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#156-Interview with Ritchie Robb-Democratic Candidate for Attorney General-WV

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Richie Robb’s Campaign and COVID-19 Concerns
Richie and Richard discussed Richie’s campaign for Attorney General in West Virginia. Richie emphasized his commitment to reviewing federal regulations affecting the state, particularly in regards to utility rates, environmental issues, and the opioid crisis. They also discussed concerns about utility rate increases in West Virginia and potential liability for damages from COVID-19 shots. Richie shared his personal experience with developing blood clots after receiving his second COVID-19 shot and expressed concerns about the potential side effects of the vaccines. None the less, Ritchie gives a certain deference to government authorities to take actions such as recommending COVID jabs, although he would look into the issue.
Utility Companies, Regulatory Agencies, and Balance
Richard and Richie discussed the perceived cozy relationship between utility companies and regulatory agencies, specifically the Public Service Commission. Richard shared his experience of being charged for a minor complaint related to water usage during the winter, implying that the system favors the utilities. Richie agreed, stating that there are constant allegations and suspicions that the Public Service Commission is in the pocket of the utilities. Both acknowledged the need for a more balanced approach to protect taxpayers and users. Richie mentioned a retired consumer advocate, Walter Washington, whom he plans to consult for his expertise if he were in office.
Combating Opioid Epidemic in WV
Richard and Richie discussed the opioid epidemic and its impact on West Virginia. Richie suggested a proactive approach to combat the issue, proposing to take the fight to the source by involving the Attorney General’s office, the military, and intelligence sources, similar to the successful strategy against terrorism. They also recognized the importance of strengthening families and addressing the root causes of drug demand and societal breakdown.  Ritchie indicated that he does not think there was systemic fraud during the 2020 elections.. Richie was the only candidate, according to him, providing a concrete platform to tackle issues, versus just repeating platitudes.
Attorney General Role and Qualifications
Richie and Richard discussed the role of the Attorney General in West Virginia, with Richie emphasizing the need for concrete action plans and qualifications from candidates. They also discussed a controversy in Jefferson County concerning the removal of two county commissioners. Richie explained that in West Virginia, local prosecuting attorneys have jurisdiction, not the Attorney General. Richie suggested that the Attorney General should only intervene if requested by the prosecutor.

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