Can You Trust the CDC and the World Health Organization on Covid-19?

Evidence from the DTP Vaccine and H1N1 “pandemic” points to the fox guarding the chicken coup. Organizations that knowingly kill children and adults for profit cannot be trusted.

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Good evening, and welcome to this evening’s edition of the VisionRoot video Blog. I am your host Richard Urban coming to you from historic Harpers Ferry West Virginia. Tonight’s installment is, “Can you trust the CDC and the World Health Organization on Covid-19: evidence from the DPT vaccine and H1N1 Pandemic?

So we’ve seen a lot of light and really fear-based about the Covid-19 virus. The organization entrusted really with overseeing Public Health, United States as the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, and on the world level, we have the World Health Organization.

So let’s look at how these organizations operate.

And I’d like to give an example, for instance, if you go to your doctor and you know that your doctor for instance, has when treating some other patients for something, you may not be the thing that was treating you for, has killed people and then the doctor is supposed to be doing a good job with whatever he’s helping you with.

So, you’re going to trust you, doctor, right?

No, I think you’re going to think twice, and thrice, about that.

So let’s have a look at this.

Can we trust the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization? I’d like to review the evidence for the DTP vaccine. So we’re going to look at some research from Peter Aaby. Well, what does the WHO have to do with that?

Well, the WHO is in charge, WHO being the World Health Organization, of the vaccination program throughout the world, like in countries of Africa, for instance, and let’s see how they’ve handled that situation.

And we’re also going to look at the statistics for the H1N1, the last pandemic that was declared by the World Health Organization in 2009 and we’re going to also look into other health issues, producing death such as the influence of vaccines and we’re going to see… As well as the DPT, I just said, how that is being handled.

And I kind of asked the question, “Why this incredible hype? Does it make any sense, in light of the real situation? So let’s dive into this.

So the World Health Organization is responsible for recommending vaccination for countries throughout the world, especially the countries of Africa.

So, here is Dr. Peter Aaby.  And he’s a world-renowned researcher who’s worked with vaccines for 40 years.

This is about vaccines, and I think it’s important to recognize that no routine vaccines tested for all the effect of mortality in randomized trials before being introduced, I guess, most of you think that we know what all the vaccines are doing, we don’t. Peter Aaby says that I wrote to World Health Organization and said, please check if any other people have used this vaccine. Is there anything going on here?

That’s a new measles vaccine he’s talking about. And so the World Health Organization wrote back and said that his data is not plausible. He was showing that the vaccine caused an increased mortality.

Second, they said that his experiment was unplanned, so he wrote back. Like telling them, “Hey you don’t… Can’t plan on killing children.

In other words, they’re giving him a bunch of BS.

He found that the girls were more affected.

So, later, we’re talking about the DTP vaccine DTP is Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. It was also given here in the US until 1996, but it’s still given throughout the world. So we found out what the bottom line is if you read this article and is linked in our Eight Facts About Forced Vaccination

in the foot notes, is that you had a 2.3 times higher mortality if you are DTP vaccinated.

And actually it’s five times more for girls, but overall it’s 2.3 times higher mortality. In other words, they’re more likely to die whatever beneficial effect it might have, they are more likely to die. So it makes zero sense, to give this vaccine.

This is clearly an unnatural event. This vaccine is actually killing children. So this was published in 2003.

Hello, that’s 17 years ago.

So then they came up with some Vaccine Safety Committee, and their committee at the World Health Organization even though he’s been working all these years on a very large group of children, I think is a 200,000 or some very large number.

They said “There is no negative effect”.

So the way they came up with that is manipulate the data and throw out some of the data. And he explains here. And if you’re interested, the details, how they manipulated the data and that actually if they hadn’t manipulated the data it would be the same thing he said.

So now, here we are, some 17 years later, and they’re still getting the DPT vaccine.

Even though it causes 2.3 times higher mortality for children.

Now, this is the World Health Organization, so that means hundreds and thousands of children are being killed and in fact it says right here with the new malaria vaccine they’re actually testing it on children in Africa and the parents might not even understand what’s going on and be understanding the dangers. “If there’s anything to their own data we’re going to kill somewhere between 2000 and 5000 girls unnecessarily.

Now, that’s not 200 or 20, that’s 2000 and 5000 children dying. Now, could it be that they’re little kids in Africa, that nobody really cares about and get in Guinea Bissau? Maybe that has to do with it, or some people care about but apparently not the Pharma people.

Okay, so why am I bringing this up?

The World Health Organization is the same people that are bringing this “pandemic” yet they’re perfectly willing to kill two to 5000 children and kill thousands of children with the DTP vaccine that they know is killing them.

Yet they still do it. Now why would that be? Could it be because of conflicts of interest? Could it be because of huge money from Pharma?

Oh no, nothing like that. Of course it is.

Now, what was the last pandemic that was declared by the World Health Organization?

It was H1N1.

Well, if you do any research on that, you’ll discover and this is a very good blog right here by this lady Sharyl Atkinson.

So she did a lot of good work and she found out actually through her blog, the Sharyl Attkisson show here that in fact, the CDC now that’s the United States counterpart to the World Health Organization, The Centers for Disease Control told the doctors in July of 2009, to stop testing for H1N1. Now that was very strange. And she explained in this podcast, which you could fin if you search for Sheryl Atkinson [] you will find it, that… And this podcast is called Coronavirus, Fact vs. Panic.

But her podcast on the H1N1, this one is called “Corona Virus, Who’s Controlling the Information”: from February 17, 2020. She says that she found out after talking to people, that was because they either wanted to understate or hide what the real statistics were and they never gave her the statistics for how many people were infected with H1N1. So she had to go to each state and get them individually. they kept obfuscating and didn’t answer a freedom of information request.

So she found out that the states had, when they tested people for the virus, they had found out that there were from 1% to 17% actual cases.

So you see here in Florida, they were 8853 tests and only 17% were positive. In Alaska, there were seven 722 tests and only 1% were positive. In fact, most of them didn’t even have the seasonal flu so most of them didn’t even have the flu, never mind H1N1 flu.

So in other words, they covered up the fact that it wasn’t nearly as serious as what they said.

So this was a lot of the obfuscation and unreliable data from the last time.

And then there’s another interesting factor, is that in general as Ms. Attkisson points out in her podcast year that the flu vaccine doesn’t work. Okay, this study, February 14, 2005, “Impact of Influenza in Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population”.

So they did a very large study looking at deaths over 33 flu seasons, that’s a big study from 1968 to 2001. Anyway, they turned the data that could not find that the influenza shot or flu shot, had reduced the mortality of elderly people.

Now, you probably didn’t ever hear about this, I wonder why? And this Atkinson explains in her article in her blog that of course they tried to not give this any publicity and in fact, they’re still recommending the flu shot.

Okay, so the entire US population over 65, was studied, so millions of members were in this study, as you could see, they are showing all winter deaths and showing the amount caused by the flu shot.

Now, before the flu shot came into use, here we see total US deaths 435,000, and then as the flu, shot use increased, we see the deaths going up to 500,000 and up now here in 2000 to 655,000. So, actually, more elderly people were dying as the flu shot use increased.

So that’s the opposite of what they expected.

So they told everybody ‘Don’t get a flu shot, it’s worthless at best, and might kill you at worst’, right?

No, they covered it up. So, that’s what Sharyl Attkisson is explaining.

So these are the same people we’re supposed to trust about the current so-called pandemic. I’d also like to point out one other thing, that it could well be as Dr. Peter Aaby pointed out in the information that I just talking about the DTP vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis is that there may be more mortality from a particular vaccination than not. And it just happened that the way they studied these children, some got the vaccine, and some didn’t get it until later, then they found the mortality but other than that they never have tested, and that was a coincidental test, for mortality, they only test vaccines against other people who got some other type of vaccine.

You say, why? Good question, why? And even they’re rushing to market now a vaccine that they’re testing on people. For the covid-19 that hasn’t even yet been tested in animals. That’s not even ethical.

So what am I getting at?

So, according to the VAERS system, that’s the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, influenza vaccines have caused in the last, 29 years, 1703 deaths, and 18,46545 serious injuries. But different sources indicate that they’re between 10 to 100 times under-reporting. Even many doctors don’t even know about how to report to the VAERS database, so that means there are least 17,030 to 170,300 deaths.

The influenza of vaccine has caused each year, 587 to 5870 deaths, that’s a conservative estimate.

It’s probably much a more likely toward the high-end.

And between 184,650 and 1,846,300 serious adverse reactions causing hospitalization including Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which means paralysis, and other very serious symptoms. That comes out to 6376 to 63,670 serious adverse reactions every year.

So has anybody heard about that? Chirp Chirp. That’s the crickets chirping. No! Why? Because the Fox is guarding the chicken coop. The CDC is completely in bed. Julie Gerberding, the former head of the CDC for 6 or 7 years is the head of vaccines at Merck Corporation. How convenient. So the organization tells you what we’re supposed to get for vaccines and the next thing you know, the director is over at Merck making the vaccines she told everybody to get. What the heck! The whole system is completely corrupt and crooked. So these are people who are supposed to be giving us information about the covid-19 disease. Why don’t we hear about all the kids doing in Africa from the DTP vaccine; why don’t we hear the fact that a best the flu vaccine doesn’t work, and at worst it kills a lot more people than it helps? Nobody knows if more people are killed by the flu vaccine then it helps.

And very likely, more people are killed like I said, by the flu vaccine than are helped by the flu vaccine. Also, another interesting fact is that the statistics for flu deaths include pneumonia deaths. So, even according to the CDC itself it says right here that influenza and pneumonia kill annually, 55,672 people.

Okay, so that’s a lot of people killed every single day.

So that’s about 153 people killed every day. And reporting is not clear on influenza and pneumonia, which is influenza, which is pneumonia. Is it one or the other or both, very likely, not many people die from influenza itself, but from complications like the pneumonia? But anyway, you cut the cake it’s 55,672 people, that’s a lot of people.

So we’re talking about a relatively small number of deaths from the so-called pandemic.

So why are we whipped up into such a hysteria when every day 165 people, are dying from pneumonia why isn’t everybody running around, saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh”.

And then 3000 to 5000 children will be killed in Africa, yes killed knowingly with trials of malaria vaccines and thousands of thousand children have been already killed and are continuing to be killed with the DTP vaccine, and I’m just talking about Africa that was used in the US and of course as we know, right here in West Virginia, they’re like 11 required vaccines and many others that aren’t necessarily required, but that people get, like the flu vaccine, HPV that caused tens of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths. Would you hear about that? Chirp Chirp, Chirp Chirp (crickets chirping).


Because they’re focusing on something they can make money off of, first involved by rushing to get a vaccine that may or very likely will not help and might even kill more people than it helps, but they’ll either way, they’ll make a lot of money off of it.

So this hysteria is crazy, it’s insane, it’s ridiculous. Calm down, sure, get some groceries, get some toilet paper, my gosh, but don’t be insane. Use common sense, yeah, and there are many, many cover-ups like the Centers for Disease Control.

There’s the William, Thompson cover up that’s documented in the Vaxxed documentary. There’s also Vaxxed 2 now, I just mentioned Julie Gerberding; there are many, many other conflicts of interest. If you look on our website, Urban Life Training or our Facebook page, you can also see the testimonies posted. There’s so many really literally hundreds and thousands of cases of corruption, and reports being withdrawn that were negative. And I just mentioned the report of the flu vaccine. How many people know that the flu vaccine doesn’t even work?

Why is their government still pushing this crap when it does even work?

And very likely, almost certainly it is killing people.

Well, because the mortality rates have gone up since they have been using the vaccine, common sense would say that it’s killing people. So, it would be bad enough if it didn’t work, but yet it’s killing people. And what do you hear about it?

Chirp chirp [crickets].

Because they’re making money, they’re in bed with big Pharma. This is total bull crap, it’s ridiculous, and it’s criminal. These people should be in jail, never mind overseeing our health system and no one is ever held accountable. Noe of these people with all these conflicts of interest, is ever held accountable. No one in Congress has the guts or balls to investigate the William Thomson thing. Why not? Because all the Republicans, as well as the Democrats, are getting money from big Pharma. Don’t believe me? Look it up yourself, – check it out. Did anyone ever call William Thompson to testify on Capitol Hill?

That movie came out, what, six years ago? No, no one. And the guy is still a whistle-blower working in some capacity at the Centers for Disease Control.

It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous. Conflicts of interest, it’s criminal. There is literally criminal activity.

And then as I said in the beginning, these are the same people.

So these are the people who lie, obfuscate and literally kill people, and then they’re supposed to be the ones who are telling us, Oh, we have this terrible emergency.

So actually, let’s look at the data.

So I know this changes every day. This was as of March 17th, which was a couple of days ago. So, today is March 18, right now, but this as of yesterday, so 114 Corona deaths. Okay, let’s look at these First of all. 55 of them were in Washington State.

Okay, so that’s a lot.

In fact, that’s almost exactly half.  And in fact, 30 of them were at one nursing home.

That’s like about one-quarter.

Now, what kind of people are being killed by this virus?

Well, the average age actually is 80.Is that a good thing? Well, no, but we just pointed out that pneumonia/flu kills 153 people every day, every day, every day. Is that great thing? Well, no, but it is what it is.

So why the mass hysteria and pandemic designation? So a man in his 80s, a woman in her 70s, a man in his 80s, a woman 50, a woman in her 90s, 60s, this is at the same Life Care Center where a lot of people died.

Two women in their 90’s-80’s-70’s-80’s. So they’re definitely affecting elderly people. And also, I saw another report that in Italy and what’s going on in Italy. Well, the average age there is also 80 and they’re only like two cases that didn’t fall into that category, and they’re still investigating them.

A man, 71 with underlying health conditions.

Some, they don’t know, that’s another thing. A lot of the information came out at first was very vague, like “Oh Coronavirus is a pandemic it’s killing people.

Well, how does it kill them?

Like at first you looked it up it didn’t even say. It’s like what’s going on, you know what I mean?

Man 65: he had significant health conditions, man, 71, underlying health conditions. 80. This guys in 50s. So the point is that for most people it’s not a real threat. So, should we be shutting down the whole country, taking our economy? Could there be other motivations Well, I’d say definitely. I would not trust the Centers for Disease Control, or the World Health Organization, any more than I would trust a fox to guard your chicken coop, literally. Just like the analogy I gave. If you found out that the doctor, you’re trusting for your care had killed a lot of people, would you mind having that doctor oversee your case?

You know, he said, “Oh don’t worry about that.

We’re very trustworthy here. I don’t think you would do that.

So keep your level head. This doesn’t make any sense.

Who is behind all this hype? Could there be other motivations could people be trying to have other things going on? Other spurious motivations?

Certainly the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control are not to be trusted. Do your own research. This lady Sharyl Attkisson, her blogs are excellent. We have a lot of good information at Look these things up yourself and do your own research on it.

Stop the panic.

So I would definitely recommend a few things.

Yes, don’t panic. Use common sense, if you are elderly or frail or know people who are, yes, you don’t want to expose them.

That’s true. Also, I’d recommend for longer term that the CDC be removed from overseeing any vaccines or disease control, in the United States, it’s a completely conflicted organization, It’s completely corrupt organization. It should be overseeing by an independent organization.

Same goes for the Food and Drug Administration. It is corrupt, it’s funded by big Pharma itself. A lot of the money they get is from Big Pharma, the same conflicts of interest exist at the CDC, so those organizations should not be overseeing our health system or disease prevention. It’s insane. Completely in bed with Big Pharma who have proven through the information I gave that they cannot be trusted with anything and they’re literally willing to kill people for money.

Imagine, even in that article I was going over, it says, “Imagine if all of these children had been killed in Europe or the United States.?

Well, actually, that’s not totally true. If people realized it was from the vaccine, but now people don’t even realize, they say, “Oh children died after getting four vaccines. Oh, it was sudden infant death syndrome.

We don’t know what happened, we’re the most advanced country in world but we can’t figure it out.

Oh, sorry. What the heck! This is complete baloney, it’s criminal actually, and people need to be locked up for that in a sense that if they’ve committed fraud and broken laws and obfuscated and resulted in people’s deaths, they need to be held accountable. And you know what, this is not going to prevail. This whole pandemic thing, I predict it is going to be resolved and maybe a good result from it will be when people realize how, not just incompetent but corrupt the CDC is, the World Health Organization is, and they’ll start looking into these things even more and so their whole strategy is going to backfire.

It’s going to backfire. So I pray that everything will go according to God’s will and that we will see sense from this. I also urge the repeal of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which resulted in Pharmaceutical companies no longer being liable for injuries and deaths. We saw the number of vaccines skyrocket. That’s crazy. They need to be held accountable, that needs to be repealed.

So I do hope you will give this food for thought, and that we will calm down, we’ll get through this together and let’s not let the foxes guard our chicken coop. And do your own research and find out what is true and be blessed.

So, I am Richard Urban I’m reporting from historic Harpers Ferry West Virginia. Do be blessed.

We will see you again soon and good night.

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