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#168-Interview with Nate Cain-Republican Candidate for the US House of Representatives-WV 2nd Congressional District

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Call from God to Run for Office
Nate discussed his background, including serving in the military for approximately 20 years and then working in cyber security. He became an FBI whistle blower regarding Hillary Clinton’s pay to play schemes. His home was raided by the FBI after he came out as a whistle blower. He felt through several experiences, that God has called him to serve through running for the House of Representatives.

Nate’s Journey to Running for Office
Nate discussed his initial hesitation to run for office. However, after seeking guidance from God and experiencing a series of confirmations from God, he felt a strong calling to pursue it. He shared his decision with his stepmother and was encouraged by her support. A particularly impactful encounter with a couple who had been praying for righteous leaders further strengthened his belief that this was his true calling, and that his candidacy was a response to their prayers. This experience deepened his sense of purpose and motivation.

Societal Issues and Single-Parent Households
Richard asked Nate about the decline of society due to children growing up without the benefit of a married father and mother. He asked for opinions on this perspective. Nate agreed that the government should be in the business of promoting stable two-parent families when creating laws or looking at tax policies, for example. Nate also recognizes that a lot of our social ills are really spiritually based problems. He pointed out that private charity historically took care of people through charities, and that their motivation is more altruistic than that of government programs.

Cybersecurity and Onboard Technology in Shipping Industry
Nate discussed the vulnerabilities of the shipping industry’s cybersecurity and onboard technology. Nate shared his experience with cybersecurity, having started a company focused on this area before the Covid-19 pandemic. Nate, a former US Army soldier and cybersecurity expert, highlighted the increasing digitalization of ship controls and the potential for cyber-attacks.

Faith-Driven Campaign Strategy in WV House of Representatives Race
Nate shared his campaign strategy for West Virginia’s House of Representatives race, which has focused on serving people in their communities rather than relying on big donor money. Despite being an underdog against a well-funded opponent, Nate has raised over $100,000 from individual donors in 40 states, and his grassroots campaign has earned him favor. In the conversation, Nate also emphasized his commitment to representing the people and their needs if elected, rather than just voting conservative. Richard inquired about the biggest issue facing the country, to which Nate responded.

Abuse of Power and Cyber Threats
Nate addressed the main issue as being the abuse of power by the government, specifically the Justice Department’s focus on spying on American citizens. Nate also expressed concern over the extension of FISA and the huge amount of money being allocated to the FBI’s new building, suggesting that many members of Congress and the intelligence community are compromised. Nate claimed that this abuse of power poses a greater threat to the nation’s constitution and survival than foreign aggressors. Nate also highlighted the expansion of executive orders and judges legislating from the bench as contributing to the Republic’s peril. Secondly, Nate cited the cyber threat from China as a significant concern.

Nate’s Policies, Spirituality, and Election Fraud
Nate believes children benefit most from a traditional two-parent household and suggests the government should enact policies to promote this family structure. He argues social issues stem from a spiritual disconnect, proposing community organizations like churches take over responsibilities from the government. Nate believes that there was election fraud in 2020. He witnessed criticized the rushed certification process and pointed out that, for example, in Pennsylvania, there were ballots counted when a judge had stated that government officals had no right to change existing law. He expresses concerns over the treatment of January 6th protesters, arguing their rights were violated and calling for their pardons, as he does not believe any received a fair trial.

Reducing Government Spending
Richard and Nate discussed the sustainability of government spending. Nate argued that the current policies were unsustainable and compared it to stealing from future generations due to borrowing to give foreign aid, for example. Nate also cited corruption and lack of accountability as concerns and suggested limiting aid to selling arms instead. Furthermore, Nate proposed a strategy to reduce federal spending by shrinking the government through attrition, which would not disrupt the political culture and gradually downsize agencies.

Medical Freedom and Vaccination Choice Discussion
Richard and Nate discussed the issue of medical freedom and vaccination choice, focusing on the federal and state government’s role in vaccine mandates. Nate expressed his strong support for medical freedom and his belief that the government has no right to dictate what individuals can put into their bodies. Nate also believes the government’s vaccine mandate violates the Fourth and First Amendments. Nate shared his experience of being forced to leave his job because he refused to get vaccinated. He clarified that while they believe the government should not interfere with adults’ vaccine choices, the government should not not allow for the medical mutilation of children. He also pointed out that every vaccine has risks and that the decision to vaccinate should be left to the parents.

Nate’s Candidacy and Faith-Based Approach
Richard and Nate discussed the latter’s candidacy in the upcoming election. Nate emphasized his unique qualifications, which include being a former FBI whistleblower and a strong faith. He expressed his belief in the importance of honesty, integrity, and sacrifice in public service, and he urged people to pray for God’s help for our nation.

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