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#82-Mike Pence Is Judas Iscariot

The disciples were supposed to support and believe in Jesus. Similarly, Mike Pence is supposed to support the Constitution and President Trump by rejecting fraudulent electors. If he does not, he is just like Judas Iscariot.

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2 replies on “#82-Mike Pence Is Judas Iscariot”

Mike Pence appears to be a Judas .GOD will be his judge. No President Trump is not Jesus not Savior of mankind but at least he loves America and the US Constitution and Freedom. Come soon Lord Jesus!!!

Mike Pence is a Judas. Search for “pence receives coin” in duck duck go. The censors at google are trying to keep this down. He took his 30 pieces of gold for betraying us all. I pray for all of us and this nation. We should pray for Mike Pence as well, I thought he had a good heart, and hopefully seeks forgiveness before it is too late.

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