Interview with Donna Joy-Candidate for Jefferson County WV Board of Education

Learn more about Donna Joy, her experience as a teacher, with special education and other aspects for her campaign.

Interview with Bill Schwartz-Candidate for WV Supreme Court of Appeals-Division 3

Learn more about Bill Schwartz, his experience and his desire to be a judge who represents the tax paying citizens of West Virginia.

Interview with Lora Dyer-Candidate for West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals-Division 3

Learn more about Judge Lora Dyer’s passion for fairness and concern for youth and families.

Interview with Doug Six-Republican Candidate for Governor-West Virginia

Learn more about Doug Six, his promotion of local business, his views on constitutional rights and his campaign for West Virginia governor.

Interview with Jody Murphy-Democratic Candidate for West Virginia Governor

Learn more about Jody Murphy, his plan for economic development in West Virginia and other issues facing West Virginia.

Interview with William J.R. Keplinger-Democratic Candidate for WV Commissioner of Agriculture

Find out more about William Keplinger and his views as a Democratic candidate for the Commissioner of Agriculture.