Plan for Election Integrity

In light of the many irregularities and outright fraud, nationwide in the 2020 elections, it is essential that West Virginia moves to protect the integrity of elections in West Virginia.  Here are some key points:

•             Eliminate early voting.  All voting will be on Election Day.

•               Mail in voting should not be allowed at all, unless a citizen lives outside of the United States.  That is what the great majority of other countries do.  See this analysis of other countries:    For those living outside the county, a Photo ID must be submitted with the request for a ballot.

•               Eliminate using electronic voting machines.  Use paper ballots.

•             Do not use Clarity voting or any other third party reporting system.  All counting and reporting must remain in the state.

•             In case of a challenge of the election results, failure to follow rules will automatically invalidate any contested election and a new election must be called i.e. if observers are not allowed to view ballot processing, or if ballots are destroyed or voting machine audit records erased.  An additional approach is to make violations a felony, as Arizona is moving to do.

•               Use paper ballots to speed up voting and eliminate fraud.

•             Tabulate votes, when not done manually, using two machines from different manufacturers.  Results must match.  Results will be recorded by each county and records will be retained on local servers and backed up by physical records of ballot counts.  No third-party processing of election results is allowed.

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