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#94-D-Day was January 13th, 2020

Three major events all happened on January 13th, 2020. Find out why this was D-Day and what we can expect to happen in the next two years.

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D-Day Was on January 13th, 2020

In my last blog, Seek First His Kingdom, I outlined the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the evolution of our current world situation. Continuing in the same vein, I will explain how God is working right now to bring a decisive victory.
In Peace Message 10, The Family Rooted In Absolute Sexual Ethics, which Is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom, Rev. Moon states:

Therefore, I am now leading all tribal and national messiahs to unite and bring to a final end the improper relationship between the political sphere, representing the Cain realm, and the religious sphere, representing the Abel realm.
The Mongolian Peoples’ Federation, representing 74 percent of the world’s population, should bear in mind that the providential age is now upon us in which it should fulfill its duties by restoring the world through the Marriage Blessing on the national level. This will bring to a close the conflict between Cain and Abel, which began in humankind’s first family.

The religious sphere, particularly centered on the absolute sexual ethics of abstinence before marriage and fidelity within Blessed families, must take the Abel role. Politics must take the Cain position, following the lead of those who understand about true families and Blessed marriage. President Trump had the right idea, when after the Washington DC riots, on June 1st, 2020, he held up the Bible in front of the partially burned out St. John’s Episcopal Church parish house, across from Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.
Before his death on September 3rd, 2012, Rev. Moon declared that January 13th 2013 (by the Heavenly, lunar-based calendar) would be Foundation Day.
It is my opinion, that due primarily to the disunity of Mrs. Moon with her husband’s words and vision, especially after his death, this date was postponed until January 13th, 2020, seven years later.
What events happened on January 13th, 2020 that would bear out this supposition?

  • The first case of COVID-19 was reported in the United States
  • The delayed articles of Impeachment for President Donald J Trump were transmitted to the Senate by Nancy Pelosi
  • Citizens and mothers in particular were successful in New Jersey in beating back a blatant attempt to strip New Jersey residents of religious vaccination exemptions for school children.

Let’s consider this scripture from the Daily Inspiration of April 27th, 2021:

Revelation 11

9 For three and a half days the people of every nation, tribe, language, and race will stare at the bodies of these two witnesses and refuse to let them be buried. 10 Everyone on earth will celebrate and be happy. They will give gifts to each other, because of what happened to the two prophets who caused them so much trouble. 11 But three and a half days later, God will breathe life into their bodies. They will stand up, and everyone who sees them will be terrified.

How are we to understand these two prophets, who are so reviled, appear dead for three days, and then are revived? They are those who represent the Abel and Cain realms that Rev. Moon speaks about in the previous reading. Abel is the religious realm, so one prophet is Christianity, which has taken a seemingly fatal blow due to moral and family decay and additionally the suppression of Christians by the government during the COVID-19 situation.

The other prophet represents the Cain-type realm, or the political realm. This prophet is none other than the movement of those who support President Donald J. Trump. This does not mean only President Trump himself, but the movement he led that respects the role and value of Christianity in society.

Notice in the scripture from Revelation 11 that “everyone on earth will celebrate and be happy”. I think that this means the euphoria of the fake news media and false, godless technocracy over the fraudulent election where President Trump was seemingly defeated.

Earlier in the same passage in Revelation, the two witnesses are seen preaching for 1260 days, or almost three and a half years, so three and a half days means three and a half years. Additionally, 40 is a number of separation from Satan in the Bible, such as the 40 day flood judgement at the time of Noah. Therefore, I predict that around the time between 40 and 42 months after January 13th, 2020, there will be a resurrection of the proper role of Christianity and also of the political realm that has been represented by Donald J. Trump.

Last time I introduced how the new Kingdom Building movement of Christianity is exemplified by socially and politically engaged Christians of various faiths and denominations, such as the health freedom movement and the seven mountains of culture movement. This is the very movement that is emerging now and will emerge more and more over the next two years.

Furthermore, the Trump movement, whether exemplified by Trump himself or up and coming leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is rising. Look for a substantial rising of both of these movements and a correction of the false Presidential election of 2020 by about July to September, 2023.

Christianity Rev. Sun Myung Moon Sexual Ethics

#93-Seek First the Kingdom

Many churches closed during the COVID-19 situation in the past year. What good can come of this? What is the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon? What is absolute sexual ethics? Why has Christianity weakened?
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Referenced in the show:
The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, Which Is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal and the Global Kingdom

Principle Two Hour Diagrammed Lecture Manual

Exposition of the Divine Principle-3 Color

Christianity Rev. Sun Myung Moon Sexual Ethics

Seek First His Kingdom

I will give a perspective of how God is working, in spite of the seemingly negative events that have been happening throughout the world in the past one and one half years. 

Let’s start with a scripture reading from Rev. Sun Myung Moon from the Cheon Seong Gyeong, the collected works of Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

Established Christian churches are making a big fuss because I said that Jesus is my disciple, but they will see everything when they go to the spirit world. Why do I say such things, when I know clearly that doing so will cause me to be inundated with curses?
    How about the established Christian churches? Through Unification Church members, I will clean up anything that is unclean in their back rooms and hold worship services transcending all denominations. After this, I will go to the spirit world. I will go there after completing that trans-denominational worship. You may not know this, but there are already a large number of ministers using our Principle. Some of them read the Divine Principle on a blanket and when a deacon or elder comes in, they quickly hide it underneath the blanket, and then take it out again when they leave, and read it all night. They memorize it and diligently use it.
    Autumn leaves do not fall all at once. Do they fall all at once? They do not. They fall one by one, rather than as a whole bunch. Although they fall one by one, before long the tree, once clothed with green, is left with no leaves. Whether they know it or not, I am dealing with things in that way. (213-34, 1991.1.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong (original) p. 291

Rev. Moon also stated in the Universal Peace Inaugural Speech in Washington, DC on September 23, 2005:

Christianity in general will become weaker and weaker unless they go with God’s Truth which is given in these Last Days.  This is New Truth.  They have to be reformed.  The New Age came.  All the religions have to be united now.  I am appealing to all of the religions and all of the religious leaders to work  together  to  complete  the  Bering  Strait  Project,  which  I  will  explain  later.    They probably have to, they maybe have to chip in together, from every religion, all the religious leaders, because this project will be for the sake of the well being of the entire humanity.

A lot of people, including many Christian ministers, did not pay attention to what Rev. Moon said.  Then, they are seemingly blindsided by the sudden assault on the freedom to worship during the COVID “crisis”.

Many churches have lost focus on what is truly important, which is seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteous (Mt. 6: 33).  Instead, there is more of a selfish focus on church growth, prosperity, etc.  The Exposition of the Divine Principle, the teaching of the Rev. Moon, explains:

The Soviet Union, a nation on Satan’s side, participated in the Second World War on God’s side. How was it possible? When medieval society could not fulfill its providential purpose, it became a hindrance to both God’s side and Satan’s side, which then divided and began developing along paths leading to the maturation of the democratic world and the communist world. The Cain-type and Abel-type views of life worked in tandem to break down medieval feudal society and later, absolute monarchy and imperialism. Just as God’s providence progresses while riding on the currents of its time, Satan’s effort to build an unprincipled imitation of the ideal world is also bound to the currents of its time. When the prevailing social order obstructs the formation of new societies, including those furthering Satan’s goals, Satan joins in the fight to destroy it.

In a similar fashion, fascism had become an obstacle to both Satan’s side and God’s side. Because the providence of restoration through indemnity required that God temporarily permit Satan’s side to form the communist world, the Soviet Union in the Second World War was allowed to join forces with the nations on God’s side to destroy fascism, in order that it might quickly build up its communist state. Nevertheless, as soon as the Second World War was over, the communist world and the democratic world separated like oil and water. 

Exposition of the Divine Principle pp 373-374

Many churches closed during the COVID lockdowns.  Some never re-opened.  Others, however, had their faith strengthened.  So, a pruning of churches has occurred, where Satan’s work can be used in the larger providence.

Additionally there is a new wave of Christianity that I believe represents the real spirit of Jesus.  That is a kingdom building movement.  Examples of this type of movement include the Health and Freedom Summit organized by Clay Clark in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and available on  Other Christian leaders like Alana Newman and Patrick Coffin have organized health freedom summits.  Others, such as Lance Walnau, promote a disposition of Christianity where we engage and influence the world actively in all of its aspects from a Christian perspective.  Others, such as myself (VisionRoot) also actively work to engage, educate and change the culture, with a Kingdom building mentality.

Although the fundamental issue of God-given freedoms addressed in the above mentioned conferences are key, there is another key element of being human.

According to Rev. Sun Myung Moon, that is the key element of absolute sexual ethics:

Yet, at this time there is an absolute requirement that people must fulfill, no matter who they are. This is the requirement of maintaining their purity, which is the model of absolute sexual morality for human beings. God gave it to His children as their destined responsibility and duty, to be carried out in order to fulfill the ideal of creation. This heavenly path is thus the way toward perfecting the model of absoluteness in conjugal love.

What was the single word, the one and only commandment God gave to Adam and Eve, the first ancestors, upon their creation? It was the commandment and blessing to maintain an absolute standard of sexual purity until God’s approval of their marriage. We find the basis for this in the Bible passage that indicates that Adam and Eve would surely die on the day they ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. If they had refrained from eating and observed Heaven’s commandment, they would have perfected their character and, as co-creators, stood with God, the Creator, as His equals. Furthermore, they would have taken dominion over the creation and become the lords of the universe enjoying eternal and ideal happiness.

It was God’s blessing that He told them to preserve their purity so that they could wed as His true children through His Marriage Blessing, become true husband and wife, become true parents and give birth to true children. This knowledge deepens our understanding of this commandment. It is connected with the principle of absoluteness in conjugal love, which is a principle of God’s creation. The profound truth within God’s commandment has lain hidden throughout history: human beings must inherit and live by a model absolute sexual purity that is intrinsic to God’s ideal for creation. This is so that they might perfect their individuality as God’s children and establish themselves as lords of creation.

The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom: Rev. Sun Myung Moon

An example of God’s move in this providential area is the exposure of the dark area of sexual misconduct.  Both within the church and in society at large, sexual exploitation and misconduct is becoming more exposed.  To understand why this is key to the Kingdom Building movement, it is necessary to study Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s teachings on absolute sexual ethics.

A good place to start is to read The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom, and to study The Principle Two Hour Diagrammed Lecture Manual booklet.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Unification Church

40 Days of Repentance, Renewal and Discernment

by Richard Urban

I believe that we are now in a 40 day period of separation from Satan after the fraudulent installment of Joe Biden as US President.  However, as we know, the entire Providence is for “me”, as True Father says

Why has God patiently made sacrifice after sacrifice, developing His providence to the worldwide level? For whom has God made these sacrifices? Not for America, nor for Christianity; God did it to save me. God sent the Jesus Christ and allowed him to die on the cross for me, for my salvation.  God then raised up the Christian church, established it throughout the world, and prepared it for the Second Coming in these Last Days—all for me. (77:46, March 30, 1975)

We know that salvation begins from the family and then expands to the tribe, nation and world, not from the world level down to the family.  As the world reflects on spiritual and physical wickedness in high places (see the Richard Urban Show #90-Was Antonin Scalia Murdered?  New Evidence , as Unificationists we each need to reflect on our own situation.

According to True Father, the core activity of salvation is Home Church

When I tell you to go find your hometown, it means planting a new seed. Since you have become the seed of Adam and Eve, I am trying to put down a new root by planting new seeds through you. So when planting new seeds, you will need buckets of fertilizer. So you should go and receive insults. You should receive curses for the cause of goodness and endure much suffering. Try it for about three years. You won’t need three years; I see it being done in six months. When you were first sent out for witnessing, I sent you out to find 120 households and to build churches in towns other than your hometowns, right? And you haven’t been able to do it, have you? Then, I gave the direction to start Home Church, but you couldn’t fulfill that either, could you? This is it. (219-158, 1991.8.29) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2091

Yet, who is actually fulfilling Home Church.  Additionally, second generation should be engaged in Home Church as well:

In the tong ban breakthrough activities, CARP must play a leading role. When our middle and high school students become future university students they should win the younger generation over to our side. (198-7, 1990.1.20)

At this time, we must seriously look at how CARP is moving? All of you are taking responsibility to work for the tong ban breakthrough activities and to educate people, right?  This is a twofold strategy, since the university graduates have stepped forward as a unit of activity, they must be supported completely. Therefore, we need to establish a newspaper publishing company.  We should hurry up. (181-156, 1988.9.5) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2067

This 40 day period of repentance, centering on the Eight Sacred Textbooks designated by True Father should lead to a 40 month condition of Home Church.  To be clear, Home Church involves continuous visitation and ministry to at least 360 contiguous homes. 

Stacey and I started a 40 month Home Church condition in July, 2014.  We suspended that when we moved to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in 2016.  Although we had not completed the condition, doing only 17 months of the condition we were not doing Home Church after our move.  We only did occasional visits a few times to 135 homes. 

Then, on July 20th, 2019, God got my attention.  This was my Rheama in the Daily Inspiration: 

Until    now,    each    administrative authority  in  the  Republic  of  Korea  has never  had  the  experience  of  carrying out its political or educational directives centered  on tong  and ban.  It has never carried out education on a national level. It has been unable to advocate its ideology. It has only been able to gather together the city mayors or the county officials, and maybe one or two other people from the local neighborhoods. The main target for ideological education has not been the leaders of tong and ban. Therefore, there are no roots.  It means that no roots were put down here. That’s the point; there are no roots.  It’s just like a floating weed. (165-224, 1987.5.27)

Stacey and I determined, on the basis of that Word, to restart Home Church.  Just eight days later I crashed my bicycle and was knocked out and sent to the hospital after hitting the pavement at 20 plus miles per hour face first.  My helmet cracked and two ribs were fractured, and I don’t remember what happened except someone asking where I lived, until after I woke up in the hospital.  By the grace of God I have made a full recovery. 

On September 3, 2019, we began our Home Church work, originally by visiting just four homes every day four days a week, Saturday through Tuesday.  Eventually, that expanded to eight and sometimes 12 homes.  As revisits began, we developed a methodology that is working well to this day.  We use a computer program which I developed to keep track of visits and to tell us when to revisit and generate lists.  We can share this with those who need it.

In December, 2020 we started focusing more on sharing the Blessing of marriage.  That is in process, and we have developed a methodology for that, too.  We have shared the initial stage of the Blessing with some couples whom we shared the Restoring the Family Is Salvation brochure that we have developed.

The condition of 40 months continues, and I guarantee that if you do the same, you will have many experiences of the move of God and building the Kingdom (Cheon IL Guk) in your own neighborhood.

I urge all Unificationists to take up this work as the way to build the Kingdom in your own smaller world, while setting the substantial condition and doing the substantial work of righting the larger wrongs of society.  Remember, restoration and salvation work from the family up, not the top down. 

We must also reflect on whether following any of the three plus personalities within the current Unification Movement is the Will of God.  In the Peace Messages, True Father clearly indicates that we should live our lives in service to our Conscience, not any person, even Jesus or True Father, or Mrs. Moon, or Hyung Jin Moon and Hyun Jin Moon, or any others:

Our lives should be led by and carried out in service to our minds for the sake of perfecting a standard of absolute sexual morality.
    That is why your conscience knows and perceives not only every action you have performed but also every thought you have entertained. Your conscience is aware of these things before your teachers, parents or even God are. Hence, if you were to live in absolute obedience to the commands of your conscience, which is your teacher for eternity, you would be absolutely guaranteed to have eternal life. Such is the way of God’s creation.  Peace Message 10

I believe firmly that the unifying factor will be fulfilling Home Church and centering on the Eight Sacred Textbooks that True Father has designated and indicated that we should study for eternity:

True Parents have already prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These have been prepared based on my triumphs over six or seven life-or-death situations, including six periods of unjust imprisonment. I am leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humankind to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes.

They are:

The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,

Exposition of the Divine Principle,

Cheon Seong Gyeong [Heavenly Scripture],

The Family Pledge,

Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong [Messages of Peace],

True Families — Gateway to Heaven,

Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, and

World Scripture.

These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.

You should now set up the Hoon Dok Hae study tradition in your families using the books I have mentioned. That is the tradition where three generations of a family start each day by reading Heaven’s word, and lead a life of practicing what they read, with a new heart. Let’s create a world where people in the spirit world and the earthly world can both attend True Parents at the same time, and read the word on the heavenly path together.

To be clear, it is wrong for Mrs. Moon to create new collections of the word, and additionally add her own Words, often in contradiction of True Father’s words.  Her new theology of the Only Begotten Daughter who is somehow married to Jesus and is the awaited Messiah is wrong.  Following Mrs. Moon’s teachings is not compatible with following True Father’s teachings.  Again this is because her teachings change fundamental aspects of the Eight Sacred Textbooks.  Not the least of these is the severely reduced focus on absolute sexual ethics, which is the core of True Father’s Words and specifically the Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong (Messages of Peace).

It is also wrong for Hyung Jin and Kook Jin Moon to create an Old Testament centered theology that emphasizes the Rod of Iron as weapons, which contradicts the Peace Messages.  See especially the recording and transcription of the Inaugural Speech of the Universal Peace Federation on September 23rd, 2005, found here.  Listening to this speech convicted me to leave the Sanctuary Church, headed by Hyung Jin Moon, in late October, 2018, where I had affiliated for some three and one-half years.

True Father also made clear that Unification members should not support the businesses of Hyun Jin Moon by working within those businesses.  Yet, many Unificationists ignore that guidance and support Hyun Jin Moon by working within his businesses or nonprofits.  How can it be OK that Hyun Jin absconded with funds designated to support Unification projects through trickery?  That is just plain wrong.

Once again I call on all of us to have a 40 day period from the Presidential Inauguration in the United Sates, of repentance, renewal by studying the Words of the Eight Sacred Textbooks and discernment of whether or not our current course of the life of faith is the one that is aligned with God’s Will, or not. 

Furthermore, we call for all Unificationists to begin Home Church in a specific 360 home or greater area, or to restart their ministry if they have not already completed at least 40 months of continuous and consistent Home Church.

Stacey and I invite you to join the New Tribal Messiah Association, where we share about and track the progress of the work of Home Church and Kingdom building.  We would love to have your testimony there, too.

Please note that although there are in infinite number of ministries, they all must be rooted in the core foundation of Home Church, which True Father has designated as the core activity of the Kingdom.

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Presidential Politics Rev. Sun Myung Moon Unification Church

#88-Mike Pence Represents Christianity

Why Did Mike Pence, a recognized Christian, betray President Trump? What is the connection between Rev. Sun Myung Moon and President Trump?

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Rev. Sun Myung Moon Unification Church

A Message for Unificationists: Do Not Change God’s Word

A Message for Unificationists:
Do Not Change God’s Word
by Richard Urban

Those of you who have read the entire collection of my sermons, raise your hands. You dreadful bunch of people! How did you educate them, national leader? I could not even say the deeper contents in those sermons. I cannot express them now, either. You must know how precious these words are and that the source of life is contained within them. It is not a source of spring water. It is not just any kind of water. And it is not river water. You should know that this source of life is flowing away. It is the Unificationists’ responsibility to find a way to have this eternal water of life by groping for a way to connect the water pipes to this source. But what have you done? Are all of those books something that you can just sell to an antique book shop? (181-268, 1988.10.3) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2100

Rev. Moon speaks strongly here on the value of the Completed Testament scriptures that he has revealed. Yet many Unification Church members are OK that Mrs. Moon has adulterated the Holy Scriptures by rewriting and changing them and creating her own new theology. On the other hand, Hyung Jin Moon does not preach on the Holy Scriptures either, and has introduced the concept of the mostly Old Testament based Rod Of Iron Ministry.

Furthermore, Rev. Moon says

Whenever there is a meeting, it is an opportunity for study.  Whenever there is time, day or night, you must study. You  should  continue  to  read  material hundreds  and  thousands  of  times  until it  becomes  yours  and  you  can  embody its substance. Unification Church members will become sick if they are inactive. So as not to become sick, you must read hard, be tested, and put forth effort. (288-41, 1997.10.31) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2099

Let’s honor True Father’s by studying the word in hoondokhwae and by not adulterating it in any way.