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Tom Takubo Does Not Care about the Health and Well Being of West Virginia Children and Adults

Tom Takubo is a West Virginia State Senator representing District 17, which includes Kanawha County and Charleston, WV.  He was electied in 2014 and is currently Chair of the Health and Human Resources Committee.  Due to his lack of concern for the well-being of West Virginia youth and adults, he needs to be ejected from his position by the voters on November 6th, 2018.

According to committee staff, Senator Takubo thinks that the current vaccine mandate, requring 45 doses of 14 different vaccines for school attendance is a good system and does not need to be changed.   This is in spite of the fact that only West Virginia, Mississippi and California do not allow religious or conscientious exemptions for vaccinations.  This is also in spite of the fact that there have been thousands of serious adverse reactions requiring hospitaliztion and hundreds of deaths from vaccines:  The number of serious injuries and deaths from vaccines is generally many times more than the numbers of serious injuries and deaths before the vaccines were introduced.   West Virginia is a cash cow for big pharmaceutical companies, as there is no need to advertise for vaccines, as the state does all of the dirty work for the pharmaceutical companies by mandating 45 does of 14 different vaccines.  These vaccines are recognized as “inherently unsafe” by the vaccine court set up under the 1986 vaccine safety law.

Although my wife and I were in Charleston for three days during the legislative session, we could not schedule an appointment with Senator Takubo.  In fact, we were not even able to intercept him in the hallways of the State Capitol.  As a doctor and member of the American Medical Association (AMA), Senator Takubo has a severe conflict of interest when it comes to vaccine choice.  The AMA does not support the right of parents to opt out of any vaccination for religious or conscientious reasons.  As such, it is extremely callous and conflicted of Senator Takubo to block vaccine choice legislation as head of the Health Committee, as he has done in both the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions.

Recently, Senator Takubo has claimed that he would allow vaccine choice legislation to come to the Senate floor for a vote.  This is a vacuous and calculated ploy.  If that is the case, why did he assiduously block just exactly that legislation in the 2017 and 2018 sessions?

Furthermore, Takubo claims that West Virginia is healthier than other states due to the vaccine mandates.   That is false.  In overall health, West Virgina ranks 46th.  For instance, in infant mortality, West Virgina ranks 41st (

Clearly, Tom Takubo needs to be shown the exit door by the voters of Kanawha County.  Hopefully, in the future, a more freedom and liberty minded Republican Senator will be elected from Kanawha county in District 17.  In the meantime, I would urge voters to choose the lesser of two evils and vote for his opponent, Terrell Ellis.


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