Peaceful Families Make a Peaceful World; Join the Workshop on March 18th to March 20, 2022

God-centered families are the core of making a peaceful world. Join us for three days dedicated to fulfilling God’s family plan and to strengthening families.
Day 1: March 18
Presenter and Parent abstinence-centered curriculum training
Day 2: March 19
Understanding God’s Ideal for the Family and the Role of True Parents
Unification Principle study
The Unification Principle is the new expression of truth that God has given to answer all questions about life and the universe. It was revealed through Reverend Sun Myung Moon.
Day 3: March 20
How can we work together to Strengthen Families and Stop Family Breakdown?
Expert speakers share their knowledge:
Stephanie Mann, founder of Safe Kids Now,
Michael Marshall, editor emeritus of UPI
April Gallart, UN Mission Coordinator, United Families International
Richard Urban, co-founder VisionRoot, Urban Life Training and Urban Grocery

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