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The Great Fraud-The Covid-19 Agenda-Part 2: What Are the Real Number of Deaths-Article?

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A Jama Research Paper published March 23 says that in Italy a review paper on co-morbidity factors with a Sub-sample of 355 patients shows a:
                Mean age:  79.5
                2.7 existing conditions
                Only 3 patients had no pre-existing conditions (less than 1%)
If someone died, and tested positive for corona virus, it was counted as corona virus death

In Spain-All deaths outside of hospital counted as Covid-19 deaths.

In Britain-also, without testing- they are counting many (all?) deaths outside of hospital as Covid 19 related.

In the United States-most people are 70 or older and have underlying conditions.

Flu mortality vs Covid-19 mortality

                2017-18 season-79,000 cases

This flu season 23,000 deaths

                139 child deaths

38,000,000 cases

In 2017-18 some hospitals set up clinics in the parking lot:

West Virginia-449 were killed in 2017 from influenza or pneumonia; 69% were 75 years of age or older.

We now have 2 deaths in West Virginia; an 88 year old woman, and another person with several underlying health conditions and our state is locked down-does that make any sense?

No evidence of excess mortality or hospitals being excessively busy at this time

In Tennesse there are about 966 empty hospital beds in Memphis and 338 empty beds in region 1.

In San Miguel County, CO there are 8 positive tests,  most never had any symptoms. Less than 1% infected

Mild illness, no children died-no reports of distress in children

All of these things point to massive fraud by medical authorities and the media

Open the country now!

Report real data morbidity this year vs last year

Report only those dieing of Covid-19, not all  those who happen to have the virus

Report how many hospital beds are empty (or if all are full).

It appears that there is an agenda going on here.

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