Covid-19 Crisis

#92-The Great Fraud-The Covid 19 Agenda-One Year Later

We need to be aware of and speak out about the continuing fraud. We must vigorously resist the push for vaccine passports. Richard discusses three key filters to determine if what is being said is correct or not.
Original Eight Part Series: The Great Fraud-the COVID 19 Agenda

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4 replies on “#92-The Great Fraud-The Covid 19 Agenda-One Year Later”

OMG! Richard what a great Show on COVID-19!! I’m so impressed with the entire show. We are hearing the similar stories about the vaccine. Bill Gates was fired for sexual misconduct, he’s going through a divorce right now. Richard What a Great Show! its Awesome!

Thanks! Tht’s right; Bill Gates was friends with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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