The Great Fraud-the Covid-19 Agenda-Part 3-Co-conspirators; Bill Gates, Big Pharma and Big Government


Good evening, welcome to this evening’s edition of the Richard Urban Show. I’m your host Richard Urban coming to you from historic Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. Tonight’s episode is the Great Fraud, the COVID-19 Agenda Part 3, Co-Conspirators-Bill Gates, Big Pharma and Big Government. So we’re going to dive into this topic, tonight. We will really try to understand what’s behind this whole epidemic, and this whole fraud that’s going on, or the supposed pandemic and the fraud that is going on.

Well, on January 16th, 2019, the World Health Organization issued a report ranking vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to global health in 2019. You didn’t know that vaccine hesitancy was one of the top 12 threats? Well, that’s what the World Health Organization says. The World Health Organization and US government are founding partners of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. In 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided $750 million in seed money to spearhead the creation of Gavi, which is a public private partnership and multilateral funding mechanism involving the WHO, the governments, the vaccine industry, the World Bank, philanthropic foundations and civil society groups to improve access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries. That is their stated mission according to an article authored by the National Vaccine Information Center, the Gates Foundation has given Johns Hopkins, more than $100 million in research grants since 2015, including for vaccine development and promotion. At the same time John’s Hopkins University receives more than $2 billion dollars per year in funding from US government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, to conduct research, including for vaccine development and vaccine use promotion. The National Institutes of Health and other federal health agencies give millions of dollars in tax payer dollars to academic institutions and vaccine manufacturers to improve vaccine technology, find new lucrative vaccine markets and boost vaccine marketability. The US government also partners with the Gates Foundation to develop and promote vaccine use.

For example, in 2013, the CDC Foundation received three grants totaling $13.5M from the Gates Foundation to globally “advance the implementation” of meningitis and rotavirus vaccine programs. The Centers for Disease Control and the CDC Foundation have received more than $167M from the Gates Foundation. Vaccine manufacturers have also received millions of dollars in grants from the Gates Foundation, including GlaxoSmithKline [over $50M]; Merck $1.4M; Pfizer $16.5M; and Sanofi Pasteur $3.6M.

So you see, there’s this huge conflict of interest between these organizations, and giving unbiased information. In fact, the Johns Hopkins University ran Event 201 on October 18, 2019. That was a simulation of a global pandemic caused by a corona virus.

That sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

And the Gates Foundation and Bill Gates made clear that they wanted the coronavirus to be designated, the coronavirus disease or COVID-19, as a pandemic.

Well, an announcement was made that their foundation, in addition to other groups. Wellcome and MasterCard were giving $125 million to the World Health Organization-related organization to create a COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, I.e., to develop vaccines and other drugs; primarily vaccines, to help speed along speed along the coronavirus treatments to the infected. This is according to an editorial in the Washington Times by Cheryl Chumley. The day after that, the World Health Organization declared the situation of pandemic. What a coincidence! And Bill Gates or the Gates Foundation, I should say, had donated $50 million to this effort. So, we see that there is this unholy alliance between the Gates foundation, especially, and the governments. Because Bill Gates, with about $100 billion net worth, is definitely giving a lot of money to government agencies. By the way, including to on Mr. Fauci’s agency. Dr. Fauci who is, of course, on President Trump’s team, and to this John Hopkins University, which is one of the places where you will immediately see, they’re tracking the crisis.

What a coincidence. They were all set for it after their pandemic exercise. Just three months before the pandemic broke out, or two months, actually. I would also like to further read from this article on the National Vaccine Information Center website.

“To say that the BMGF has become an important actor in international development would be an understatement. When it comes to global health and agriculture policies, two of its key grant areas, the BMGF has become probably the most influential actor in the world. It is also likely that Bill Gates, who has regular access to world leaders and is in effect personally bankrolling hundreds of universities, international organisations, NGOs and media outlets, has become the single most influential voice in international development.”

“But the BMGF’s increasing global influence is not being subjected to democratic scrutiny. Unlike governments, which are formally accountable to their electorates, the BMGF is a private US foundation, and remains unaccountable to public bodies [except for tax reporting purposes]. Even worse, the BMGF appears to have bought the silence of academics, NGOs and the media who might otherwise be expected to criticize aspects of the foundation’s work.”

So now I’m going to play a clip where Bill Gates was on The Daily Show on April 2nd.

Bill Gates: “Well, the main tools we have right now are the behavioral change, the social distancing, which often means staying at home most of the time and the testing capacity to identify who in particular needs to get isolated and then testing their contacts to make sure that we can catch it so early that a lot of people who get sick don’t infect anyone else. So our foundation is engaged in projecting what’s going to go on the modeling. Our partner IHME is telling each state what they should think about in terms of ventilators and capacity. Further on out, the work we’re doing now to find a therapeutic, a drug to reduce the disease, to cut the deaths down, we’re hopeful that even in six months, some of those will have been approved, but the ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal, and feel good about sitting in a stadium with lots of other people, is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country but take that vaccine out to the global population and so that we have vast immunity and this thing, no matter what, isn’t going to spread in large numbers.”

Well, a little problem with that scenario is that a huge study in 2005, of 33 flu seasons showed that flu vaccine doesn’t work and this is a very similar vaccine for a virus, and even the CDC says, many years it’s 30% effective. What they don’t say is, that they never tested to see if it prevented more in people or killed people. And in fact, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System states that, between 587 and 5870, due to differences in under-reporting, people per year die from the flu vaccine and between 6367 and 63,670 are seriously injured requiring Hospital. Great idea, Bill! Not! Surely this man who is supposed to be so smart knows that studies show that the flu vaccine doesn’t work. And even those that claim it does work say it’s extremely ineffective. How could that be a possible solution? And, you’re talking about vaccinating, presumably all the children in the world who aren’t even effected by this virus at all.

Mr. Gates, that’s extremely bad, if not criminal.

Bill Gates: “There isn’t a choice, where you get to say to people ‘Don’t pay attention to this epidemic’. Most people, they have older relatives, they’re worried about getting sick. The idea of a normal economy, it’s not there as a choice. About 80% of people are going to change their activities. If you get the other 20% to go along with that, nation-wide, then the disease numbers will flatten, hopefully in the next month, and start to go down, hopefully, in the month after that. And then when they’ve gone down a lot, then in a tasteful way, using prioritized testing, you can start to re-open a lot of things like schools and work; probably not sports events because the chance of mass bread, there is, is quite large.

And so, to get back, economically taking the pain extremely now, and telling those who wouldn’t curb their activities, no, you must go along with the rest of society, and not associate in a way that we have exponential increase in these cases.

That is the right thing even though it’s extremely painful; it’s unheard of, and there are particular businesses that it’s catastrophic for.

That’s the only way. So you can feel like you can say to the entire population, ideally in the early summer if things go well, yes, now please do resume. And we are, through testing, making sure that it won’t spread in some very, very big ways.”

Wow! Notice Mr. Gates timeline. In two-and-a-half or three months we might be able to get back to work. Too bad for the businesses that will catastrophically go out of business.

I guess it won’t bother Mr. Gates since he’s a billionaire. What! Is this guy a lunatic? This is a guy who’s basically deciding our policies right now for many governments. This is insane. Who is this guy? This guy is a complete fraud. That’s not a competent model. Absolutely not! As I was pointing out, yesterday; the real death rate is not any higher than usual. Show the real death rates, Mr. Gates. And these models are developed by people who are afraid to speak the truth, and we’re going to talk more about that in the future episodes, and who are on the government payroll, or who are universities who are paid by the government.

This is absolutely crazy insane and wrong. Stop the craziness!

Bill Gates: “Sadly, at some level of wealth, there’ll be countries that no matter how hard they try, they will have a widespread epidemic, and so again, sadly, the richer countries that do contain the epidemic will not allow people from those countries to come in unless they are quarantined, or tested or prove they are immune. And so this is gonna stop people going across borders, very dramatically these next few years, till we get to that full vaccination. Within the United States is different because we’re not gonna partition the country, and so therefore, we are all in it together, we can’t do what we’re gonna do with foreign nationals, which is reduce the numbers a lot and have very strict screening there. We’re not gonna have it at every state border, some complex quarantine center, and so the whole country needs, even when you have small numbers, because those can exponentiate to big numbers so quickly, the doubling time is like three days when you’re still behaving in the pre-epidemic way. So each country has to get the entire populous, even some who initially resisted, maybe for very good reasons, because the economic effect on them is strong. So this is powerful medicine, but if you take a big dose of it earlier, you don’t have to take it for nearly as long. And governments will eventually come up with lot of money for these things, but they don’t know where to direct it, they can’t move as quickly. And so, because our foundation has such deep expertise in infectious diseases, we’ve thought about the epidemic, we did fund some things to be more prepared, like a vaccine effort. Our early money can accelerate things. So, for example, of all the vaccine constructs, the seven most promising of those, even though we’ll end up picking at most, two of them, we’re gonna fund factories for all seven and just so that we don’t waste time in serially saying, ‘Okay which vaccine works, and then building the factory. Because to get to the best case that people like myself and Dr. Fauci are saying is about 18 months. We need to do safety and efficacy and build manufacturing, and they’re different for the different constructs and so will abandon, it’ll be a few billion dollars we’ll waste on manufacturing for the constructs that don’t get picked because something else is better. But a few billion in this, the situation we’re in, where there’s trillions of dollars… That’s a thousand times more, trillions of dollars, being lost economically it is worth it. And normal government procurement processes and understanding which are the right seven in a few months, those may kick in, but our foundation, we can get that boot-strapped and get it going and save months because every month counts. Things can re-open, if we do the right things in the summer, but it won’t be completely normal. You’ll still be very worried. We may decide masks are important, although right now they’re in short supply for health workers so people should not go and hoard those, but the capacity of that can be brought up. So it may be something that like China today, everybody is walking around, is wearing one of those. We’ll have a lot of unusual measures until we get the world vaccinated. Seven billion people, that’s a tall order, but it is where we need to get to, despite a lot of things in-between now and then to minimize the damage…

Well, this is a naturally caused epidemic, and as bad as it is, it looks, if you have reasonable treatment to have a 1% fatality, there could be epidemics that are worse than that, including ones that aren’t naturally caused that are a form of bioterrorism. But I do… One thing I feel good about it is, this is such a big change to the world that this time it won’t be like Ebola, which was just there in West Africa or Central Africa. This time, the tens of billions to have the diagnostic standing by, the vaccine manufacturing standing by, this time we will get ready for the next epidemic.”

Wow! Well, those are some very amazing saves from Bill and Melinda Gates. Also keep in mind that this is a person, Bill Gates, as he’s saying, he believes a vaccine is going to be the thing that’s gonna save the world.

Bill Gates is our new Savior, according to what we’re hearing now, and Mr. Gates just said in The Washington Post, let’s see, two days ago or three or four days ago, this week, that he wants the whole country shut down. And Bill Gates wants to vaccinate every child in the world he’s stated that, that’s his goal, which is a little ironic. Well, I mean, it’s ironic to begin with. Also we have to understand that Bill Gates has now, just recently in last couple of weeks, resigned from his board position at Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway so you can focus on his foundation goals. Well, we should be very concerned about that.

He’s basically bought the World Health Organization which actually is an agency of the United Nations. Bill Gates is a supporter of Planned Parenthood, of abortion. He’s a supporter of depopulation, reducing population. He says that the reason he wants everyone vaccinated, especially in poor countries, is, all the children vaccinated, is so that by increasing child health, then mothers will be more confident in their children living, and therefore they’ll have less children. Does that make sense?

I don’t think that’s actually a proven theory, it’s certainly debatable. So it’s on the edge of saying basically that he wants to kill the children.

Now, I know some people are gonna jump up down and say, ‘Bill Gates didn’t say that’. But put these pieces of information together, Bill Gates is on record as telling President Trump, that he should not investigate vaccine safety and he even mentions Robert Kennedy Jr, in that video clip. Therefore he doesn’t want vaccine safety investigated.

And if you’ve listened to my show, you know that vaccines have never been shown to be more safe than detrimental and that the DTP vaccine, used throughout the developing world and paid for by Mr. Gates Foundation, kills thousands of children. So put these two together. He wants vaccinate every child, he doesn’t want to investigate vaccine safety, he has a controversial, if not strange belief, that somehow reducing, decreasing child mortality will make more women wanna have less children in the developing world. That’s not, I think, a widely accepted phenomenon. Anyway, you can see that Mr. Gates is not a godly man, since he is for abortion and depopulating the world, and also for using vaccines that kill people.

Now I know he didn’t say directly, he wanted to kill children with vaccines, but we have to assume that Mr. Gates, as wise as he is, should have read these studies that came out in 2003, they clearly told that the vaccines that he is selling, or rather paying for, kill children. And you know what, he doesn’t give a hoot about that.

So, now we’re getting a better picture of what is behind this current crisis.

You could almost say it’s Mr. Gates, but it’s not only Mr. Gates, although he’s a huge factor, but Mr. Gates in collusion with bought off universities, bought off professors and bought off government officials and departments, including Mr. Fauci. This is extremely dangerous. As President Eisenhower warned us, 50 years ago in his farewell address, that there should not be an unholy alliance between big government, government giving big grants to science and influencing science, and on the other hand, which is happening, too, they give huge money, and it’s very pro-vaccine and pro Big Pharma. And then on the other hand you have elites like Mr. Gates giving big money, the other way and pushing the agenda.

So, it’s going both ways. And they’re both extremely dangerous. And even the spiritual health of our nation that was even mentioned by President Eisenhower.

So we are in a spiritual crisis, as I mentioned in the first installment. Mr. President, opened the country now! Governor Justice, here in West Virginia, Open the state now! Mr. Gates is a criminal, in the sense that he’s pushing an agenda without scientific data. If he is so concerned about children, why doesn’t he want safety studies for vaccines? I assure you, he is not concerned about children.

What about his plans to virtually force vaccinate everybody; have digital certificates, telling if you’re vaccinated or not; have the country shut down?

Well, it won’t affect Mr. Gates too much. Did you see his timeline there? He’s saying repeatedly, and right in that video that… Oh, maybe we could re-open in June. Well, hello! That’s three months from now. Maybe; partially.

And he’s got this scenario, like that. That is insane. Stop! No one should listen to this man, but yet he’s buying off all these organizations, buying them off, killing children literally, by promoting vaccines that are known to be harmful.

Yes, literally killing children. He is a liar. Liar liar, And he’s definitely on record for depopulation, and he pays for vaccines that knowingly kill children. And its been clearly recorded at least for one vaccine, and the others it hasn’t been recorded as much because they never do any safety studies, go figure. But for one, the DTP, it’s clearly recorded in Guinea Bissau and other countries, that it has killed thousands of children. And the malaria trials are now killing thousands of children. Do you hear Mr. Gates jumping up and down about that? No, he’s for depopulation. It’s quite okay.

I know some people are gonna eviscerate me for that, but that’s okay.

Go right ahead. You should be eviscerating Mr. Gates, not me.

So, now we see the unholy alliance, as behind this gigantic fraud.

Mr. Gates, we will not let you perpetrate fraud.

Do you really think in this technology age, you’re gonna get away with this stuff?

No, you will not! We’re going to open the country up. Mr. Trump, open the country now! Mr. Justice, open the country now! Do more testing, as I said, compare real morbidity rates. No more people are dying now than this time, last year. In fact, perhaps less. No more people are in hospitals, in general, then there usually are. This is massive fraud. So, I am Richard Urban. I’m reporting to you from historic Harpers Ferry West Virginia. I thank you for joining us tonight for part three of the Great Fraud, the COVID-19 agenda-Co-conspirators-Bill Gates, Big Pharma and Big Government. Thank you, we’ll see tomorrow night. And do be blessed

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