Declaration of the Family

Whereas rights and responsibilities are given by God, our Creator, and the deviation from natural order causes untold hardships and disasters for society, we hereby proclaim:


  1. The family represents the image of the Creator. When husband and wife join together in sexual union they represent the image of the Creator.   The two joined together as husband and wife come together in love to create a greater entity, the family, that through the creative power of the Creator, can create new life and a lineage that exists forever through the procreative process.  By denying the creative process that only the Divine Being can impart, the very nature and purpose of marriage is denied.  This “third entity” of the marriage itself is centered on the greater purpose of creating the very basis of the future of society. 

  2. Marriage must be defined by the fact that there is a possibility of procreation.  Marriage is made a greater entity by the fact that the Creator gives the creative power to allow reproduction to occur.  Marriage must involve a man and a woman since there can be no creative power without both a man and a woman.  It is the creative process itself that uniquely defines marriage and sets it apart from other types of human relationships.  The creative process itself requires the unity of one sperm and one egg.  This process itself mirrors the nature of marriage, and shows why a marriage relationship must be between only one man and one woman.

  3. The family teaches the norms of society regarding the exclusivity of the husband and wife relationship.  These norms produce health and well being.  When these norms are violated, it produces sickness and lack of well being.

  4. The family teaches how to love as a parent, brother and sister, and as a child.  We also learn respect for elders through multiple generations within a family.

  5. The family consisting of one man and one woman in  a faithful relationship is the basic unit of society.  This is ordained by nature’s design, and by the Creator.  All creations exist and multiply through give and take between male and female or plus and minus elements.    Just as a battery cannot produce electricity with only a positive or only a negative pole, the development of society cannot proceed without the relationship of a man and a woman.

  6. The various institutions of society are an extension of the family, such as schools, governments, and churches or other places of worship.  The functions of each of these are extensions, on a larger scale, of the role of parents.

  7. The relationship of a man and a woman can produce children, and these children become the future generations of society.

  8. All organizations, functions and units of society result from the harmonious union of a man and a woman, and therefore this definition of marriage must be protected.  If all couples are only men or only women, the result in 100 years will be the destruction and extinction of society.

  9. By its nature, marriage benefits society.  Future leaders, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters are created.  Respect, trust, love, fidelity and many other virtues are learned in the family.  Contrast this to the relationship of two individuals seeking only their own self interest, whether of the same sex or opposite sex.  Commitment is a cornerstone of healthy marriages.  Same sex unions are much more likely to involve multiple sexual relationships outside of the primary relationship.

  10. Marriage “equality” is a false precept proffered by those promoting same sex unions.  The goal is to exclude the teaching that traditional two parent families are the expected standard that youth and young adults should aim for.  Since teaching about two parent families is unwelcome, teaching about abstinence until marriage is also unwelcome.  Those promoting same sex unions oppose teaching about sexual abstinence until marriage, and teaching about traditional male-female marriage in general.

Key thoughts:

  • As in the Declaration of Independence, rights are given only by God, not man.  Man cannot redefine the family.

  • It is the strategy of homosexual activists to say that marriage is strictly a civil union, and religion should not interfere.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Marriage is defined by God/natural order.

  • We must acknowledge God as the source of purpose and order in society.  The separation of state from God must be ended.  This is a great lie about the first amendment:  Congress shall establish no law regarding the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  The purpose of the First Amendment is to prohibit establishment of a state religion, not to exclude God from the public square.  Nothing could be farther from the Founding Father’s intent than excluding God from the public square.  We should differentiate between Religion and fundamental Universal Principles.

  • We should emphasize that homosexual activists want to eliminate the traditional definition of the family as a man and a woman and want to exclude any God centered/religious influence on public institutions.  I have personal experience of this through the process of our nonprofit that teaches sexual abstinence being barred from DC Public Schools by homosexual activists.  It is not “marriage” equality, it is marriage elimination, as in changing what “marriage” is, which ultimately results in the destruction of society.

  • Same sex relationships are not healthy, they lead to sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, and are frequently abusive and non exclusive (multiple partners)

    Author:  Richard Urban

Drafted June 25, 2009
Updated September 2, 2009