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God’s Purpose vs. Bill Gate’s Purpose

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Each day 21,000 children die from starvation and disease.

Each day some 25,000 people die of starvation

3,000,000 children die of hunger in India every year

Vikram Patel writes:

But what do the hundreds of millions of Indians who face penury as a consequence of these lock-downs think about these policies? Is the risk of contracting a flu-like illness worth your family going hungry for weeks or longer? Why is it so much worse than other deadly infectious diseases, from TB to Japanese Encephalitis, which have been killing millions each year for decades? How do people who live jammed cheek to jowl in squalid slums with no water to drink and no money to buy food “socially distance”, “wash hands thoroughly with soap” and “use sanitisers frequently”? Why did the people who queued up with me on the street outside a half-shuttered grocery store, minutes after the PM’s speech, to stock up on essentials, get lathi-charged by imperious police? This, in Goa, where the COVID-19 case count is an impressive zero.

Yet we are told that this is a great crisis of unprecedented proportions, which is highly debatable.  If a test of this virus had not been created, no one may have noticed that anything different was going on than during a normal flu season.

I suggest a three part filter to understand the current situation.

First, do those promoting the current analysis of the COVID-19 situaion beliver in fulfilling the Purpose of Creation?

When through origin-division-union action, the origin, the subject
partner and object partner projected from the origin, and their union all
fulfill the three object purpose, the four position foundation is established.
The original significance of the number four derives from the fourposition foundation. The original significance of the number three also
derives from it, because it is the fulfillment of the three-object purpose.
The four position foundation is realized by God, husband and wife, and
children; they complete the three stages of origin-division-union action.
Hence, the four position foundation is the root of the principle of three
stages. Furthermore, each of the four positions in the four position
foundation takes on three object partners in fulfilling the three object
purpose. In total there are twelve object partners; hence, from it derives
the original significance of the number twelve. The four position foundation is the fundamental foundation of goodness. It is the realization
of God’s purpose of creation. It is the fundamental foundation for the
life of all beings, providing all the forces necessary for their existence
and enabling God to abide in them. Therefore, the four position foundation is God’s eternal purpose of creation.

Exposition of the Divine Principle p 25

Conscience must always be honored, as conscience is the manifestation of God in each individual.

Bill Gates is for depopulation and planned parenthood/abortion.

2. Are those promoting this honest?  Bill Gates promotes vaccines that kill thousands of children every year.  He claims a vaccine will make us safe, when no safety studies are done, and no one knows if a given vaccine will kill more people than it purportedly saves.

3.  Do those promoting this situation promote fear and distrust or unity and trust?  The approach is fear based and death based.  It is not based on the best interest of the whole but the best interest of a few elites.

It is good that President Trump wants to defund WHO.  He needs to look more into their malfeasance with promotion of vaccines and the killing of children  Why would we trust the organizations and people associated with such a man as Bill Gates, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci!

On the bright side, Satan has shown his cards.  We can see the lengths that he will go to to keep people under his grip.

Fauci needs to be fired now

What really matters is fulfilling God’s purpose of creation, not listening to the ravings of a man who believes in abortion and depopulation, exactly the opposite of God’s will to create His ideal Kingdom based on ideal families.

Now that Satan has shown his hand, we all must call a spade a spade, and vow to deny this Satanic agenda and fulfill God’s purpose of creation.

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A number of Epidemiologists are in favor of isolating only those who are most susceptible to Covid 19 due to advanced age and (or) underlying health conditions. Many people experience mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Their healthy immune response produces antibodies to counteract the virus. It is actually beneficial for all to have such individuals exposed to the virus to achieve the largest possible group immunity. Then we won’t have to shut everything down when the virus reappears…and it will. Not a single word from the medical profession on the diet and lifestyle choices that lead to disease and compromised immunity. The Medical Profession is sandwiched between the Food Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry. We eat things that make us ill and we take physician prescribed medications to manage the symptoms.

Yes, very true. A healthy immune response and a large portion of society acquiring natural immunity is the only real answer to the COVID-19 situation.

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