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#89-Could Biden Only Be President for 40 Days?

What is the most core issue facing the United States and all of us? Have all the cards been played regarding election fraud?

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2 replies on “#89-Could Biden Only Be President for 40 Days?”

Excellent !
Very refreshing to hear a sensible, ‘Principled’ approach.
I like your emphasis on the need to follow our conscience and act local!
Yes, repentance with our Unification Movement absolutely crucial at this time.
I agree with your assumption of Biden not being around for more than 40 days….IF we fulfill our own portion of responsibility.
Also, I think by 40 days most of the those ignorant or who SOLD their soul out to support corruption on the basis of family breakdown will see and experience the huge malfunction of Biden’s mental capacity.
It will be a wake up call for all.

Thanks again for your EXCELLENT perspective!

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