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#68-The Family Rooted In Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 6-with Jamal Johnson

    Are you growing a healthy fruit or a wormy, rotten fruit through the actions that you are taking, especially centered on absolute sexual ethics? When you are not committed to the betterment of your children, or the children that may be created, you are doing a disservice to yourself and to society.
    What is the link between absolute sexual ethics and the current ballot fraud scandal?

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The Family Rooted In Absolute Sexual Ethics, which Is the Model for God’s Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom

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Before there is actual substantial murder, there is the murder of innocence.
The real Father was and is all about the restoration of the family. The connecting of the family with True love that keeps the love of God at the center of all expressions of love, is the best beginning point to the education our youth need in preparation for their own futures.

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