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#157-Interview with Bryan McKinney-Republican Candidate for US Senator-WV

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Introducing Bryan McKinney as Senate Candidate
Richard introduced Bryan McKinney as a primary candidate for the United States Senate. McKinney, who works a regular job and has no prior political experience, expressed his excitement at the prospect of running.  He discussed his views on politics, including his discontent with the establishment and his belief that the government should not have excessive control over people’s lives. He also shared his criticisms of the current Senator, Justice, and also Congressman Mooney, highlighting their support for unnecessary government spending and their lack of commitment to individual freedoms.
Opposing Congressman Mooney’s Bill and FISA Extension
Bryan and Richard discussed their opposition to the $60 billion bill voted for by Congressman Mooney to support Ukraine. Bryan argued that the conflict in Ukraine should be resolved through a better solution rather than escalating it with more funds, and that the U.S. Government’s role should be to protect its own citizens and not provide aid to countries that do not share American values. He also expressed concerns about the U.S.-Mexico border, suggesting that military control might be a permanent solution to keep the country safe. Furthermore, Bryan criticized the recent FISA extension bill and the government’s approach of preventing crimes before they occur, comparing it to the tactics depicted in the movie Minority Report. Richard agreed with Bryan’s views on these issues.
Reducing Government Spending and Reform
Bryan and Richard discussed the issue of government spending, with Bryan expressing frustration about the large, unreadable spending bills passed by Congress. Bryan proposed that all spending bills should be one page (could refer to a more detailed explanation) and focused on the purpose of the government, with a focus on reducing unnecessary spending. He also suggested implementing term limits for government officials to prevent them from becoming entrenched in their positions and losing touch with the people they represent. Bryan further argued that many functions currently performed by the government, such as funding specific research projects, would be better handled by private organizations or state governments.
Addressing Poverty and Societal Issues in WV
Bryan and Richard discussed the issues of poverty and societal problems in West Virginia. Bryan criticized the government’s policies for driving businesses away and causing poverty, emphasizing the need to address the root causes rather than offering temporary solutions. Both agreed that family instability was a core cause of many societal problems and recognized the need for stronger families. Bryan highlighted the importance of providing good job opportunities to incentivize people to stay together and build a future. He expressed concerns about the economic impact of bringing in companies like Form Energy, suggesting they should collaborate with domestic manufacturers, and criticized the transfer of funds to companies connected to China and Bill Gates, who he believes have contempt for the coal and oil industries.
Job Market Challenges and Employment Barriers
Richard and Bryan discussed the current state of the job market. Richard expressed concern about the availability of jobs and noted that many people are out of the job market due to various reasons, including drug addiction and government assistance. Bryan agreed and highlighted the difficulties people with criminal records face in securing employment.
Family Structure, Work, and Government Involvement
Richard and Bryan had a discussion about the importance of family structure and the role of work in one’s success. Bryan agreed but highlighted the challenges of finding employment and questioned the government’s role in enforcing work requirements. Instead, Bryan suggested that such measures should be implemented at the state level, as they are easier to manage and more connected to the people. Bryan also shared their personal circumstances, working hard to support his family and being without pay for six months during the COVID crisis.
Education System and Vaccination Discussion
Bryan and Richard discussed the education system, with Bryan advocating for a more practical and competitive education for children, inspired by the education system in Japan. Bryan suggested that half of the school day should be dedicated to practical learning, including physical education, and that homework should focus on interesting and applicable topics. They also touched upon the topic of vaccination, with Bryan sharing his distrust of pharmaceutical companies due to the number of drugs withdrawn from the market due to side effects. He shared his decision to not vaccinate five of her six children, citing potential risks and the lack of liability for injuries. Richard acknowledged the difficulty in obtaining compensation through the Congressional fund for vaccine-related injuries.
Individual Rights and Government Overreach
Bryan and Richard discussed various issues related to individual rights and freedoms. They strongly supported the parent’s right to choose their children’s education, opposed mandatory vaccinations, and criticized the government’s overreach in healthcare. They also discussed the right to bear arms and supported the concept of national concealed carry. Bryan emphasized the importance of minimizing the government’s power and reducing its control over citizens’ lives.
Bryan’s Political Disillusionment and Campaign
Bryan expressed his disillusionment with the current political climate and his decision to run for office to provide an alternative choice for voters. He criticized his opponent, Alex Mooney, for his lack of private sector experience and his recent legal troubles. Bryan st wants his children to see him as a role model. Bryan shared that his campaign has been well received, with many people appreciating the chance to vote for someone other than the incumbent.

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