Will We Seek Blessing and Love or Anarchy and Chaos?

President Trump did the right thing by going to St. Johns’ Episcopal Church with a Bible. Terrance Floyd told people not to riot and destroy their communities, yet protests and riots continue. What is behind this chaos?

Interview with Tom Hansen-Republican Candidate for Sheriff-Jefferson County WV

Learn more about Tom Hansen and his views on constitutional issues, community relations, drug enforcement and more.

Interview with Steve Harris-Republican for Sheriff-Jefferson County West Virginia

Find out more about Steve Harris, his broad experience and his law enforcement philosophy and views.

Interview with Tricia Jackson-Republican for County Commissioner-Harpers Ferry District-Jeff Cty WV

Get to know Tricia Jackson, her experience as an entrepreneur, service on the Emergency Services Board and passion for sound fiscal management.

Interview with Barbara Fuller-Jefferson County WV Board of Education Candidate

Learn more about Barbara Fuller, her experience volunteering in Jefferson County Public Schools and why she is running for Board of Education.

Interview with Michael Folk-Republican Candidate for West Virginia Governor

Learn more about Michael Folk, his stand for constitutional values, fiscal responsibility and sound education for our children.

Interview with Bill Wooten-Candidate for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals-Division 2

Learn more about Bill Wooten, his experience as a lawyer and his campaign for The Supreme Court of Appeals.

Interview with Donna Joy-Candidate for Jefferson County WV Board of Education

Learn more about Donna Joy, her experience as a teacher, with special education and other aspects for her campaign.

Interview with Bill Schwartz-Candidate for WV Supreme Court of Appeals-Division 3

Learn more about Bill Schwartz, his experience and his desire to be a judge who represents the tax paying citizens of West Virginia.

Interview with Lora Dyer-Candidate for West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals-Division 3

Learn more about Judge Lora Dyer’s passion for fairness and concern for youth and families.