Mike Pence Represents Christianity

Why Did Mike Pence, a recognized Christian, betray President Trump? What is the connection between Rev. Sun Myung Moon and President Trump?

They Knowingly Abetted Treason and a Coup

Was the US Capitol breach set up as a False Flag and smokescreen to draw attention away for the treason and coup occurring as 71% of Senators and Representatives voted not to object to false electors? How are Mitch McConnell and other legislators tied to China?

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Joe Biden’s Lovers Will Be Revealed

God gives a strong message that Joe Biden’s affairs will be revealed and punished.

Don’t Change What God Has Said

Many Unification Church members have disregarded God’s and Rev. Moon’s direction to not change the textbooks that Rev. Moon designated as Holy Scriptures. The results are devastating.

Read or listen to Rev. Moon’s speech on September 23, 2005 in Washington DC: God’s Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace

View: Christ Has Already Defined His Kingdom and It Is Not the Rod of Iron Kingdom

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President Trump Should Stay In Office

President Trump must not resign. Nancy Pelosi needs to be denounced for her demonic attacks on President Trump. President Trump should do whatever is best for the nation and world. President Trump was rightly elected for his second term, unlike Joe Biden, who is attempting to stage a coup.

Was the US Capitol Breach Part of a False Flag Operation?

Why did the Capitol Police apparently let in some protestors? Was excessive force used in the murder of Ashli Babbitt? What good can come out of the current situation?

Mike Pence Is Judas Iscariot

The disciples were supposed to support and believe in Jesus. Similarly, Mike Pence is supposed to support the Constitution and President Trump by rejecting fraudulent electors. If he does not, he is just like Judas Iscariot.

Who Will Give the Faithful Report?

The Richard Urban Show

Have the Unification Church and Christian Churches become corrupt? What is the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the True Parent? Why is it important to give a faithful report?

Peace on Earth to Everyone Who Pleases God

Did Jesus come for a particular church or denomination? Is parochialism harmful? How can we substantially build God’s Kingdom?

Foundation Day Is Now

What is behind the current crisis in our country? Why is Christianity disintegrating? What can be done?