Events-Intentional Community

I would like to take a moment to describe what Intentional Community means to me.

As a Unificationist, I want to see and experience a peaceful, beautiful world that is centered on the family ideal.  And as we are aging, we are also thinking about the next stage of life.

Father Moon talks about moving to your hometown, experiencing farming and appreciating nature and the ocean.  He also talks about living in community with a group of three other families in a condominium style of living, where there is shared living space.

I personally would like to experience the greater realms of heart and love of living closer to nature, enjoying hobbies, and working together with a few other families toward these ideals.

To do these thinks takes intentional planning.  To that end, we will start the visioning and planning process as we meet once per month towards the end of forming the Ocean Gateway community in the Eastern shore area of Delaware or Maryland. We already had a seminar on these topics on January 20th, and now we invite anyone who is interested to join us for a process of visioning and planning what it is that we want to build.

Please join us for the first monthly meeting of the Ocean Gateway Intentional Community on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at the Urbans.


Richard & Stacey Urban