The Great Fraud-The Covid-19 Agenda Part 2: What Are the Real Number of Deaths?


Good evening, welcome, to this evening’s edition of the Richard urban show. I’m your host Richard Urban I’m coming to you from historic Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. This is the second part of an eight-part series titled, “The Great fraud, the Covid-19 agenda. Tonight’s episode, is what are the real number of deaths and Covid-19 cases?

So, we’re going to look at that question tonight. Also we should consider what data can be trusted. So I’m not going to look at any data from Communist China.

You can’t trust any data that comes out of Communist China; it’s not verifiable.

We are going to look at, though a number of other sources of data, obviously.

So in the Journal of the American Medical Association research paper published March 23, there was a review of the reported deaths in Italy and as we know Italy had one of the highest reports of Covid-19 disease deaths, so the paper reviewed 355 patients, and they found that the mean age of the patients was 79 and a half years old, and that each of the patients had on average, 2.7 co-morbidity factors. So that that means that one, two or three, and obviously see the majority had more than one, so two or three factors that contributed to their death. Out of the 355 patients only three patients, that’s less than one percent had no pre-existing conditions, so if they died and were tested positive for the SARS CoV2 virus, then they counted that as a corona virus death, whereas actually only three people could be definitively defined as that was the cause of death because they had no other factors.

In other words, these people could well have died from their other conditions, but they counted it as a Covid-19 death that would explain the high death count. In Spain, all the deaths outside of the hospital, are counted as Covid-19 deaths, and in Great Britain they are now counting, also, deaths outside of the hospital. And even without testing, they are counting possible, Covid-19, they think might be for COVID-19. Does that sound similar? It’s the same game plan as they’re doing also in Italy, they’re doing the same thing.

So, in the United States also you see a similar pattern.

Most of the people are aged seventy or older and have underlying conditions but you don’t often hear about this.

In fact, if you look on the New York Times database, they say they have detailed information on the deaths, what does that mean? It means they’re trying to count as many as possible, that’s what it means. Well, their detailed information doesn’t include the age or the fact that the person had an underlying conditions which means it’s basically garbage, so you can just ignore that.

So if we’re really seeing a surge of deaths from COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS CoV2 virus that originated in Wuhan China, then we should see a lot more deaths in general, and hospitals overflowing with patients.

But do we see that?

Well, you may see pictures like this picture here of the Jacob Javits Center but you don’t see any patients in their do you? And there are many other people taking pictures of hospitals that aren’t busy at all or that are completely empty. Also, we need to look at the overall morbidity. But look at the flu, for example, and see if this supposed pandemic is causing more deaths than the flu. In the worst flu season in recent years was the 2017-18 flu season in the United States. According to the CDC, there were 79,000 deaths from the flu. So far this flu season, CDC indicates for 23000 deaths, and 139 of those are children, and so far this flu season, there are 38 million cases of the flu, in the United States.

In 2017-18, some hospitals set up clinics in their parking lots because of this severe flu season.

Also in West Virginia, there were in 2017, 449 people died from the flu or pneumonia. 69% of those are age 75 years, or older.

Well right now so far it’s April 4th. Now we have two deaths in West Virginia, from the COVID-19 disease. One is an 88-year-old woman.

So did that woman die of COVID-19? Who knows? Another is a person of unspecified age and with several underlying health conditions.

There are some 192 cases in West Virginia, and the whole state is locked down or there’s a stay-at-home-order, so effectively businesses are shut down.

Does that make any sense at all, Governor Justice? Zero sense, There’s no evidence of excess mortality or hospitals overflowing. I am not just talking about West Virginia did, I’m talking about anywhere I’m taking ab2out in Germany, even in New York City, they don’t have information, no one’s reporting how many hospital beds are available. And you don’t see the picture of those of places in Jacob Javits center filled up.

So it seems like an agenda is being pushed to make this kind of case, not kind of, that we’re having this serious prices. Well, we’re not. We’re not seeing excess mortality and we’re not seeing hospitals overflowing with patients?

I like to read from article from The Spectator by John Lee. He is from Great Britain.

So I’m going to read from that now.

“Clearly, the various lockdowns will slow the spread of Covid-19 so there will be fewer cases. When we relax the measures, there will be more cases again. But this need not be a reason to keep the lockdown: the spread of cases is only something to fear if we are dealing with an unusually lethal virus. That’s why the way we record data will be hugely important. Unless we tighten criteria for recording death due only to the virus [as opposed to it being present in those who died from other conditions], the official figures may show a lot more deaths apparently caused by the virus than is actually the case. What then? How do we measure the health consequences of taking people’s lives, jobs, leisure and purpose away from them to protect them from an anticipated threat? Which causes least harm?

The moral debate is not lives vs money. It is lives vs lives. It will take months, perhaps years, if ever, before we can assess the wider implications of what we are doing. The damage to children’s education, the excess suicides, the increase in mental health problems, the taking away of resources from other health problems that we were dealing with effectively. Those who need medical help now but won’t seek it, or might not be offered it. And what about the effects on food production and global commerce, that will have unquantifiable consequences for people of all ages, perhaps especially in developing economies?

Governments everywhere say they are responding to the science. The policies in the UK are not the government’s fault. They are trying to act responsibly based on the scientific advice given. But governments must remember that rushed science is almost always bad science. We have decided on policies of extraordinary magnitude without concrete evidence of excess harm already occurring, and without proper scrutiny of the science used to justify them.

In the next few days and weeks, we must continue to look critically and dispassionately at the Covid-19 evidence as it comes in. Above all else, we must keep an open mind — and look for what is, not for what we fear might be.”

So that is John Lee writing in The Spectator.

So again, we don’t see excess mortality. And he mentions that early in the article.

We don’t see hospital beds overflowing. In fact, we say the opposite. If you go online you can see that many people are taking pictures of empty hospitals. And also, the fact that in New York City, you can’t get any data about how many hospital beds, are available. But I did find this article for Tennessee. It said that there are, just in Memphis only, 966 empty beds. And in a region one there are 338 empty beds. That’s a lot of empty beds.

But yet, they think they might need more.

That’s crazy.

Also in San Miguel County, Colorado, where they have instituted testing everyone who was to be tested or I think, yeah, is of course, voluntary, but they’re testing basic everyone. So, out of about 1000 people, they found less than 1% were effected. They said there were eight positive tests. However they’re not revealing many active cases there are.

Therefore, for all we know there might not be any. They did say that most of the people did not know they had the virus.

So many people don’t know they have the virus, I.e., is not serious, which means that the actual death rate is much lower. So, as I just said, there were no reported cases of deaths, among children in the United States and basically in the world, few, if any. So that means that it’s a very mild virus and that we’re looking at a massive fraud as in the title this series by medical authorities and the media.

So, I emphasize again, ask President Trump and all, the governors to open the country now.  Report real morbidity data, for instance, this year versus last year.

Like 449 people died in 2017 from the flu; there is always some delay in reporting.

Find out what’s the morbidity data in West Virginia for last year this time? Is this like skyrocketing past that?

Well, probably not, considering there have been two deaths in West Virginia.

So why is our state shut down? That makes zero sense, and that’s true of many, many other states, too. How many hospital beds are empty in West Virginia? I’ve heard reports from those who work at hospitals that they’re plenty of empty beds.

Well, let’s hear these numbers. How many empty beds?

Are we getting over run with cases?

So it appears, as I said, there is an agenda going on here. We’ll look at in the next episode and following ones, what could be, or is the motivation of pushing this agenda that’s causing this kind of mis-reporting and mass hysteria. So, Governor Justice President Trump, open the country now; open the state now! End this massive fraudulent lock down. How many people will commit suicide, how many people will lose their homes? How many people will have all of these consequences?  It’s crazy. In West Virginia there are very few cases.  And there are cases that are mild. As we see in Colorado people that did have it, didn’t even know they had it. There’s no evidence that social distancing, works. There are no studies that show it works, and we’re making that basis for our whole strategy?

It’s insane, it’s crazy. Stop! Stop! Governor Justice. This is insane.

You’re destroying our state we’re destroying our country.

So let’s look further into what’s going on as we continue this series.

I think you’re very much for joining us this evening.

I am your host Richard Urban. I am coming to you from historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. We will see tomorrow, and do be blessed.

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