Interview with Allen Whitt-Republican Candidate for US Senate-West Virginia

One reply on “Interview with Allen Whitt-Republican Candidate for US Senate-West Virginia”

I don’t agree with several points of your view.
My personal opinion, I don’t think that lobbyists should be allowed to hold office. Especially right out of lobbying right into office. Maybe if a few years have passed.
But the issues are something that could be talked about. UNTIL… your view on term limits. You totally lost my interest. You yourself said in the last part of your interview that for years people have been elected because of a name. And until you enact term limits that is going to keep on happening.
People as a whole are lazy. As a majority, they don’t look at issues. They see a name they recognize and flip a switch.
People that vote straight ticket are lazy. They refuse to see the candidate, they see a party and that is it.
So, no, anyone that does not support term limits will not get my vote.

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