Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country by Rebecca Friedrichs

Book Review by Richard Urban

            Standing up to Goliath is a story about the fight against forced payment of union fees in our public schools.  But, moreover, it is a story of Rebecca Friedrich’s call from God and how she answered it, with the help of family and friends.
            I recommend it for everyone.  It will help you to respond to that voice that God gives you.  And it will illustrate for you what positive things will happen when you do.
The author documents clearly how unions for public school teachers promote their own power, based on the collection of (formerly) mandatory dues, over the well-being of the children in public schools. 
            Ms. Friedrichs makes the journey personal, as she shares her own experiences as a public elementary school teacher of 28 years.  She also shares the stories of half a dozen other teachers who have been punished by public school unions for promoting excellence in education and helping their students.  Meanwhile, abusive teachers keep their jobs, while many excellent ones are terminated or harassed.
            For public school unions, it really is all about the money and power.  Did you know that over $20, 000, 0000 was contributed by the National Education Association (NEA) to Federal Candidates, Parties and Outside Groups in 2016?  State unions also contribute funds, overwhelmingly to Democrats.  For instance, the California Teachers Association contributed $121,000 in 2016, 100% to Democrats.
            Few realize that teachers unions explicitly promote sex education that promotes sexual exploration and the LBGTQ agenda.  Here is a quote from an NEA 2016-2017 resolution:  “Teachers…must be legally protected from censorship and lawsuits….Such programs should include information on…b. Diversity of culture and diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity; c. Sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and HPV, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and homophobia; d. Age-appropriate, medically accurate information including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) issues.  This should include but not be limited to information of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender expression.”
“Age appropriate”, in the author’s experience, means playing games.  Much of the content presented is decidedly inappropriate and makes many teachers who are supposed to teach it feel they have been sexually violated.  You have to wonder, why would teachers unions support such curricula?
            And here is a kicker.  One supposed reason for promoting such a curriculum is to keep those students who think they may be LBGTQ from being bullied.  But teachers unions are expert bullies, intimidating any teachers who dare to oppose their agenda.
Another shocking revelation in the book is that students have been targeted by unions when their parents worked against the teachers’ union agenda items.
            Racial Equity, another current hot button issue, receives attention in Standing Up to Goliath.  Ms. Friedrichs explains how race is made to be a major issue, where black children are allowed to violate common sense and necessary discipline solely because of their race. This policy is supported by public school unions, to the detriment of black students and everyone else.  Those teachers bucking this policy and showing excellent are harassed and pushed out.
            School Choice is a crucial topic also covered.  And, you guessed it, public school unions are vehemently opposed to school choice.
            Many times teachers are pressured to man union phone banks to support the unions’ preferred candidates.
            I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Standing up to Goliath and also sharing a copy with a teacher.  Teachers need to realize that they no longer have to pay union dues, thanks to the efforts of Rebecca Friedrichs and others.
We also need to be aware that a few “pissed off” teachers have hijacked our schools, and yes our nation, for our children are our future.
            But Rebecca Friedrichs shows us, by example that we don’t have to despair, but rather take action, in concert with other liked minded individuals.  Sharing this book with a teacher, and coming alongside that teacher will go a long way to breaking the grip of fear that has made many teachers silent bystanders to the unions’ bullying and intimidation.

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