John Unger Is Doing A Bad Job and Needs to be Replaced in the West Virginia State Senate

Update; March, 2020.  I was able to meet with Senator Unger in December 2019, which was a definite improvement from the situation described below.  He indicated that he may be ready to vote for vaccine choice, as well, but this has not yet been tested by any Senate vote or co-sponsorship of a vaccine choice bill.

John Unger, Democrat, is the current West Virginia State Senator representing all of Jefferson County and part of Berkeley County.  He was first elected in 2010.

When I contacted Senator Unger by email multiple times int he fall of 2017, he never bothered to respond.  When I tried to schedule an appointment with his office in January, 2018, while my wife and I were visiting Charleston during the legislative session, I was told that he does not make appointments with constituents.  When I tried to contact Senator Unger by telephone, I could never reach him.

I had to hunt like a detective to find him at the State Capital building, and was able to find him on the floor of the State Senate before the session began.  I asked him if he supports the right of a parent to choose not to vaccinate their child for a certain vaccine for either conscientious or religious reasons.  He did not answer that question.  However, during an education committee meeting on that topic one March 18, 2017, Senator Unger wondered if those seeking religious exemptions were sincere in their religious beliefs.

Why is Senator Unger running for reelection when he does not even respond to his constituents phone calls or correspondence? Furthermore, in the 2018 session, Senator Unger only sponsored two bills, while most senators sponsored around 20 bills.

Furthermore, why does Senator Unger not support the right of a parent to choose not to vaccinate their child for conscientious or religious reasons?  A total of 47 other state have conscientious or reliaghous exemptions, or both.

A much better choice for State Senator in the 16th District in West Virginia is the Republican candidate, Michael Folk ( a current West Virginia State Representative who was first elected n 2012.   Mr. Folk is  a clear advocate for personal freedom, including the right to choose not to vaccinate your child, second amendment rights, and constitutional freedoms, in general.

Often, state and local elections are decided by a small number of votes.  I urge you to not sit this one out and to get our and vote for Michael Folk for West Virginia State Senate on November 6, 2018.

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Oooh i think it is important to honor for religious beliefs since God is the first priority in our lives, i strongly agree to support the one who respect people religious believes.

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