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#83 Was the US Capitol Breach Part of a False Flag Operation?

Why did the Capitol Police apparently let in some protestors? Was excessive force used in the murder of Ashli Babbitt? What good can come out of the current situation?

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2 replies on “#83 Was the US Capitol Breach Part of a False Flag Operation?”

Great commentary on the happenings on January 6th. I too was there and for me it was a very patriotic and peaceful experience, where I hoped that our legitimate votes would be recognized. When that huge flag made its way up onto the Capitol steps and it was waving in the very cold blustery wind of that day, those of us outside the Capitol building broke into song, singing our National Anthem and many with their hands on their hearts. I never saw so many patriotic people who so dearly love our nation as outside the Capitol that day! They stole our votes on November 3rd. And they stole our peaceful March on January 6th.

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