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Defeating Godless Globalism and Devilish Depopulation

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We are in need of a great spiritual re-awakening. The core of this awakening needs to be living for the sake of others. We see this spirit in the movement of the first Great Awakening in the United States in the period around 1740 to 1750. Daryl Bryant writes in an essay in The Coming Kingdom; Essays in American Millennialism & Eschatology

Rather than seeing the millennial kingdom unfolding in the events subsequent to the Awakening, Edwards believed that the Devil had succeeded in turning the movement away from its divine ground.  Consequently, Edwards turned to the development of an account of the Christian life centered on the overcoming of a parochial spirit, on rooting out the demons of self-centeredness in the Christian, the church and the wider culture.  (pp. 48-49)

About Samuel Hopkins, a follower of Jonathan Edwards, Bryant writes:

Central to Hopkins’ theology was a notion of disinterested benevolence.  In this Hopkins followed Edwards’ emphasis on the Christian life as grounded in “consent to being itself.”  For Hopkins, the central dynamic in the Christian life revolved around the overcoming of selfishness and the attainment of a disposition of disinterested benevolence. 

The devil, Satan and ungodly forces want to crush the spirit of individuals and families through communism in both the East and West, as evidenced by the current lock downs and over bearing government regulations. You can see this in the tracking of people and surveilling them in Wuhan, China. Now we See Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci promoting the same thing in the West.

You can also see this in the agenda of Bill Gates and other godless people.  They want to crush the spirit by taking away religious freedom, force vaccinating everybody and depopulating the world. This directly goes against God’s idea of creation in Genesis 1:28, perfect yourself, have a lot of children and have dominion over the earth.

Communism says that you should work for the common good, as defined by the communist government. If you don’t accept the idea of the common good, the government will imprision and/or kill you.

 Bill Gates’s has a godless philosophy that says that you should accept his ideal of depopulating the world. That ideal is not centered on God and that allows children to be aborted and otherwise killed. If you don’t accept his ideal, which is now being backed up by government lock downs, you could be killed. This could occur by taking away all of your constitutional rights and literally killling you with dangerous chemicals, such as forced vaccinations.

This is godless globalism and devilish depopulation.

Note the similarity of this philosophy to Communism in Wuhan you can’t move without them tracking you. Communist authorities in Wuhan were able to completely crush the resistance in that City through the martial law imposed by these lockdowns. Last summer, in Wuhan, people were actually protesting in the streets, something very unheard of in communist China

It’s the same view as Bill Gates if you’re not vaccinated you can’t move-
Anthony Fauci suggests that you may need an immunity (i.e.-vaccine) card, which is already implementing in Germany-but yet current lock down policies prevent herd immunity-go figure!

Bill Gates even says that in the future you will not be able to cross borders if you don’t have vaccination certificates

He wouldn’t mind instituting it at state borders but he can’t, yet.

The idea that you are helping the greater good by following Bill Gate’s mandates is false.  The supposed greater good is that everybody is vaccinated so we can depopulate the world. That is Satan’s greater good.  This is godless globalism and devilish depopulation.

We need a new revelation of truth that can defeat godless globalism.  Otherwise, we cannot defeat this spiritual pandemic.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon (1920 to 2012) is the one who tirelessly worked on a global level to promote the ideal of living for the sake of others, just as Johnathan Edwards and Samuel Hopkins did.  But many did not listen.   
Now Elites like Bill Gates are having a field day.  Yet many cannot see that is going on.

The hour is late, but it is not too late if we now listen to what Rev. Moon taught us.   We can now study the New Truth and learn to live for the sake of others.  Armed with this Truth, we can fulfill God’s original Ideal of Creation and create blessed ideal families. We can become true parents ourselves, just at Rev. Moon taught us.

This is the only way we can defeat godless devils like Bill Gates and his minions.

Godless globalism and devilish depopulation must be defeated by the God-centered philosophy taught by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who fulfilled the role of the first True Parents, along with his wife.

Satan had to make a move to control the whole world since he knows that God’s kingdom is coming. He knows the schedule so he had to make a move on a certain timeline.

This is the significance of January 13th 2013.  This is exactly when first case of COVID-19 entered the United States, as far as we know. It is also the very day that angry mothers and activists defeated the attempt to strip religious vaccination exemptions in New Jersey  I invite you to join the Daily Inspiration at, and to further study the teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

God’s Providence is life, life, life. Satan’s ‘providence’ is death, death, death. And depopulation, abortion and people dying all over the place.

We can only overcome godless globalism with a God-centered philosopy of living for the sake of others, implemented on a Global level.  This is exaclty wht Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who with his wife, Mrs. Moon, came at the True Parents, have done.

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