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#118-Jamal Johnson-He Who Controls the Narrative Controls Society

Jamal Johnson discusses how the core issues of society revolve around the sexual relationship of men and women. The archangel, the Devil started a false narrative. False narratives persist today in the narratives of the homosexual alphabet crowd. Those asserting these false narratives have become dominant in society, and we need to be aware of how this happened and to define the narrative ourselves.
Featuring: Andy Wells

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One reply on “#118-Jamal Johnson-He Who Controls the Narrative Controls Society”

Yes. The deceptive sexual propaganda in our schools ( also in Iceland) is horrible. I don’t know even how to fight it except of 🙏.
Do not know the language properly, introverted person. Just suffering for children – the innocent victims who so easily unite with the schools brainwashing narratives because they naturally want to be part of the bigger whole and have not enough confidence to stand up for themselves by themselves. Their best friends influence and teachers. There is not even officially accepted home schooling. Just so tragic everything.
Thank you for raising your voice up concerning this issues. Very important. Appreciate.

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