher as Election Day approaches.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent radically different world views, and, in fact, personify the ancient battle between good and evil, God and Satan.

Hillary Clinton’s Murderous Pay to Play
The Clinton Foundation received 10’s of millions in donations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the same time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  At the same time Hillary acknowledged that these same countries were funding ISIS.  Donors frequently received “favors” from the United States government for their donations.

Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton on the Sanctity of Life and Abortion
There is no more clear issue between the candidates than on the issue of the Sanctity of Life.  Donald Trump is for the Sanctity of Life, and Hillary Clinton is not.

Donald Trump and Christians;
As a Christian, do you wonder who to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election? Watch this video to understand more about God’s Chaos Candidate.

Who Will Protect the Second Amendment; Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton gave false information about her stand on the Second Amendment during the third Presidential Debate. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a staunch proponent the Second Amendment.

Is Hillary Clinton a Proponent of Women’s Rights?

Is Hillary Clinton Really a Woman of Integrity and the “Lesser of Two Evils”?
Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal:

And my introductory video on the Presidential Election:
Choose Life, Not Death, Trump Is the Clear Choice

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Is Hillary Clinton Really a Woman of Integrity and the “Lesser of Two Evils”?

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Abstinence Education & Religious Freedom

This Project Veritas video shows that Hillary Clinton operatives were paid to disrupt Trump Rallies:  Take the time to watch this to understand what is going on in the current Presidential election.