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#141-White House Caught Lying and Covering Up COVID Shot Dangers

In May of 2021, the White House learned of the deaths and injuries caused by the COVID shots. Instead of informing the public and stopping the shots, they created slides and materials explaining how to respond and cover up the facts.
Joe Biden and all of the staff involved, which includes the heads of top agencies, must resign, and also face criminal prosecution.

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2 replies on “#141-White House Caught Lying and Covering Up COVID Shot Dangers”

Congratulations Richard on your new podcast! Yes indeed, more evidence is surfacing DAILY on the adverse effects and deaths from the so called “vaccines”. More important, Fauci, who lied before Congress and the American people, needs to be held accountable.
BTW, DJT had recommended to take hydroxychloroquine, which if taken, (as well as Ivermectin), could have saved so many lives.
Neither my wife nor I ever got COVID, nor took any ‘jabs’. For 3 years we took daily natural remedies like zinc, vitamins C & D3, also, Quercetin, Oregano oil. We are grateful to God for providing Heaven’s Way🙏.

Thank you! You are very right, natural preventatives and remedies work, like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Big Pharma wants to cancel those so they can make money at the expense of people’s health and well-being.

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